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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

MIdmorning With Aundrea - April 22, 2020 (Part 2)

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MIdmorning With Aundrea - April 22, 2020 (Part 2)
MIdmorning With Aundrea - April 22, 2020 (Part 2)

Former schoolteacher Hellen "Sunny" Polk reads to her grandson John Patrick Davis the children's storybook "Toy Boat" by Loren Long in today's "Storytime with Sunny".

On mid morning.

Back by popular demand.

Former pre-school teacher and elementary principal hellen polk has shared story time with our viewers during the past month.

In case you missed it.

Or just want to listen again, here's storytime with sunny.

This is toy boat, written by randall de s?ve and illustrated by loren long.

A little report that paid together they slip to get every day they will go down to the lake and fail all afternoon weight of the by his strain and he never let go most of the time this was nice for the better but sometimes the little boy the cookout at the big boat sliding across the lake and it went to what would it feel like to sell away one blustery afternoon a dark cloud rolled over the way the police mom pulled him back towards the house her to have made him drop the screen the boy cried out as little better floated away that he called the wind and rain this little toy boat and to the deepwater that involved a high way stop with light green tech that with the road old just went by hired it seemed to say move along as it pushed the boy aside with his way a little boy boat worked so far stay in that it almost didn't see the giant very inexpensive the ferry had to fly and red smokestack and a movie while a speed race back black sharp lines on the its motors move along its draft little boy sailed quiver feeling small and scared the little weight to doubt towards us fleet of cell but bracing home to get out of the rain in sales so the little toy boat like it would say how it missed the boy under the elevator the little toy boat drifted all night alone and scared but then early in the morning but the was a little fishing way out in the middle of the way it's paint was peeling and the dead zone inside said it knew would haven't felt to be around on the way to spied the little boat and carefully began to circle all and something wonderful happened little group boat began to turn as well sales, breeze city was sailing a little boat for all i no longer shouted to the wind and it felt so good that it didn't notice when the fishing boat motor was gone and then there is the stone beats the yellow bets on the nearby shore never was already gone to the call to the little boat waived his sale excited and little way way back that night they play together they slept together at the next day down to the way the other and the way he held the advisory and every so often lego but the little toy boat always came back there and just where you want to bewe'll be right back that and more on the next midmorning.


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