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FBI Warning About Smart TVs

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FBI Warning About Smart TVs

FBI Warning About Smart TVs

If you plan to buy a smart TV this holiday season, you should listen to warnings from the FBI that crooks can use it to hack into your personal information.

Now has the case.

If you plan to buy a smart t-v this holiday season..you should listen to this warning from the f-b-i.

The bureau said crooks can use that new tv to hack into your personal information, cameras and microphones to watch you in your home.

Waay 31's sydney martin talked with shoppers and a cyber expert today about how you can protect yourself eva simmons, shopping for new tv , "it gives me cause for concern because do i really want a smart tv now?"

Eva simmons told me she's in the market for a new t-v ...but after i told her about the f-b-i's warning she's now thinking twice about what she plans to buy.

"well it concerns me because i never really thought about that before because i don't want them getting into my bank information and i never thought about using a smart tv about them getting into your back account" we took her concerns to a cyber expert in huntsville who specializes in security assessment to make sure companies aren't giving hackers a way into their homes.

She said after hearing about the warning, she plans to review her smart t-v's settings.

"i'm going to go back and go through all of my privacy settings to make sure nothing is set to default, i'm going to change the passwords that i can.

And i'm going to make sure for the privacy settings that i do not allow them to collect my private information."

She said the warning shouldn't deter anyone from buying a smart t-v, just make them be proactive about protecting themselves from hackers.

Latara allen, cyber expert, "invest in a camera cover if there is a camera cover and you are not using it or you can just use black tape to cover up the camera lense to make sure if anyone is hacking into your camera they are not able to see what's private in your home."

And she said everyone should update their t-v's often.

Latara allen, cyber expert, "if you do not update your security patches then you will not have the most secure software that they have available" simmons told me she's disappointed someone could possibly try to hack into her t-v but doesn't think it will stop her from purchasing the one she wants.

"technology is great but it comes to the point where it's not great at all because of things like this and the good people have to pay for the bad people" in limestone county sm waay 31 news.

The f-b-i suggests doing research before you buy a smart t-v so you understand any security vulnerabilities

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