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Sunday, February 28, 2021

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noon adk.rjgha.kjgad.rg

Starts now."

Good afternoon.

I'm kay blevins thanks for joining us.

Federal coronavirus testing sites that closed down last week in florida because of weather reopened this morning.

There are more than 154- thousand confirmed coronavirus deaths in the u.s. so far and the white house says the epidemic is entering a new phase.

Chris martinez reports from los angeles.

The cdc is citing a projection model that estimates more than 18- thousand new coronavirus deaths nationwide in the next three weeks.

What we're seeing today is different from march and april.

It is extraordinarily widespread.

Dr. deborah birx warns the nation's outbreak is entering a new phase.

Affecting rural areas.

To everybody who lives in a rural area, you are not immune or protected from this virus.

But many americans still refuse to follow the guidelines.

Nearly one-thousand people attended a boat party in east peoria, illinois this weekend.

Seemingly unconcerned about catching the virus.

Definitely not.

Not at all.

And south dakota is getting ready to welcome more than 250- thousand bikers for the annual sturgis motorcycle rally.

In central indiana.

A school is temporarily closing two days after opening.

After at least one staff member tested positive.

There is a ray of hope in california which has more confirmed cases than any other state.

Hospitalizations in hard hit los angeles county have dropped over the past week.

Chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles.

The hamilton county health department has reported 62 new coronavirus cases today.

Bringing the total cases to 5,573.

That's a weekend total of 138 new cases.

However, the health department has warned of another possible exposure.

If you went to the citico mini- mart between monday july, 20th and friday july 31st, or at the chattanooga mobile market stops on tuesday, july 28th and wednesday july 29, then you may have been exposed to covid-19.

Free testing is available at the alstom site everyday this week from 7 am until 11 am.

Some private schools are back in session today, including boyd buchanan, notre dame, olph and st.


But sequatchie county has started it's school year early.

Superintendent pete swafford tells news 12 now this morning that everything is going as planned.

He says students were given a choice of in person or virtual and 25% decided to do their school year virtual.

Swafford also pointed out that local power company b-t-c is providing internet to any student who requests it.

Chattanooga police responded to reports of a person shot on taylor street sunday morning.

They found the victim with multiple gunshot wounds.

Hamilton county ems and chattanooga fire department also responded.

They pronounced the 38-year-old victim, cartrvous moore, dead at the scene.

Witnesses said they heard multiple gunshots around 5 a.m.

Chattanooga police is asking anyone with information regarding this incident to contact them.

Time to check in with chip now for our first look at the weather.

Here's a live look from news 12 s okay yes we are.

We are seeing a lot of rainfall here in the downtown area that will not be lasting very long.

Certainly nothing like what they're going to be seeing along the georgia south carolina and the north carolina coastline.

This is of course what is now still a tropical storm.

You sigh areas.

It does look like this is going to gather enough strength and enough speed to turn back into a category one hurricane saves fords category one hurricane.

That's not very strong in her right but it is still a hurricane.

You're at home.

We will see more thunderstorm activity on and off as we have through the day, drier and hotter as we get into the middl and latter part of next week.

Now again tropical storm.

You sigh a is still at 70 miles per hour.

It's got to hit 74 to be reclassified as a hurricane, but it is expected to do just that and hit right on top or maybe a little bit north of charleston, south carolina later on tonight and then the storm continues to work its way up the eastern seaboard.

We'll talk more about the storm and will also have a look at our seven-day forecast which does have a few changes all of that and more straightahead and kids have when 110,000,000 americans along the eastern gulf could impact and drop storm east ias and the roaches.

The carolinas, the storm and gang need and is expected to regain to hurricane strength or is the latest from green for carolina visa es is headed toward the carillon system is offshore with wins up to 70 miles per hour.

It's expected to make landfall tonight somewhere around the north and south carolina border north carolina emergency managers have been carefully planning storm response code 19 environment.

We know how to plan, repair, and respond when it's over, but this time would have to do it with a mask on ... forecasters expected dangerous storms are it up to eight inches of rain but shoppers at a wilmington north carolina home depot did not seem to concern the tribute rainstorm is any reason to worry her back yard of things in place but were not your word on this one over the weekend, strong winds and rough surf battered some coastal area and lord, what with the storm staying off the coast estate was mostly spared for sure.

Anyway, as visa es tracks north torrential rain is expected to be widespread tropical storm warnings and watches are in effect for nearly the entire east coast.

A number of people will be affected by this.

The biggest toy.

The rat a lot of people affected by president trump has already approved an emergency declaration for north carolina, which will make federal disaster relief funds quickly available if needed.

Jim chrysalis cbs news greensboro, north carolina are left behind a path of destruction behind and caravan and is being blamed for to death in the dominican republic family in bradley county is out of the house afte their home was destroyed fire and fire happened on the afternoon in the family said they just bought a home two weeks ago.

Now everything in th home is destroyed.

A virus currently under investigation a a family, says the fire was due tentative firefighters rescued man from a burning duplex and tr hickson last night.

Now it inve.

Happened around nine p.m.

In the 12 at 51 block of eldridge road.

Noont warmer temperatures this weekend according to the fire departmen when crews arrived, there was in the storm team 12 seven day forecast.

And later.... nasa astronauts return to earth in the first u-s "splashdown" i 45 years... details are coming up after the break.... but first, let's look at today's cleveland daily banner.

The paper reports... bradley county included in covid-19 high-risk areas to be avoided.... for more on these stories, check out today's edition.

Now from the epb weather center, your storm team 12 right now forecast mission accomplished!

Two nasa it's been a busy morning so far on the titan hd radar and we just got through with a really heavy down here on cell broad street.

Now, as you can tell if you look closely, there are a few lightning strikes associate with this we have more of the storm activity acting up from the south and southwest.

This will be heading through north georgia.

Over the next 30 to 45 minutes and most not all but most of the activity.

We will see throughout the rest of the afternoon will be just to the east of i 70 will be just to the east of i 75, so keep that in mind if you have trouble plans.

We are going to be looking at the likelihood of some of the storms being the on the strong side.

Not only will they produce some lighting like we've seen s far.

Also see some strong dusty wins and a lot of rainfall put henschel in a short time span arena's knocked us down to 76 degrees.

We were in the lower eighties not more than 45 minutes ago there's a perspective from the plainview outdoor advertising camera checking out the falling water.

Saudi daisy areas 76 degrees.

Humidity is 82 percent.

What when's we do have coming in of the west and southwest.

It's a bit cooler again because of the raiment where we were around lunch time yesterday five degrees cooler here in town.

Look at asheville 17 degrees below where they work, this time on sunday.

One big bubble of high pressure over west virginia one just to the south of new orleans and rallies high pressure ridges beer always travels in a clockwise direction.

So let's acting as a conduit of sorts for this humid air a while it's borderline hard.

It's certainly nothing presently hot like we saw for early and middle july later on this afternoon getting ready fo the rush hour, or the storms popping up.

But again the majority of those will be to th east of interstate 70 right around 70 tomorrow morning tomorrow afternoon.

As we get that prime heating of the day or the showers through storms bubbling up by wednesday morning he could be into the upper 60 as far as the rainfall potential is concerned and this is on top of what we've already gotten so far any of us could see a quarter to a half an inch of rain northern tier of the viewing area could be picking up a little bit more and wrapping up the work week were going to see things drying out a even the usual chances of the garden- variety showers appear to be very slim and that's going to add a few degrees into the forecast ties for each and i did a mid to upper eighties.

More on that seven-day forecast upper eighties today and tomorrow, wednesday and thursday right at 90 and that's where we should be for this time of year starting on friday.

These temperatures start ramping up we could hits 95 or 96 degrees by the time sunday afternoon rolls around, they back to youreturnen the first u-s "splashdown" in 4 years.

Cbs news' laura podesta reports on the retro arrival.

:26-:35 :56-1:03 "nats from arrival" their spacex capsule parachuting into the gulf of mexico... pilots doug hurley and bob behnken returned to earth sunday.

They'd been away.working at the international space station.for two months.

"nats from arrival" the mission was a historic one the astronauts were the first to leave u.s. soil since nasa retired the shuttle fleet in 20-11 " i think we're both super, super proud to have been just a small part of the team that accomplished bringing those space flights back to the florida coast and bringing that capability back to america."

The scheduled splashdown.of f the coast of florida.

Was complicated by tropical storm isaias, brewing off in the atlantic.

"i'm not very religious, but i prayed for this one."

Space x ceo elon musk who is now officially the first owner of a private company to launch people into orbit.

Said yesterday was an achievement of humanity.

"i think this is one of those things that is universally good no matter where you are on planet earth.

This is a good thing.

And i hope it brightens your day."

Space x now has plans to collaborate with nasa on astronaut flights to the moon and then mars.

Laura podesta cbs news.

Trump and vice president mike pence, who both attended the launch, congratulated the spacex and nasa teams. trump tweeted "great to have nasa astronauts return to earth after very successful two month mission.

Thank you to all!"

Up next on news 12 now at noon.... in our tech byte segment staying modivated while being stuck at home.... details on how to help you develop good habits coming up after the break.... "news 12 now at noon.

Your news now."

It can be a challenge to stay motrivated while being stuck at home.

Luckily your smart phone can help you develop good habits.

Here's emily cassulo with our tech byte.

It's hard to stay motivated during this coronavirus pandemic, when you're spending so much time at home.

Why not use tech to your advantage, and make the most of your time in quarantine?

Let's look at some smartphone apps that can help you stay productive, and even get healthier.

I'm emily cassulo, and this is tech byte.

It takes awhile to develop a good habit, or break a bad one.

But at least your smartphone makes it easy to get started.

The "done: a simple habit tracker" app can help.

First, come up with your list of goals or habits you'd like to develop - like going to the gym, or skipping that latte.

Then use the app to track your progress, which you can do multiple times a day.

The "water reminder - daily tracker" app also ties in to developing good habits.

Most of us need to be drinking more water, and this app reminds you to do it, so it becomes second nature.

It calculates how much water you need, schedules notifications on when to drink based on your sleep schedule, and even tracks how many other drinks you're taking in.

Drinking water is not only good for your overall health, but it can also help you feel full, and even lose weight.

And the best app for doing that is the "my diet coach - weight loss" app.

When you're stuck at home, it's easy to snack when you're bored, and not even hungry.

This app gives you daily challenges, tracks your water intake, and reminds you to exercise.

You even use it to keep a food diary, where you can track what you're eating every day, and how many calories are in those foods.

As you can see, it's all about taking baby steps.

If you take advantage of this extra down time during quarantine, you'll have developed a healthier lifestyle when things are back to normal.

I'm emily cassulo, and that's this week's tech byte.

Stay with us.

More news 12 now at noon to come... including how an alabama pricipal is making returning to school during the pandemic fun.... his parody "can't touch" this coming up after the break.... here's a live look from our c-h-i memorial camera at lee pointe from the e-p-b fiber optics weather cam network.

"cant touch this...can't touch this...can't touch jordan's visa card quality is like so get a discount, not head no and visa into the parental way until the savard high school in alabama.

Now, according to usa today.

He did a musical parody and hammers can't touch this show how the is working to keep their children safe until usa today just really wanted to do something fine for back to school to reinforce the new things educators are having a landis chat and take it out.

I need to find there.

The only thing he needed was a parachute pants.

I mean, larry.


Remember parachute that pair parachute panelist class.

You wouldn't worry exactly ... as you i think the fifth okay for a week or so anyway that's a that is great video.

It really is.

We are looking at some rainfall.

K and i think were going to see periods of rain and a few storms popping up on an office we have through the afternoon.

As we explained all morning long.

Just a few minute ago, the heaviest of this will fall just to the east of interstate 70 east of interstat 75.

Most not all.

It may keep a lid on temperatures and keep us down to 86 or 87 is denied will hit 90.

At least here in town for wednesday and thursday and then those numbers really start ripping up by sunday.

We may have to adjust that up to 95 or 90 ounce going to be a scorchin second hearing their accounts.

If you have an umbrella and is now back in early tomorrow


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