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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Midmorning With Aundrea - April 27, 2020 (Part 1)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - April 27, 2020 (Part 1)
Midmorning With Aundrea - April 27, 2020 (Part 1)

(Part 1 of 2) Even admist the pandemic, people are still adopting children.

We meet a family who recently got to meet their adopted child from Mumbai, India.

And Courtney Robb is cooking again in this week's "Quarantine With Courtney".

And the ladies from the Fitness Factor show us some fast and easy home workouts in today's "Get Fit."

Starts right now.

So somedays it seems like there is not a lot of good news.

And, believe me.

We search for it.

In fact, some of the best stories are about neighbors helping each other.

Strangers becoming friends.

And the real meaning of community.

With that said, we begin today with steve hartman.

Long before social distancing, greg dailey was already keeping his customers an arm's throw away.

In fact, to those on his paper route in central new jersey, greg has never been anything more than a blur past their driveway.

But all that changed when one elderly customer asked him a simple favor - could he please pull in and throw the paper closer to the garage.

Bite greg "if sh can't get the paper at the sidewalk, which is 20 feet from the house, in this pandemic - how is she going to get the things she needs?

So a couple days later i just decided, you know what, i'm going to put this note out."

Std-up/ the note - stuck in the next day's edition - said, 'my name is greg dailey and i deliver your newspaper every morning' - which was news to most people - 'i would like to offer my services - free of charge - to anyone who needs groceries.'

From that moment to this, the phone has been ringing off the hook.

Nat greg taking an order he takes the orders, does the shopping, and delivers the groceries - not by whipping them out the window, but by carefully placing them on the porch.

Nat greg waving to woman in window, "be well, happ holiday."

So far, he's delivered to nearly a hundred senior citizens on his route& nat greg driving "and the word gotten out."

&and some ánotá on his route.

If greg hears about a person who is elderly or compromised, he will be there.

And, boy, are people grateful.

Eileen stein is 85 and recently widowed.

Bite eileen "i don' have enough adjectives.

He is one of the finest people in the world."

The lady at this house went even further - called him the closest thing to god.

Nat bite greg "there' a level of appreciation here, steve, that goes above and beyond anything i've ever seen.

So, no, i'm not going to stop.

Steve: well, you'll stop when this is done.

" greg says not necessarily.

Bite greg "there' something about being able to do something really nice for people."

When you hear folks say america will emerge from this stronger - this is exactly what they mean.

Greg didn't do volunteer work before - heck, he didn't do his own grocery shopping before.

He's just a guy called into duty by circumstance - who will now stay in service by choice.

Steve hartman, cbs news, on the road.

On the road with steve hartman's kindness 101 virtual course is back every monday for the remainder of the school year.

You can follow him and join the class on facebook.

Here's another story that may bring a smile..

A georgia family was divided by the pandemic, but not in the way you might think..

As months of planning and weeks apart, this family celebrated the easter season as one.

Here's kris van cleave.

Michael and whitney saville had their hands full with three young boys&but something was missing&two years ago they decided to adopt grace, rescuing the toddler from an orphanige in mumbai, india.

We did feel a sense of urgency//we have no idea what kind of conditions, you know, what kind of condition the orphanage is in.

Ws- we didn't have a whole lot of information over the last year about how she was doing.

On march 5th they left the atlanta area to finally bring grace home&while navigating the bureaucracy of adoption the coronavirus sent india into lockdown.

The saville's-like tens of thousands of americans around the world-were stuck.

That's been difficult, having kids on two different continents, or just.

On one hand, we're really excited and relieved that we have her in our care and our custody.

We're just really anxious to get home and have all of our kids under one roof.

As grace spent time learning her new brother's her new parents worried.

But a week into the lockdown&a plane charted by the mormon church had extra seats and then this unforgettable moment.

After a month&a family- once seperated by half the globe and reunited-for the first time.

Kvc: what's the best part of being home?

Ws: definitely our boys.

Ms: good to see our boys play with them again.

Having her here as been great.

We like playing with her a lot, and she's really silly too.

George bernard shaw once said a happy family is but an earlier heaven&and this is one family happy to finally be together.

Kris van cleave, cbs news washington.

When we come back, courtney robb is baking again.

Quarantine with courtney next on mid it seems to us that wcbi weekend sports anchor courtney robb is really getting into this quarantine thing.

We asked her to come up with ideas of things to do.

And she has delivered.

In this episode of quarantine with courtney, we are back in the kitchen.

Courtney robb: hello yes, and welcome back to the quarantine.

We're back in my kitchen, which means again today, we're baking.

Both you and i know that flour is a hot commodity and very hard to come by right now and that is why in the quarantine we are going to be making flourless chocolate chip cookies.

First things first, let's start with the ingredients.

One cup of brown sugar, one cup of peanut butter.

If you have a peanut allergy, go ahead and substitute any other kind of butter, almond butter, sunflower butter, just use some kind of nut butter.

One large egg, one teaspoon of baking soda.

Remember baking soda, not baking powder, not the same thing, and of course the best part of any recipe, half a cup of chocolate chips.

All right, step number one, preheat your oven to 350.

Courtney robb: here's another up close and personal look at the cookie.

Look at that.

Now of course, the most important part of any baking activity, which is the taste test.

Listen, for having no flour and using peanut butter as the base, the peanut butter doesn't come th through too powerful.

It's actually a pretty good cookie for how few ingredients there are.

Courtney robb: for the final verdict, we rate things in the quarantine on a scale of one to five naps, five naps being the best thing you can spend your time on in your quarantine.

I'm given the flourless chocolate chip cookies a four out of five naps because i'm not going to lie, they're not as good as the traditional chocolate chip cookie.

I'm not going to lie to you.

However, they're pretty good.

If you go ahead and try the flourless chocolate chip cookie, make sure you let me know on twitter, or if you haveerny other ideas of things people can do to pass the time during this period of quarantine, you can let me know those at my twitter handle below as well.

We'll see you back here in the quarantine next time.

Be beth jeffers: hi, welcome to get fit.

I'm beth jeffers joined here with whitney brown.

Whitney brown: hello.

Beth jeffers: we're at the fitness factor all by ourselves still, but you're at home and we want you stay fit- whitney brown: that's right.

Beth jeffers: -while you're at home.

So does wcbi, so they ask us to come out and show you some workouts.

This is the more favorite- whitney brown: ever.

Beth jeffers: -at the fitness factor of all our training clients.

All you need is a deck of cards.

I bet yours is going to be a little bit smaller than this, but that is fine.

But for our sake, we love a big deck of cards.

What you will be doing ... whitney, why don't you explain the exerci- whitney brown: okay.

The way that the game works is that you've got your cards in your deck, including jokers if you'd like put them in.

That's optional.

One thing to keep in my mind is this is a very high-volume workout, which means there's a lot of reps.

If at any point you need to take out the face cards, that's one of the ways that we modify- beth jeffers: great way.

Whitney brown: -this.

Or you can just do half of the deck or three quarters of it.

Make sure it works for you, but do know that it is high-volume.

All you need is one weight or if you have two small weights you can combine them and make one weight, right?

Beth jeffers: yeah.

Whitney brown: we're just going to play through the cards.

You might want to shuffle them, too, just in case.

We have our face cards are equivalent to a certain number of reps.

Of course, our twos, threes, fours, all the way up to 10 you'll do 10 reps of that exercise.

Ace is 14 reps, king is a 13, queen is a 12, a jack is an 11 and a joker is 10 burpees or 10 skaters.

And don't worry, you don't have to memorize this.

We've got these all in- beth jeffers: right.

Whitney brown: -a printable version for you at

We're just going to play the game as it unfolds.

Our diamonds equal a certain exercises, our clubs, our spades and our hearts.

Let's talk about that really quickly.

Beth jeffers: right.


If i turn over four of diamonds, whitney will see four of diamonds and she knows she goes to diamonds, she will do four rows on each side.

Two- point rows.

A diamond equal a row.

Whitney brown: that's right.

Beth jeffers: k?

Let's say i do the queen of clubs.

I go down here, i look at clubs.

They're jump squats or squats.

A queen equals 12, so she's going to do 12 squats or 12 jump squats.

Whitney brown: glad it's not an ace.

Beth jeffers: yeah.


King, wow.

Okay king, you look down here to the hearts.

That would be push-ups.

A king equals 13.

13 push- ups on your knees, on your toes, on wall; your call.


And lastly, our spades, we haven't had one of those yet.

We did a jack, so you do jump lunges reverse lunges.

You can make it as high as you want or as low as you want.

Whitney brown: you forgot one card.

Beth jeffers: uh-huh.

Here's the dreaded one - the joker.

You would do 10 burpees.

Do you need to demo that?

Whitney brown: i'll do it on a step.

Beth jeffers: yeah.

Or you could do 10 skates if you wanted.

And then, obviously, after you get done with your deck ... and like whitney said, take the face cards out if you're new to this because you don't want to get super sore.

Whitney brown: no.

It's tough.

Beth jeffers: it's not worth it, okay?

Great work out.

Fun work out.

Have fun with it.

Whitney brown: it is fun.

Beth jeffers: go to to get it and enjoy.

Whitney brown: let us know what you think.

Beth jeffers: yeah.

Whitney brown: this is our favorite one.

Beth jeffers: comment of facebook.

See you soon.

Announcer: for more get fit with the fitness factor, go to most wine drinkers already know what is in the glass in front of them.

But some experts enjoy the challenge of the blind taste test.

Scott martin is here


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