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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

EJ Holland wins second Oregon Sports Award

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EJ Holland wins second Oregon Sports Award
EJ Holland wins second Oregon Sports Award

Ashland High School cross country runner defends his title as the Boys Prep Cross Country Runner of the Year.

Shelton: the oregon sports ward started on monday, five southern oregon athletes are in the running for awards.

And speaking of running awards, ega holland won for the second year in a row as the prep boys cross country runner of the year, and he's joining me now.

So comparing to last year, how did this year stack up to your junior season?

(take ej key) ej holland: yeah.

Um, this last cross country season was, uh, really good for me.

Um, my junior season, um, i want to stay title.

Um, and then i qualify for nationals.

Ended up being 16th.

(drop key) (topic key) this year i was able to, um, defend my state title while also breaking this state record on the cross on the state cross country course.

Um, and.

Um, go back to nationals and, uh, ended up getting a sixth.

So, um, i, uh, i felt like it was, it was a good improvement over last year.

And, uh, a nd, you know, i, um, yeah, i had a lot of fun with it as well as, um, you know, uh, team-wise we were able to take home, uh, the state team title, um, at the, at the, uh, at the state cross country meet.

(drop key) josh: and then you took your team to the nike cross national regional qualifying event.

So what was it like to run with your team at that regional event and then again at the nike cross national?

Ej: yeah.

You know, it was, um, it was, it was pretty, it was pretty awesome.

Uh, as a, as a school, we had never been to, uh, the regional qualifying meet before.

(topic key) um, and you know.

It was just great to have all the guys up there.

Uh, we underperformed, you know, maybe a little bit.

We didn't, we didn't do as well as we might, uh, have hoped.

But, um, you know, it was a, it was definitely a learning experience.

I think everyone had a lot fun and, and, um, you know, it was, uh, the guy still put it online and, and i think that, um, it was really like, they're going to go next year.

And i think that, uh, this last year was a really good learning experience for them.

Josh: what are you going to remember most about your final year running for the ashland grizzlies?

Ej: yeah.

You know, i think honestly, um, winning the team title, um, at, uh, at state while also defending my, my individual title was really special.

I, uh, that was just, that was an unreal day, you know, um, back in freshman year, um, my athletic director at, uh, ashland high school, um.

He, he and i, we had this conversation my freshman year saying, hey, um, you know, i told them that i really wanted to win a, uh, state, an individual state title, you know, and, um, at some point in my high school career, and he said, um, you know what?

I haven't even better idea.

How about you win state individual, also leading your team to a, uh, a state title and, um, you know, i thought that we both thought would be pretty, pretty hard to do, but.

Um, finally my senior year, senior year, we were able to do it and uh, it was pretty special for sure.

Josh: thanks for joining us again today.

We appreciate it.

Stay safe and good luck at the university of oregon.

Ej: yeah, thank you.

Thanks for

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