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Saturday, January 16, 2021

The show goes on at Stebens

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The show goes on at Stebens
The show goes on at Stebens

One local theater group is taking the stage and putting on a show with precautions in place.

Precautions in place.

All over the country ?

"* live performances have been silenced because of the pandemic.

One local theater group is taking the stage ?

"* and putting on a show with precautions in place.

One of kimt news 3's own stars ?

"* nik kruszalnicki got to take in a rehearsal for the play.

He joins us now from mason city.

Nick?xxx yes george and katie ?

"* this was the third night for stebens children's theater ?

"* performing their second production of the season.

They've had to make a few adjustments in order to keep the theater alive during these very strange nats: "two, one."

The countdown is over and live theater is returning to mason city.

The play is called buried treasure ?

"* written and directed by stebens executive director tom ballmer.

"here you are in the inventors club and five boys are members of the club and out this window right here they see a neighbor bury a box."

How do you put on a live production in the age of covid?


Ballmer has foud a way to protect his actors and the audience.

"when we have performances, they're wearing shields so that we can still see their faces and the audience is socially distanced."

The plays will feature smaller casts ?

"* and actors are arriving in costume so no one is crowded in the dressing room.

For ballmer, the most important thing was to give these kids the chance to do what they love.

"we decided that we'd rather be open and kind of take the financial hit, than be closed.

Because we want to keep our thespians working."

Sofia ahari is an understudy in the production ?

"* she plays the part of one of the boys in the inventor's club.

Nats: "what are you doing here?"

Being under the lights and in front of an audience is something she enjoys.

"i like being on stage.

I've always loved performing and i'm in band and choir."

Ahari was excited she could be on stage this year.

"i was really happy when i found out stebens was still going to be and i was happy when i found out that we could still do productions."/// if you want to come out and see 'buried treasure' ?

"* there's another performance tomorrow night at seven and one on sunday at 1 p?


And o ?

"* i won't reveal what was in the box either.

You'll have to come see for yourself!

Live in mason city, nick kruszalnicki, kimt news 3./// thanks nick.

If you'd like to get tickets, we'll put information up on our website at kimt dot com.

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