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No excuses

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No excuses
No excuses

No excuses

April of 2019, he started attacking his recovery with grit and determination.

But healing a broken leg is hard to do alone.

Even more difficult when social distancing prevents access to physical trainers.

Jaxon clark is this week's amateur athlete.

< cam- this looks like a typical self-quarantined home workout during the covid-19 pandemic.

But southern oregon punter jaxson clark is in a much more unusual situation.

Clark is used to being the man in control of field position.

But punters often go unnoticed.

çáánats of puntááñ "there is a lot of pressure that goes into that.

You have to catch it.

And get rid of it.

But you still have to have a good punt to get it down there and change the field position."

But on april 12, 2019, the first day of full pads in spring practice changed everything.

Jaxon was staning on the sideline when two players tackled each other, and landed at the base of his legs.

"i looked do and saw my legwas t methginew that was not od."the freaaident broke jaxon'e uncertainty of ever playing otba ain."i may not come back.

" undoubtedly pushed one hunddercent, inot more.

It all s raised you know?

E is noexcusesy are out there making the best oi am not exempt to that at all."

On his way through a grueling recovery, he started chasing a different passion, in pursuit of whatever would help the raiders.

He acted as a team photographer, and he helps take video for the team to review.

"i took pictures during all of the games.

I helped out during the week with special teams and help with film breakdown and help the coaches out wherever they see fit."

As the road to recovery was moving strong.

All spring sports and activites were canceled over fears of the covid-19 pandemic.

Leaving jaxon with little access to program trainers.

"i think that for the most part it should kind of just go as planned.

As long as you the work ethic and the drive to motivate yourself and do it i think that it should not slow me down at all.

It definitly makes it a little more difficult."

No matter how difficult, he is working out in his own home, and riding his bike through the grants pass trails.

He is doing whatever it takes to help his team heal.

Along the way, inspiring his local community to keep the drive going.

"today we are in a really strange time in the world.

I think that, no matter what, you have to get it done.

We have to keep moving forward.

There should not be any excuses."

One thing for sure, you don't have to question if jaxon is willing to sacrifice to get back on the gridiron.

"i am doing everything i can.

I would love to be back.

I would give my other leg just to be back for one more game.

I miss it so much.

After everything that i have gone through.

I am going to do everything i can to be back and as long as i can start running i should be good.

I will be on the field one way or another.

Wether it is coaching or playing.

I will be back.

So, i

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