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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Midmorning With Aundrea - May 6, 2020 (Part 1)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - May 6, 2020 (Part 1)
Midmorning With Aundrea - May 6, 2020 (Part 1)

(Part 1 of 2) Studies are beginning to show the effectiveness of face masks in curbing the spread of the coronavirus.

And editorial cartoonist and talk show host Marshall Ramsey joins us via Zoom.

And travel maven Kelly McKellar joins us to answer questions on when Florida will open back up for tourism.

We will see you tomorrow.

There's a lot of conversation right now about face masks.

Everyone seems to have an opinion.

A new study on the effectiveness of face masks shows a dramatic, life- saving result against the corona- virus.

Researchers from arizona state university found that widespread use of masks, even if they're homemade, could lower the projected death toll in hot spots like new york state by up to 45 percent over two months.

Vlad duthiers reports on how americans ánationwideá seem to be getting the message to ácover up.á nats: sewing machines everywhere in america... people stepped up to answer the call..


With a cloth, thread and a needle.

"it's just bee uplifting to be able to have something to do, and to have a purpose."

"we start off ou mask by sewing in the protection..."

From a nine year old girl in maryland..

Working in her basement.. this ninety year old man in wisconsin& "i got th material... and i started sewing."

People are sewing masks for medical workers, first responders..


For themselves..

You can see the hidden talents behind those hidden faces the creative ones... and the wacky kinds.

Repurposed dress shirts..

Classic bandanas... and masks with artwork by children in hospitals.

The new normal... when life gives you cloth..

Make masks.

- "here's how yo can make your face covering in a few easy steps..."

When the nation's top doctor urged everyone to make their own face- covering... americans started looking for anything and everything they could find at home.

"it's a very simpl fabric mask that i made out of a t- shirt without any sewing..."

"you take handkerchief..

Like this size... vlad: this is a buff which people use for a variety of things // same concept where you would basically make sure that it covers your nose and make sure that it covers the chin.

Does that look okay?

Tara: exactly..

Exactly& that's perfect!

- we asked our senior medical correspondent dr. tara narula for some guidance.

"you want it to b in the right position on your nose, which is kind of exactly where you have it, it should fall right at the bridge of your nose, not too low..

And then you want to make sure it comes under your chin as well.

Vlad: what are some of the mistakes that people make when they're wearing it?

Tara: one word: fidgeting // you tend to catch it a lot and pull it up, pull it down and all that fidgeting is // potentially getting your hands on the mask dirty and contaminated.

When this t-shirt company in california shut down... it switched to making masks... and gave away tens of thousands for free.

"we all need them we are trying to stay safe and protect everyone.

Small businesses to big companies... everyone is pitching in..

Under armour repurposed their baltimore operations to produce roughly 650-thousand masks for healthcare workers..

"it was just simpl the right thing to do." patrik frisk..

"&we've had ou teammates at under amour step up and truly live our values in this very difficult time."

Business small and large are trying to stay afloat.

The new payroll protection program has processed more than 500 billion dollars in loans to help small businesses survive the coronavirus cris.

The loans will be forgiven only if businesses spend 75 percent of it on employees.

But as ed o'keefe reports, many business owners are not spending it because so many people, including their workers, are staying home.

"on unemployment i was getting almost $700 a week.

And if i were to go back to work, i'd probably be lucky to get a minimum of 400 right now."

Hair stylist audrey boswell was laid off when her salon closed due to the coronavirus...but after her boss received money from the paycheck protection program, she was asked to return to work it's not like you want to be unemployed.

No, i want to go back to work.

But i want to go back to work when it's safe, /// and for me to refuse to go back to work and then get kicked off unemployment.

I mean, it's, it was just a double edged sword.

Out-of-work americans like audrey are facing some tricky math.

State unemployment benefits range from a maximum of $235 a week in mississippi, to just over 450 in arkansas, to more than a 800 dollars in massachusetts when congress passed the cares act in march, republicans criticized the decision to tack on an extra 600 dollars per week to unemployment payments through the end of july& "you're literall incentivizing taking people out of the workforce."

Which meant some workers are now making more money áwithoutá a job than áwithá one.

If you're a barista suddenly being on unemployment is looking pretty good... mary allen lindemann runs coffee by design in portland maine...which received more than $400,000 through ppp&.but the program allows just eight weeks to meet hiring targets if they want the loan forgiven we were being told 48 full time people need to come back and we had a stay at home order in place /// so how exactly were we going to get 40 people back when we can't open our locations there are proposals in the senate to give businesses more time to qualify for loan forgiveness.

But if the rules don't change, the business owners we spoke with say that despite the serious challenges, they won't be able to spend all the money they were given.

Ed o'keefe, cbs news, washington, dc.

When we come back, a conversation with political cartoonist marshall ramsey.

That's next on mid morning.

Steven pace >> to be with us this morning morning good morning today is at no idea what day it is it monday or tuesday i don't really know either but stressed that it's tuesday that's a good way to keep up with the so how are you were doing great really or this thing ultimate mother's day gift doing okay a little bit sick at first but it's been healthy and that's been a blessing editor at large always share with majors about stages is debit for that come from where the eye i had a lot of followers i read a lot some people have just been going in saying on facebook and lose weight strikes me that everyone had boss something from this team is a senior wanted to get a paul loss of paycheck got sick all busy right now five stages of use and we denial anger surveillance substances and everybody is to say that we got you to accept it's really get on top of this they will really get out of this is for senior leaders they were was helpful as you sell these homes compared to this yeah was good time because we've been traveling and i got to the chest and is still here was fake physicians posting videos and then i reset think about this was the late she banjo doing that every day.

Banjo go for a ride with the managers over the class of 20 the city of lincoln was barry kermit the frog's creator jim had said she to lesson plan which levels the responsible and has left has been office in adults due to the dow jones my safe place and i'm glad to see that other people taking away from this as well and joe shows had to do a cannonball and joe go fishing i think all of us.

Now this is the tennessee williams last week i did tell somebody call you at all the crayons you note similar to faith and how it what you to the revisited city with a lot of great things i think they are so will be back to columbus i promise mentioned where you are doing a lot of traveling school searches you miss the human contact that they don't do i do is you really do try to spread this message in a spoke last week experiencing what you talking people followed the toughest things for everyone on my house for a while this letter and save my family say family say you we appreciate you joining us come chat with us this morning ... today.or only.

Brand the four social media faced with one an answer was not to talk politics we did it look at all happy.we only take care of things that we can take care of right and i was seriously mad to the date to be bad about things you can control i do it to send all my kids and my wife and family and so is again of herself okay our very favorite travel expert helen keller with your vacation can't complain they separate question that the only display can so we'll talk about today.

Once again is not like good news good news is for the will of backup may third phase will there are restrictions don't place it will be the process of opening certain things are placed gets a ticket to the list is guests a section at a different capacity that will start off the 50% so that her social distance of their families for its as part of what's coming through many more things as we go through this small my vacation in two should i still plan to go a lot can change between now and then grew up day the way you look at both sides of it but also if you do have to cancel the week before disney's been waiting those fees a cancellation with you s safety benefit to parts social distance which i worse expatriate of thinking to make that happen what the b consultant to see the have places to keep it washed will see actually the restaurant just to get sanitizers.

So shall the resort stay and do things on my savella be it will change the disney world seven times a year how are you feeling as travels way up i get back up travel on to get these large places i have had planned for june to you know i'm as a consumer as well i feel like this easily keep it safe will had tried to travel as soon as we can i want to see with the safety procedures are that our place up and i'll go in and do his own to see for myself and experience still in my guess is that why you after me june they may we get some drug we can we appreciate you always keep this up today but everybody informed oil in general


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