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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Table Talk - No Secret Santa

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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Table Talk - No Secret Santa
Table Talk - No Secret Santa

Does your workplace participate in Secret Santa?

A new report shows most millennial workers are not a fan of the holiday tradition because of the financial burden that comes with it.


Stay tuned for the details.

This is mid-day c1 3 joining you on monday at 1230 lisa hi amber freeman has time off and i'm adam banks hello adam is always so good to see you again was even though i fee like that we it's it's always a couple weeks in between when we host together i still feel like i see you every day cannot turn on the tv there you are you lexington to the hometown do yeah yeah has a lot of fun and a lot of fun and a lot of you know the bluegrass area.

The viewing area.

All my guys.

I mean, you know kentucky offer really blasting a great time with you and i see some dislike him will starstruck always sit beside lisa i right you first thing i noticed about you today guess what it was.

It has to be a haircut time that you never pai attention to the now she she's is my good is one of the is doing very nicely as well to se you is is always good to see if you and are you ready for the holidays.

I am always in the christmas spirit of is the most wonderful time of year am already i guess i'll have to hit the ground running mate because i haven't even began my one thing you do with all you horrible it really is looking for you though they have less the old that the very last second shopping deals that on the last week of christmas.

I think they call it like green monday, so you could check that out.

Lisa can even get one over yamagata at least two or three gifts really adam by four durin the will is always a special someone is a special someone you want to take her home for the holidays.

I know that's always just in itself, but all you kno it.

Sometimes the people actually are watching you so you you you you you will be important your parents and your siblings is like that i've still got a couple gifts by okay righ why are you amazing you got thi topic fan i can apparently brin out the square in millennial thing to work my job site.

A majority of workers between the ages of 23 and 38 of the holiday trip is really point to financial burden that comes with it.

The uk jobs board found 73% of lineal workers participate i secret santa even though they say they can afford it 26% says they have had to into their savings to contribute to make matters worse 17% said that the felt other colleagues actually judge them based on their gifts low.

One way to make things easier expert gas price limit could help lessen the pressure that comes with giving okay the thing but at the same time i'm not surprised by that feel about the secret will i like about secret santa is it is optional a lot of the time make you do the secret santa, so if you want to participate in it.

You like you have enough time to put in the effort by someone's gift and don't do it right.

If you do decide to do it effort into buying someone's gift is the realm of their life places do they like to go out and eat outwardly like to shop at you for into it.

Don't just go out and buy them a gift just to get it over with actually put some thought into it yeah if you want to dissipate in it but i do lik secret senecas it's meant to be c1 3 well sir, i think the people feel pressured to do it and participate in it.

I know i do you mean those times were like at likeness this year i have gotten the single gift and then the do that on top of them like you just at the you and it is pressure a lot of times people can afford it but will still sign up for does the thing right i do like it when they do set up budgets with it is everybody's dollars and $25 to but make sure if you are buying a gift make sure that yo buy at least 25 argue for the other person why is you don't want to meditate film actually got she one you sent and i feel like that happens a lot with hi until i just like i hate that feeling of being shamed.

I didn't you know worth i have no idea.

I am going to buy inside like always just trying the last minute never works out hilarious secret santa store if you want to hear the gift i got latonya out, so one time this gave me a picture frame for seekers and i went out and i got my secrets and she said she like coffee soda or coffee cup starbucks gift card.

It equal to about 20 the most getting me a picture frame and you picture frames have family members already inside the you of the of the default she actually gave me a picture frame with her family in frame and takes us is is is great picture frame if you just take the picture out it's as c1 3 is different her family.

I so know just they bible distal participate a ... i day


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