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Thursday, April 15, 2021

A Mask Policy Needed In North Alabama?

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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A Mask Policy Needed In North Alabama?
A Mask Policy Needed In North Alabama?

Sydney Martin spoke with local leaders if they're any closer to mandatory masking after another spike in coronavirus.

And i'm najahe sherman.

Waay 31's sydney martin is live in huntsville after once again asking local leaders if they're any closer to mandatory masking after another spike in coronavirus cases.

Today- mayor paul finley said a masking ordinance is not in the works to be put in place- but if you go to madison city hall you'll be required to wear one... he like other local leaders are asking for personal responsibility despite the numbers rising.

Paul finley, mayor of madison "we've look at doing every aspect of that.

Yeah we can easily do that, that's what you would do.

You're not going to take someone that's not wearing a mask and put them in jail."

Madison mayor paul finley said friday- a masking ordinance in place is possible- but it's not something local leaders are willing to do.

He couldn't explain how enforcing a face mask ordinance is any different than smoking bans or seatbelt laws.... paul finley, mayor of madison "yeah i don't know if i can do a good job for you of that because i think its like with any of this.

We have continued to learn, listen and make adjustments trying to get to the best solution for our community and at this point i don't think we are ready to make that decision yet."

And finley said they're looking to healthcare officials for when it's necessary to put a face covering ordnance in place.

Paul finley, mayor of madison "we're trying to adjust we are listening mostly to the healthcare officials and we're trying to do that."

But on thursday- huntsville hosptial c-e-0 david spillers made his side of those conversations public.

David spillers, "i have shared my opinion, and it's just that.

My opinion.

As i think we should have more stringent rules on face coverings and i think that would be very beneficial to all of us.

I understand in face covering and it's hard to enforce.

Meanwhile dr karen landers with the alabama department of public heatlh said this about the matter... dr. karen landers, adph "i tell my family to model the behavior you want to see from other people."

It's unclear how many more cases of coronavirus we would have to see before a face covering ordinance would be determined.

In the meantime, we will keep pressing city officials for udpates.

Live in huntsville sm waay 31 news.


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