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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Police: Teen stabbed officer at Oshkosh high school

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Police: Teen stabbed officer at Oshkosh high school
Police: Teen stabbed officer at Oshkosh high school

An Oshkosh police chief says a school resource officer shot and wounded a high school student after the teenager stabbed the officer.

Thanks for staying with news 3 now -- for the second time in just as many days -- there has been another shooting at a wisconsin high school.

This time it was at oshkosh west high school -- where a student resource officer and student were injured.

Charlotte deleste has more on the school shooting -- charlotte?

Here's what we know so far..

Oshkosh police chief, dean smith, says the 16- year-old student stabbed the school resource officer around 9 this morning.

That s-r-o then fired his gun, one time, striking the student.

This apparently took place in the resource officer's office.

After calling for help, first officers arrived.

In fact, the chief estimates at least 75 officers from multiple departments responded to the school to make sure students and staff were safe.

13:19:15 (("we care about you, we want you to be safe, and we're going to do everything we can to make sure that you're going to be okay.

This is a tragedy.

This is something that no school district, no city, no community wants to face but together we are going to come through.

We're going to make everybody whole.")) 13:19:31 josh kaul-wisconsin attorney general 31:59 ((("kids who go to schools in wisconsin and around the country today, face a danger that was not present when i was a student in public schools in wisconsin which is a real concern about issues of mass violence in schools.

Kids go through lockdown drills as a result of that, they prepare for these events.

We got to take action to work to make those events less likely."))) 32:19:05 govenor tony evers says this shooting hit close to home for him -- two of his kids graduated from oshkosh west and he lived there for a period of time.

He says "we can't just accept that violence in our schools is a foregone conclusion, and we have to get to work to do everything we can to keep our kids and our communities safe."

The student and officer are in the hospital... and both are expected to be okay.

All classes in the district are canceled tomorrow.

Administrators say they'll communicate with parents tonight - about counseling services available for students tomorrow.


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