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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Midmorning with Aundrea - September 28, 2020 (Part 1)

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Midmorning with Aundrea - September 28, 2020 (Part 1)
Midmorning with Aundrea - September 28, 2020 (Part 1)

(Part 1 of 2) Overwhelming scientific evidence has touted the health benefits of a Pesco-Mediterranean diet for cardiovascular health and preventing dementia and diabetes.

And arctic glaciers continue to shed large blocks of ice due to climate warming.

And scientists are beginning to entertain the possibility that the planet Venus could contain lifeforms.

>> i got to have two alarms at for decades, researchers have studied what diet is best for good health.

Now new findings show a twist on the traditional mediterranean diet may be ideal for cardiovascular health.

Naomi ruchim has more.

31 year old darren thomason tries to eat a healthy mediterranean- style diet... with fruits and vegetables and lean protein.

Fish and some chicken and i try not to eat too much red meat.

// eating a good diet sort of makes me feel like i'm doing the right thing for my body now a review of research in the journal of the american college of cardiology shows a pesco- mediterranean diet..

Which is rich in plants, nuts, whole grains, extra virgin olive oil and emphasizes seafood as the main protein& may be the way to go.

We have a lot of first level scientific evidence showing that this really makes a difference in your cardiovascular health, in all- cause mortality in preventing dementia, preventing diabetes and maintaing a healthy weight.

Preventive cardiologist dr. james o'keefe authored the research.

Intermittent fasting is recommended as part of this diet.

When you don't consume calories for at least 12 hours, you the inflammation starts going down.

4:49 it's not as hard as it sounds, because when you follow this kind of diet, the low sugar low refined carbohydrates, high vegetable high fat.

// it changes hormones around so you're less hungry and you sleep better dr. o'keefe says red wine should be limited to one glass a day for women and up to two for men.

And be sure to drink lots of water.

Nats darren's first meal of the day is usually lunch.

That equates to not eating for about a 15 hour period of time during the day, but that's not necessarily something i'm deliberately trying to do.

//i tend to have snacks during the day like vegetables or nuts and he knows exercise is also important.

He even ran a marathon last year.

Naomi ruchim, cbs news, new york.

Dr. o'keefe says it's also best to avoid artificial sweeteners and added sugars because they can raise insulin levels.

A father and son are not letting the coronavirus pandemic stop them from feeding those in need.

Mireya villarreal introduces us.

Good morning!

From 8 to 11..

Keith branch passes out meals i'll give you two in case you want an extra one later ok.

Nourishment for the body and the soul...while remembering the golden rule and his fiath.

Branch works with... kids bring life... a non-profit intended to feed children facing food insecurity.

However, with the pandemic and a stalled economy, millions of families find themsselves in need of food.

So kids bring life began feeding children young and old.

"because of th pandemic people are not working.

And people are trying to figure out how they're going to provide for their families and feed their children."

Get them to come in keith branch and his 15- year old son keith ... give out 50 meals a day... five days a week.

The organization has 40 locations around dallas, janelle hicks is their operations manager.

Mv: how many a day?

Jh: we are doing 2- 3,000 a day.

// there's definitely an escalation.

I see more people who are thankful.

People who may take something for granted... they use money for bills and don't have to use it on food.

It makes me feel pretty good.

Like there's people out there that really care about each other.

The coronavirus has taken much from all of us.

But for keith branch... this is an opportunity to practice what he preaches by doing unto others who need the a simple act of human news... dallas.

The college football season, limited by the covid-19 pandemic, could see a late comeback.

Two major conferences that decided not to play this fall are now re-thinking that move.

But one smaller school has lost more than just a season to the coronavirus.

Nikki battiste has the story of one player who is now a presumed victim.

"just an infectiou personality, just a good guy to his core.

// he was literally the light of my life."

20-year-old jamain stephens was a defensive lineman at california university of pennsylvania -- a division-ii school that suspended all fall competion in july.

His mother told us he returned to school in part to work out with his teammates.

The family says stephens died last week of a blood clot to the heart& after he'd tested positive for covid- 19.

"i'm very, ver nervous for these young men and women // these kids, their lives are priceless.

And it's just not worth it.

It's just not worth it."

He will go the distance!

Notre dame touchdown!

So far, 76 division-i college football programs have decided a season áis worth itá -- but not without some setbacks.

"we've got positiv cases, they've got positive cases."

Several teams have postponed their opening games after coronavirus outbreaks.

Yet two of college football's biggest conferences, the pac-12 and big-10, are now considering seasons despite previous plans to cancel all fall sports.

"college footbal is kind of a mess right now&" nicole auerbach is a senior writer for the athletic.

She says the conferences' desire to kick off the season is likely driven by lost revenue and increased testing.

But that may not be enough to justify a return to the gridiron.

Your football player might be following every single rule.

They might be dealing with social distancing in the football facility // and then they walk outside of that facility and they're going to be around students who are partying, hanging out, playing video games, going to a cafeteria that's a risk people like jamain stephens' father say students and their families need to be wary of.

"sports give us release.


You know, it gives us freedom from all of this drama.

// we are not in a state of mind with it all to make the right decision.

// and as you know, we're sitting here right now talking about the loss of my son."

"jamain stephen would've turned 21 next week.

We're outside of rutgers university, a member of the big- 10 conference, whose university presidents reportedly met sunday to discuss accelerating the return to the field.

No answers yet, but here at rutgers, the school's most recent covid testing data indicates a negativity rate around 99 percent.

Nikki battiste, cbs news, piscataway, nj.

When we come back, are we alone?

Looking at space when mid morning returns.

While fires rage across the west, there is another warning our climate is in danger.

Arctic glaciers continue to shed large chunks of ice.

Cbs's ian lee reports.

Before long, much of this could be gone.

Scientists say polar glaciers are shrinking at an alarming rate.

The latest section& in greenland, where a 44 square mile chunk - twice the size of manhattan-- broke off from the largest remaing arctic ice shelf.

"it's really time w stop hitting the snooze button and wake up to the climate emergency."

The atmosphere in the region has warmed more than 5 degrees in the last 40 years.

Those high temperatures form pools of water on the glaciers...which push down into cracks and weaken the ice from underneath.

Scientists say old climate models are now obsolete.

"the climate in th arctic is changing dramatically and rapidly, and it's anging so fast that it's transitioning to a new climate where the new climate can't be predicted by the recent past."

Melting arctic ice means ocean levels and ocean temperatures increase around the globe.

We've heard the warnings before but scientists say they'll keep ringing alarm bells until changes are made.

"we need to cur climate emissions right now immediately and we need to create a network of ocean sanctuaries covering at least a third of the blue planet if we are to take the climate cris seriously."

If it's not taken seriously, scientists predict the arctic could be ice free in the next twenty years.

Ian lee cbs news london scientists say this year's minimum sea ice cover is expected to be the second-lowest in four decades of record-keeping.

Scientists say there may be signs of life on venus.

Researchers are pointing to tiny molecules found in the planet's atmosphere.

But how they got there... is a mystery.

Cbs's holly williams reports from london.

Its surface is hot enough to melt lead&and it's cloaked in clouds of toxic gas& but scientists now believe something could be alive on venus&.or actually, just above it.

Nat sot: "a level o about 50 to 60 kilometers above the surface" professor sara seager- along with a team of international scientists - spotted a molecule called phosphine in the planet's atmosphere using giant telescopes.

Seager: finding phosphine, it really leaves us with two equally crazy ideas.

One is that there is some unknown chemistry.

And the other//that there's some possibility there might be some kind of life producing phosphine on venus holly: how big a possibility?

Seager: we can't answer that//i'll just say we have a lot more work ahead of us.

On earth phosphine is produced by bacteria&and sometimes smells like rotting fish& &.an unromantic discovery on the planet named after the roman goddess of love, venus was the subject of much early space exploration - but the sulfuric acid in its atmosphere literally eats through spacecraft&and focus switched to earth's other neighbor.

Seager: i like to think of venus sometimes as the neglected sibling.

Holly: why neglected?

Seager: because so much attention is on mars.

That could now change - with a tantalizing discovery that might be a sign of life.

Holly williams, cbs news, london.

The head of a multi- billion dollar the head of a multi- billion dollar company has no problem social distancing .

We'll show you where next on mid morning.

Football is back.

The nfl kicked off sunday.

Atlanta falcons owner arthur blank..

Will be back on the sidelines at the end of his team's game.

It's a tradition that's almost two- decades old -- his way of showing support in good times and bad.

It's the same spirit blank has brought to all of his businesses over the past 40-years.

Here's dana jacobson.

The open space of montana with its scenic vistas and majesitc trails is both home and escape for arthur blank& dana jacobson: what do you love about this?

Arthur blank: i love the quietness of it, the spirit of it, the beauty of the west.//everything kind of slows down a little bit out here.//it's a spectacular place to be.

And he says, this is one of the best ways to see it.

At 77 blank is the driving force behind the multi billion dollar blank family businesses and can use that change of pace.

Arthur blank: it's a place where you can almost do meditation // reflect, soul search, you know, think about life, think about purpose.

Blank has been reflecting quite a bit lately.

The result?

His new book, good company, which details blank's life and businesses.

All built from the same set of core values.

Dana jacobson: where do they come from?

Arthur blank: well, i think they come from, you know, your life experiences // your family, your friends, your religious experiences-- everything that you do.

He writes about his modest childhood growing up in queens, new york with his parents and older brother.

Arthur blank: we-- lived in an apartment, had a single bedroom, which my brother and i shared.

My mother and dad slept on-- on a little pull-out sofa in the foyer.

He was raised with the jewish tradition of tzedakah, which means philanthropy and righteousness arthur blank: my mom she was always involved in the community.

She was always involved in giving back // even though we had no money really, truly to speak of // and // one of her favorite expressions that principle matters, principle matters.

And, you know, it does matter.

A lesson blank learned at age 10, when he and his family were robbed in their home.

Arthur blank: the robber was sitting in the living room // and my mother was giving him a lecture, truly, a lecture.

Dana jacobson: and he has a gun-- arthur blank:he-- and he's got a gun remember he's saying-- "mrs blank, would you just shut up."// 28:1 looking backing it's kind of funny.

But // the more serious lesson is that even under that pressure // my mother felt the need // to tell this guy, "this is reall not the way you wanna live.

Molly blank would step up again after her husband died when arthur was just 15& arthur blank: my mother at 37 went into a business that she had no experience in at all // and ran it and did a great job with it and built it up.

And eventually sold it to a company that eventually was the place i met my partner, bernie marcus.

Blank's partner, in launching home depot, opening 2 stores in 1979.

They wanted it to be a place worthy of their employees' or as they called them, associates' lives&with a singular focus on making the customer happy.

Arthur blank: the assets are not on a balance sheet.

The assets are the customers.

The assets are the people that we serve.

They're never wrong.

They're always right.

Blank would stay with home depot until 2001 when it had grown to more than a thousand stores..

The next year he bought an nfl franchise and used home depot values to retool it.

Dana jacobson: when you took over the falcons and you were trying to figure out h-- "what do do?

What's the first thing i do?

" you went to the players.

Arthur blank: i did.

They asked their new owner for a home field advantage.

Attendance at the georgia dome was low and half the crowd was there to cheer for the visiting team.

Arthur blank: so //i called the commissioner.

I said // "we're gonn sell season tickets for $100."

He said, "what- what did you say?"

Said, "we're gonn sell the season ticket for $100.

It'll be $10 per we did it.

We sold out the entire season in, like, two, two and a half hours- dana jacobson: is that doing the right thing for business?

Or is that just doing the right thing for your-- arthur blank: well, there were-- dana jacobson: for your team-- arthur blank: it was the right thing to make sure we had diversity in the building and make sure the fans that lived in a quarter, half mile, of the building could get into the building.// and, //the voice of a fan, whether he's paying 10 bucks//or//$1,000 for a ticket for his- dana jacobson: doesn't matter-- arthur blank: doesn't make a difference.

They can-- players can hear that energy.

In "good company blank also addresses the hard times.

He calls learning of the michael vick dog fighting scandal "one o the worst days of my long career" and writes "to thi day" "i can reasonably explain" losin super bowl 51 when his falcons blew a 28-3 lead held late in the 3rd quarter to the patriots.

Blank watched it unfold from the sidelines.

Arthur blank: i want the players to know win or lose// i'm not off, you know, sitting in my suite, drinking-- just a cocktail, whatever it may be, but i'm down there with them, side by side,// dana jacobson: no matter what-- arthur blank: no matter what // and that includes the super bowl // so // right after // that game // my mind went to how do i help heal?

I mean, i'll eventually heal myself, but how do-- danajacobson: i was gonna say, have you healed yet?

Arthur blank: yes, i have.

I mean, well, you-- dana jacobson: really-- arthur blank : never fully heal.

No, i should be hon-- be honest.

I mean, you never fully heal and it's even harder when you're close friends with patriots owner robert kraft.

Arthur blank: the super bowl ring had 283 diamonds in it // which is 28 to three then come back and won the game // i said, "yo know, why the f did you have to put 283?"

I said, yo know, "you tell m you love me, i love you like brothers."

And he said, "ah" dana jacobson: just stick the knife in-- arthur blank: yeah, just-- dana jacobson: a little deeper.

Arthur blank: so // that lives with me // i wanna go back and compete // and hopefully get a different result.

Blank did get to celebrate the next year, when his atlanta united captured the 2018 mls championship.

Dana jacobson: all that you've accomplished, do you have moments where you're like, oh, my god, wow.

Arthur blank: yeah, i always have those moments.

His latest venture is the west creek ranch back in montana.

Unlike the for profit mountain sky guest ranch down the road, blank bought west creek to offer non- profits a free gathering space to grow ideas.

And blank believes in the end it's all intertwined.

Dana jacobson: 10:59:55 it sounds so simple.//treat everybody right and then it'll all come back to you.

But// i'm sure people have said, "ugh come on.

That blank's full of it.

Like, he-- it's about money."

But it i really isn't for you.

Arthur blank: no, well-- dana jacobson: it arthur blank: it is about money too // capitalism is a beautiful system.

It produces opportunity, you know, economics.

It produces jobs.

It produces security end all can't be how much money i'm making // if you focus on doing the right things for the right reasons the profitability will come at the end of the day.

In life as in business blank is committed to walking the walk.

He's pledged that 98% of his fortune will end up with his foundation and redistributed to society.

After our ride through mountain sky's property we ended up at the ranch's pavilion, where blank and his daughter kylie served pie to his employees and a few friends.

It's a ritual usually performed for guests.

Except this year because of the coronavirus.

Dana jacobson: what is it about that action that is important to you?

Arthur blank: well, number one, the pies are really good.

// //it's important for i think all of our guests here who come and say, "well, crap here' the owner.

He's, like, diggin' pies out // // you look for opportunities to set really good examples as a role model.

You do it as a parent.

You do it as an owner of the business or whatever it may.

It is also the embodiment of good company& dana jacobson: the end of tend of the book.

You talk about legacy./ /that you're in the business of human happiness.

// "thi intangible but invaluable increase in human happiness is the legacy that i hope to leave."

Arthur blank: yeah.

That's exactly right // but // it's not just happiness and how often do we smile // it's happiness in that // are we living a meaningful life?

// i'm living the most purposeful life that i possible can to be able to continue living that way and-- and as long as i possibly can.

The open space of montana with its scenic vistas and majesitc trails is both home and escape for arthur blank& dana jacobson: what do you love about this?

Arthur blank: i love the quietness of it, the spirit of it, the beauty of the sharing the pool.

We'll show you how to cool off and make a little cash


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