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new details on arrest of Dalton Potter

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new details on arrest of Dalton Potter

new details on arrest of Dalton Potter

Local and GBI officers talk about what happened before and during the arrest of Dalton Potter last night.

A close last night.

Today, we're learning more about dalton potter's arrest.

News 12's danielle moss has the latest on the capture.

Dan stand-"the residents of northwest georgia can finally rest easy tonight because dalton potter is officially behind bars in the whitfield county jail."

Sheriff chitwood/whitfie ld county sheriff-"our suspect was taken into custody last night.

We were going right at 72 hours after the initial incident happened on sunday evening on the interstate."

That incident, was when potter allegedly shot a whitfield county sheriff's deputy who pulled him over concerning a stolen trailer out of chattanooga.

Since that moment, potter has been on the run and had not been spotted until yesterday.

According to officials, potter shot a citizen during a home invasion in gordon county on wednesday.

Gordon county chief deputy paris says that potter and the civilian got into a scuffle.

The sheriff says potter was grazed in a in the head by a bullet and the citizen was also shot.

Later that evening, with the help of more than 20 agencies, potter's fugitive run finally came to an end.

Cheif deputy robert pariss/gordon county sheriff's office-" they actually discovered the defendant, potter, in a very dense, overgrown and swampy area near bandy lake in gordon county."

The sheriff says potter was treated for his injuries once he was captured and is now in custody at the whitfield county jail.

As for the civilian, he received non-life-threatening injuries and is expected to make a full recovery.

The sheriff says that the deputy that was shot sunday, was wearing a bullet proof vest and will be back to work very soon.

Sheriff chitwood/whitfie ld county sheriff-"he is doing great.

He is doing fine.

Thank goodness it just turned out to be a rash and a burning sensation.

But right now, he is scheduled to return to work next week on the rotation.

So, we are good there."

Dan stand-"there has been no evidence that potter was helped for the last three days while he was on the run.

His court date has not been set yet but, it could be as early as tomorrow.

In dalton, danielle moss news 12 now."

When officers initially stopped potter on sunday, they found explosives in the vehicle they were driving.

Investigators do not know where they were headed or what they were planning to do with them.

This is an ongoing investigation and we will keep you

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