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Monday, March 1, 2021

120419 11 pm brittani

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120419 11 pm brittani
120419 11 pm brittani
120419 11 pm brittani

C1 3 ready to get to work.

What will that work include?

Hear from governor-elect andy beshear a week before he takes office.

Plus...senator rand paul's plan to tackle student loan debt.

And... taps from file pkg zr found wreaths across america.

This year, camp nelson able to more than double the number of wreaths laid at heroes' graves.

Good evening.

Welcome in.

I'm tom kenny.

And i'm veronica jean seltzer.

A change is on the way.

Tomorrow, we'll finally see the sun again.

Remember that?

But there is still some cold weather ahead.

It is december after all.

Meteorologist justin roth is in the weather center tonight with a first look at the forecast.

### weather animation short weather the weather will stay calm on and sunny for thursday with a weak cold front moving through thursday evening bringing some shower chances overnight and into friday.

Beyond that the best chances for rain look to move in late sunday into monday but models are still working out the kinks on the timing of this system.

Stay tuned!

Tonight: partly cloudy with breezy conditions, lows in the low 30s wednesday: partly sunny skies and breezy, highs in the low 50s thursday: mostly sunny skies, with highs in the upper 40s low 50s friday: partly sunny, with highs in the upper 40s saturday: mostly sunny, with highs in the mid 40s sunday: mostly cloudy, showers developing late, highs in the mid 50s.

Monday: rain showers likely, highs in the low 60s.

Tuesday: mostly cloudy, showers likely, highs in the low 40s.

Because of the cold temperatures...the city of lexington has activated its city of lexington has activated its winter weather plan.

C1 3 that means homeless shelters will make extra room to get people out of the cold.

Lextran will also offer free rides to shelters.

The city activates its plan when the low is expected to fall below 32 degrees.

The plan will run through thursday.

A week from today, kentucky will have a new governor.

Governor-elect andy beshear will be sworn in next tuesday.

For the first time since the election, abc 36's christy bollinger sat down with beshear to find out how he plans to keep his campaign promises.

"what kind of governor do you want to be?"

"i want to be a caring, a thoughtful, productive governor for all kentuckians.

Whether people voted for me or not i want to do a good job by them."

Next week, governor-elect andy beshear will be sworn-in as the state's highest- ranking officer.

I asked him what comes next after that day..

"in the first seven days that i'm governor we're going to reorganize the board of education to ensure that it's members support public education.

We're gonna restore the voting rights to all non-violent felons that have served out their terms over 140,000 people.

We're gonna rescind the medicaid waiver which would remove healthcare from 95,000 kentuckians and we're gonna save about 200,000 million dollars while we're doing it."

Beshear is an advocate for public education...long before he ran for governor....and before making promises to teachers during the campaign.

"a $2,000 across the board raise is gonna be in my first budget.

That's to address a teacher shortage that is hurting our students but that's also because i believe no teacher should be living in poverty or relative poverty by doing work that we desperately need them to do."

And he's promised to protect teachers' pensions.

But how is he going to do all this?

And, who's going to pay for it?

"there's never gonna be enough money for everything we need to do.

So let's lead with our values.

Mine start with public education.

We're gonna do what needs to be done to move our education system forward, to give opportunity for all our kids to make sure we're not failing one of them."

Despite beshear's vocal support of public education....he's been criticized for sending his own children to private school.

"my kids got an opportunity that all kids should that's to go to preschool.

So my kids in preschool went to a school that my family fell in love with so they're gonna finish out elementary there.

My son is going to be going to a public middle school next year."

Beshear says teachers have been mistreated the last four years... and he doesn't want to look back, but instead, move forward.

At the state capitol..

Christy bollinger, abc 36 news.

U.s. senator rand paul wants to allow people to tap into their retirement to pay off their student loan debt.

The kentucky republican is introducing federal legislation allowing people to take up to $5,250 from their 401-k or i-r-a each year tax and penalty free.

Americans collectively owe about $1.5 trillion in student loans.

Pulaski county's deputy judge executive was back on the job this morning... hours after being charged with a d-u-i.

According to state police..

49-year-old dan price was arrested around 8- 30 last night... after a trooper spotted his car swerving on east highway 80.

State police say price smelled of alcohol and failed a field sobriety test.

We reached out to judge executive stephen kelly junior...who says after discussing the incident with the county attorney....deputy price will continue working... since he is quote: "innocent until proven guilty."

A clark county foster mom faces a child abuse charge.

Winchester police say she's accused of pouring hot chocolate on her foster baby.

According to officers, the mom claims she doesn't remember anything from that day.

Abc 36's monica harkins has more in our top story at 11.

The 10 month old baby....had scalding hot chocolate poured on its head..police say.

The winchester sun reports the baby has serious burns to its head and face ...and at last report...was in serious condition at cincinnati children's hospital.

Investigators say 33-year-old ashley neal poured hot chocolate on the baby saturday afternoon in a fast food restaurant.

But the 'how' of the crime...gets a little confusing.

Neal says she didn't remember what happened...and neal's husband reportedly had his back turned at the time, according to police.

The arrest citation says, police looked over the surveillance video at this mcdonald's on southland drive to see for themselves what happened.

Officers say the video shows neal with the baby in a carrier against her chest and she is seen pouring a cup of hot chocolate on the baby's head...she then takes a few steps and attempts to fall, bracing herself with the same hand that poured the drink.

Police say neal was caring for two other foster children and two biological children.

All have been removed from her care.

Neal's bond was set at 25 hundred dollars cash.

She bailed out of jail on saturday, the same day as her arrest.

I'm monica harkins, abc 36 news.

### three people are behind bars in bowling green...accused of selling a two-month old baby.

Bowling green police say 31-year- old maria domingo- perez sold her child to 45-year-old pascual manuel and 37-year-old catarina felipe...for $2,000.

Officers say they learned about the sale monday from employees at an elementary school.

According to police, the baby and domingo perez's four other children are in protective custody.

### a little over two months ago, the cats wre down two quarterbacks and were coming off an embarrassing loss to a not so good south carolina team.

It looked as though all was lost.

Then lynn bowden junior happened.

From that arkansas game leading up until this past weekend against louisville, the cats have only thrown it 58 times.

All while running it nearly 350 times.

The result....the cats went 5 and two and the cats are headed to their fourth-straight bowl game.

While spreading everything out and chucking the ball all over the yard is the popular thing to do...would stoops consider keeping this offense next year?

Lynn bowden junior has been nothing short of amazing during c1 3 those two months.

We will give a rundown of his ridiculous stats over the last two months.

Also a little high school hoops action.

Tom and v-j back to you.

Tonight, a northern kentucky city is the most recent in the state to pass a fairness ordinance...making it the sixth city this year to adopt one.

Home of northern kentucky university...highla nd heights...voted for the ordinance 6-0 tonight at a council meeting.

It is the 16th city in kentucky to add an ordinance probihiting discrimination based on sexuality and gender identity when ti comes ot employment, housing, and public accommodations.

This year, double the number of cities have enacted the law...beating previous records from 1999 and 2013.

### around the country, today is known as giving tuesday...a day to give back... after all the post- thanksgiving shopping.

But today, mayor linda gorton declared this week good giving challenge week.

It's the bluegrass community foundation's ninth year of the challenge... and this year is the biggest one yet.

There are 131 non- profits participating.

To donate, you log onto b-g-gives dot org, click on the organization you want to donate to...and select how much money you want to give.

"over the last 8 years we've raised over 10 million dollars and that all stays in our area."

The good giving challenge lasts the entire week through monday.

Next week, volunteers will lay a record number of wreaths on the graves at camp nelson national cemetery.

This is how it will look...from a past visit to the cemetery during wreaths across america.

Every year, on december 14th volunteers gather across the country to place the wreaths in honor of those who served.

This year, camp nelson says it will lay over 10,500 live evergreen wreaths...more than double the number placed last year.

If you would like to be among the more than 1,000 volunteers and attendees expected...visit our website w-t-v-q dot com.

### warmer temperatures and more c1 3 sunshine ahead.

Justin's full forecast, next.

Then, later, she once was getting a lot of attention in the race...but senator kamala harris is ending her bid for the democratic nomination for president.

We'll tell you why.

Weather reopen c1 3 evening bringing some shower chances overnight and into friday.

Beyond that the best chances for rain look to move in late sunday into monday but models are still working out the kinks on the timing of this system.

Stay tuned!

Tonight: partly cloudy with breezy conditions, lows in the low 30s wednesday: partly sunny skies and breezy, highs in the low 50s thursday: mostly sunny skies, with highs in the upper 40s low 50s friday: partly sunny, with highs in the upper 40s saturday: mostly sunny, with highs in the mid 40s sunday: mostly cloudy, showers developing late, highs in the mid 50s.

Monday: rain showers likely, highs in the low 60s.

Tuesday: mostly cloudy, showers likely, highs in the low 40s.

Ad-libbing after weather.

C1 3 future cassie are showing you here 6 am for your wednesday.

Mostly clear's guys and mostly sunny skies are expected or you wednesday look at 3 pm on your wednesday the one caveat about wednesday is it will be a littl bit on the breezy side you see these isobar cities lack little squiggly lines on this ring here.

Those are isobar is indicating whenever there close enough together.

There little bit of a pressure gradients we are expecting some breezy conditions for your wednesday in the meantime for your thursday once again one he is sunshine is expected certainly some good in welcome news with all the cloud cover we have had 500 for wednesday mix of sun and clouds gusty winds up to 25 mph that he did some cyber monday shopping maybe something you should do done like i did on your monday it's going to be okay.

We talk about someone leaving something on the doorstep.

There it's can stay dry for the next couple days, partly sunny, the most least sunny skies, test conditions, though it will be a little bit breezy gus anywhere c1 3 coming up...why a virginia county is among many that have voted to c1 3 become "second amendment sanctuaries".

But first, senator kamala harris blames her exit from the presidential race on finances.

Hear what she wrote to supporters.

Allegations of misconduc c1 3 misconduct and obstruction.

That's what a report released today by house democrats details -- setting the stage for impeachment proceedings against president trump.

Mandy gaither reports ### 17 witness interviews -- months of work -- all comes down to this.

A 300-page report -- house democrats call "overwhelming" evidence of president trump's misconduct and charging that trump's actions toward ukraine -- compromised national security.


Adam schiff, house intelligence chairman/"this report chronicles the scheme by the president of the united states to coerce an ally, ukraine into doing the president's political dirty work."

The report is broken down into two sections -- one on ukraine -- democrats cite a july 25th call between president trump and ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky in which trump asked zelensky to investigate former vice president joe biden -- the other section on an alleged white house obstruction of the impeachment investigation both -- expected to be separate articles of impeachment president trump/"i've done nothing wrong.

The democrats have gone crazy."


Liz cheney, house republican conference chair/"the democrats essentially stacked the decks in their favor 18:07:05 they now have come out of this and have failed to fundamentally prove their case 08 the report will now be sent to the house judiciary committee -- which plans to hold hearings and would draft articles of impeachment against president trump.

Which would be just the third time in u-s history -- i'm mandy gaither reporting.

### democrats are currently on track to potentially vote on impeaching president trump by christmas.

### california senator kamala harris has ended her 2020 presidential campaign.

She told her senior staff her decision this morning, and later sent an email to supporters.

In her email she wrote, "to you my supporters, it is with deep regret -- but also with deep gratitude -- that i am suspending my campaign today."

The senator has struggled to move her low poll numbers in recent months.

Harris acknowledged financial pressures led to her decision... saying she couldn't fund her own campaign.

Wisconsin is dealing with its second high school shooting in two days.

Police say an officer confronted a student armed with a knife at oshkosh west high school this morning.

According to police, the student stabbed the officer...then the officer shot the student.

Both survived.

This follows a shooting at waukesha south high school monday morning... where police say an officer shot an armed 17--year-old student in a classroom.

Officers revealing today that student was armed with a pellett gun...another later found in the student's backpack.

The student is in stable condition... according to authorities.

A virginia county has voted to become a second amendment sanctuary.

That's ahead of possible new gun control legislation that could be passed by the general assembly's new democratic majority.

The state's democratic governor says his party's leaders will push for gun control measures.

A number of counties in virginia have passed or are considering resolutions to declare themselves gun sanctuaries.

High school football in kentucky wraps up this weekend, but it is time to hit the hardwood.

Local teams tipping off their seasons this week.

A-b-c 36 sports director bryan kennedy has highlights from tonight's action coming up in sports.

Lyyn bowden junior is a woman 1 oc: this is my body of proof.

Man 1 vo: proof of less joint pain and clearer skin.

Man 2 vo: proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis... woman 2 vo: ...with humira.

Woman 3 vo: humira targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further irreversible joint damage, and clear skin in many adults.

Humira is the number one prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis.

Avo: humira can lower your ability to fight infections.

Serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure.

Tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores.

Don't start humira if you have an infection.

Man 3 vo: ask your rheumatologist about humira.

Woman 4 vo: go to to see proof in action.

C1 3 most versatile player.

If you ask mark stoops...bowden is the definition of being versatility.

The former wide receiver made the move to quarterback and as been nothing short of amazing.

Bowden has ran for 1, 136 yards, 14 total touchdowns and is 2nd nationally in yards per carry at 8 point 2.

He also leads the s- e-c in all-purpose yards a game with 153.

U-k assistant vince marrow put it pretty simple...bowden is special.

Bowden saved his best performance of the season thus c1 3 far for the louisville cardinals .

He ran for 284 yards and four touchdowns.

He broke or tied six records on saturday.

A couple big ones...the 284 yards is an s-e-c record for most rushing yards by a q-b in a game.

He also tied u-k records for most touchdowns and most rushing touchdowns in a game.

Believe it or not bowden did all of this on very little sleep.

Number one louisville hosting c1 3 number four michigan.

Jordan nwora rises and buries a three from the corner 21-7 louisville michigan's jon teske buries a mid-range jumper cuts louisville's lead to 8.

Jordan nwora drives and finishes with the lay in 40 to 26 cards.

Nwora finished with 22 points and 12 rebounds.

Louisville holds michigan to a season-low 26 percent shooting.

Cards win 58 to 43.

Tates creek girl hosting lafayette.

Lafayettes me gan swauger..misses the jumper.

Gets her own rebound and the putback is good.

She had a team-high 13 points.

Same story for anaya brown.

Her putback is up and in.

She finished with 11.

Lady commodores respond.

Alisce lyvers with the steal.

Passes it ahead to jada bell who lays it in.

Two of her six points.

Creek extending their lead.

Creek's layteya wilson with the pullup jumper.

That's good!

Tates creek beats lafayette 66 to 43.

Boys side.

Douglass hosting henry clay.

Broncos led by 16 at half.

Henry clay's mar- kwez warrick.

The little floater...banks in.

He led all scorers with 22 points.

69-62 douglass...about four and a half to go in the game.

69 to 64 now...marquis up.

Gets it right back and knocks down the jumper.

Broncos lead by 3...just under three left.

Douglass' jaylan green....nasty euro step around the defender.

Shot goes plus the foul.

71 to 66 douglass two minutes to go.

71 to 68 trying to seal it.

The floater in the lane is good!

Another cramp...he'd check back in later.

Green finishes with a team-high 19.

Douglass beats henry clay 78 to 72.

Final weather anchors ad-lib goodbyes jimmy kimmel is next.

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[upbeat music] >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live."

Tonight -- henry cavill.

Chef chris shepherd.

And music from beck.

And now, stand still,


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