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Monday, March 1, 2021

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Good afternoon.

I'm kay blevins thanks for joining us.

Polls are now open across the country and in many places, voters are standing in long lines to make their voices heard.

Those votes will be added to the roughly 100 million early votes.

In the final hours of the 2020 election, president trump and former vice president joe biden are making their final push to rally their supporters.

Skyler henry reports.

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Package: president trump returned to the white house in the middle of the night after holding 5 rallies in 4 battleground states.

He has promised the crowds from his rallies will show up to the polls on election day like a red wave.

Earlier he called into fox news.

"i think the polls are, you know, suppression polls and i think we'll have victory but only when there's victory.

I mean, there's no reason to play games.

And i think we'll have victory.

I think, you know i look at it as being a very, very solid chance of winning."

Vice president biden headed to scranton, pennsylvania and visited his childhood home with his two granddaughters .

Last night, he made a final pitch to voters in the battleground state.

The vast majority of americans are done with the chaos, the corruption, the failure from connecticut to california, polls are now open across the country.

"i think everyone needs to get out and vote, make it happen."

"this is a very important election, it's going to change the history of our country."

"here in alexandria, virginia, and in polling locations across the country, election officials are working to prioritize the health and safety of voters with coronavirus protocols, including signs to encourage social distancing and mask wearing and plexiglass partitions."

Vote counting is underway across the country including inside the pennsylvania convention center.

The heads of homeland security and election security reported some typical technology disruptions in ohio, missouri, georgia and new york.

While they have confidence the vote will be secure, they say it's still early.

"we're not out of the woods yet."

It's unclear if a winner will be declared some states could take days to count all the ballots.

President trump has threatened legal action to prevent counting votes past election day, raising tension for supporters on both sides.

Skyler henry, cbs news, alexandria, va.

Early election results are expected to start rolling in shortly after 7pm eastern time.

President trump will spend election night at the white house.

Former vice president biden will be in wilmington, delaware.

Lets take a look at some other polling locations in the tennessee valley... the estimated wait time at the mountain creek church of christ is an hour and 20 minutes.... as you can see the line is wrapped around the building...special thanks to our traffic reporter matt fields for sending us this video.

Voters still have several races to decide on today including the u-s senate.

That's between republican bill hagerty and democrat that's between republican bill hagerty and democrat marquita bradshaw.

Hagerty has been endorsed by president trump.

He traveled across the state yesterday campaigning with u-s senator marsha blackburn.

Hagerty likes where he stands as we approach election day.

"i'm feeling very good about where we're positioned for election day here, but i'm not taking anything for granted.

I'm getting out and working hard for every single vote i can earn here in tennessee."

Hagerty's opponent marquita bradshaw was in chattanooga over the weekend.

She's an environmental justice activist and has been endorsed by senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren.

Her manager thinks she's going to shock the volunteer state.

When marquita first won the primary most people thought that she didn't have a chance with that.

She definitely won that and i think even when she won the primary and moved into the general there was still a lot of people who said 'you know what, she can't win.'

But i think that her efforts, the strongest field game that this state has seen from a progressive and modern times that tennessee is a battle ground state.

Once again people are going to wake the day after election day to a huge surprise with marquita bradshaw being the winner the two are vying for republican senator lamar alexander's seat, who is not seeking re-election.

The real showdown will be in georgia where democrats have a chance to steal two seats in the u-s senate.

Imcumbent david perude is taking on democrat jon ossoff and libertarian shane hazel.

The other u-s senate race in georgia is to fill the seat left by senator jonny isakson.

Incumbent kelly loeffler is challenged by republican doug collins and democrat reverend warnock.

In georgia, if no candidate receives more than 50 percent of the vote then there will be a run-off election.

That election would take place on january 5th.

A high turnout of voters is also expected in the peach state cast your ballot afternoon.

Jef and i.

It certainly is gay.

I would vote for weather like this every day of the year sunshine just a few clouds here and there.

Here is the perspective from the soddy-dais area.

Part of the epb fiberoptics weather network hard to pick out a single cloud does not many of those to go around.

We do have a lot of sunshine you want clouds you got a go well u to the northeast, even further than that to pick up any sort of precipitation temperatures warmer 57 here downtown right now and that's as warm as we got all day on monday.

Lj leaving the packet 59 were going to see or sunshine continuing this nice warming trend is goin to continue as well so it won't be nearly as chilly tomorrow morning next week even warmer 8 to 10 degrees warmer than where we were, this time on monday afternoon, these numbers are just going to freeze 55 in cleveland, tellico murphy 55 as well and cole bought air qualit index is in the good range of 4, shall we don't have a whole lot of pollen.

What little there is basically trace amounts and it' not the ragweed that we have been so use to it's mainly cedar we do have some changes over th next seven days.

As we head int november.

You think it would be getting cooler, but it won't, at least for a while.

Will explain more about seven-day forecast coming up in adjustable and sample coming up next on is 12 now and ernesto just told you what warmer temperatures this weekend and obtained well seven- day forecast and later several restaurants are offering to today as america watches the election result, the counselor coming out in your money want work fine after the short personal take a look at today's cleveland daily banner in the paper the fourth election day and underway and problems just the cannot deny voters who have covid-19.

The designated site for voters who have covid-19 is the hamilton county election commission.

News 12 now's bekah birdsall joins us live there with more.

Bekah describe the crowd right now.

Now from the epb weather center, should not be designated site for voters with cove in 19 numerous easy protocols are in place for poll workers and voters right now including a health alert time ppe worn by poll workers and voters getting their own paper and can now it now.

You do not have to have a confirmed case of cove and nineteenth.

If you are feeling symptoms have not been able to get even still coming.

Well, here it is through the drive- through at a crown here at the election commission at the noon hour is strong but will likely be growing by the afternoon.

This location closes at eight p.m.

Tonight morning in hamilto county becky birdsong new swell now you will know if you are all the way out door test your knowledge leave the rain gear a home, dress, it's going to be warmer and warmer probably by about 10 degrees that will resolve monday afternoon around the area just abundant sunshine a glorious day shaping up in this nice warm stretch.

She is going to continue.

It is a substantial warming trend in that temperatures will be getting nice and warm and is going to last for a wild well into next week along with those warmer conditions will seek dry weather genuine also a whole rash of 55's take your pick scottsboro monteagle dayton tellico down to bradley county on into the north georgia mountains.

Lafayette's that afternoon to you in walker county.

In fact, if you'll notice all these temperatures are either at 55 or the seven degrees that's exactly we have your downtown very dry outside as well.

32 percent humidity a little bit of her breeze out of the north and northeast 30 poin 37 on the barometer earlier this morning for a good four hour stretch.

Chattanooga was the coldest out of all the cities represented on this map.

Each and every one.

Typically you don't see that happening now.

Chicago is doing a little bit better than us temperature wise were a little bit about work city 68's out in dallas.

Couple of areas of high pressure continuing to rule the roost fo us number one just were southeast number two just were south and west.

Those two working in tandem, making it difficult for any sort of significant cloud cover form, much less 80 chance of rain we're looking at mid sixties.

Later on this afternoon 67 degrees by the way, is our typical high for this time of year.

Early morning lows earlie today we got way down into the 30 we got way down into the 3034 is what we had here on south broad street tomorrow.

No quite as chilly.

Most of us starting off right around 40 tomorrow afternoon will be knocking on the door of 70.

I would not be surprised if a few of you did hit 70 tomorrow afternoon.

The thursday morning, it gets a little bit's we won't say warmer but a little less chilly.

Most areas 40 to 45 and then heading into friday at noon getting ready for the weekend.

Friday morning will be around 50.

It'll be a good 20 degree warm-up is not better friday afternoon getting ready for the rush hour a few more clouds probably rolling through saturday.

I don't see any realistic chance of rain probably until the middle part of next week.

It looks like wednesday will be that day.

But if everything continues to hold together.

This could be a prett good ring all producer and after this clears the area either late thursday or friday.

That means we'll get followed up by a pretty good cool down yet again.

Now, again, that's a long time in the future towards the tail end of next week.

Short term forecast and the next seven day though all look great.

I'll tell you more about that seven-day forecast.

Following this quick both in the early morning and late afternoon when the temperatures gets milder and warmer early morning lows by the end of the work week in the upper forties by the end of the weekend in the lower sixties.

That's for the early morning lows, afternoon highs as we wra up the weekend and head into next week wouldn't be surprised to see a few of us sunday and monday hitting 80 will see how that hands out pay back to you at the desk thanking sample at my son is 12 now and will check in with george and voters and the polls are brian armstrong, a huge voter turnout is also expected in the peach state today..... many are anticipating long lines in what many believe will be a swing state........ let's check in withnews 12 now's brian armstrong he joins us now live with more.... coming into this election day georgia is being viewed as a swing state some polls show republican president trump retaining the peach state other polls are showing democrate nominee joe biden beating out trump.

Georgia has been a republican state almost every election - for almost 50 years the rare exception is jimmy carter ... twice and- bill clinton according to the state ... georgia has already seen record turnout from voters casting absentee ballots and showing up to vote during early voting and the secretary of state is predicting nearly 6 millions georgian to cast a vote on this presidential election.

We spoke with some georgia voters about how such a high outline in voting can really help make change in united states.

As for the senate race ... polls show republican senator david perdue having a slight lead over democratic jon as for the senate race ... polls show republican senator david perdue having a slight lead over democratic jon ossoff reporting from ... rossville georgia ... brian armstrong news 12 now for all of the latest election results tonight....just head over to our website at we will have updates throughout the night on social media...also join us tonight at 5:30 for more on campaign 20-20.

Wal-mart is ending it's relationship with shelf scanning robots.... relationship with shelf scanning robots.... and several food chains are offering deals today as the nation watches the election results... let's take a look at today's moneywatch report.... like the rest of america, investors today will keep a close eye on election day results, after the three major for more on campaign 20-20.

Wal-mart is ending it's relationship with shelf scanning robots.... and several food chains are offering deals today as the nation watches the election results... let's take a look at today's moneywatch report.... like the rest of america, investors today will keep a close eye on election day results, like the rest of america, investors today will keep a close eye on election day results, after the three major indexes ended in positive territory yesterday.

The dow rallied 423 points.

The nasdaq gained 46 points.

And the s and p 500 added 40.

/ walmart is giving shelf- scanning robots the boot at about 500 of its stores.

The world's biggest retailer says it ended its relationship with "bossa nova robotics."

That company builds moving robots equipped with cameras for identifying out- of-stock and misplaced products.

The wall street journal reports walmart found human workers could get similar results.

/ twitter is outlining more of its election day plans.

The social media platform says it will consider the results of an election to be official when its is announced by a state official or at least two major national news outlets.

Twitter also plans to slap warning labels on tweets that claim premature victory.

/ and several food chains are offering deals today as the nation watches the election results unfold.

Krispy kreme is giving guests an i voted sticker along with a free glazed donut today.

At mcdonald's, all in-app coffee orders earn a free mc-cafe item like a blueberry muffin or cinnamon roll.

And for late-night stress snackers, boston market has a buy-one-get one free deal on sliders after 9 p-m.

/ and that's your cbs moneywatch report.

For more head to cbs

At the cbs broadcast center, i'm diane king hall.

Stay with us.

More news 12 now at noon to come... including why play doh isn't just for kids???

Why the makers are targeting adults with their new scents.... details are coming up after the break.... here's a live look from our c-h-i memorial camera at lee pointe from the e-p-b fiber optics weather cam network.

Play-doh is out with a new line of products, but these aren't for your kids.

They're for you.

The play-doh for grown-ups has more sophisticated packaging.

And it comes in appealing grown-up scents-- like... "overpriced latte..."

And "spa day."

But also more original aromas too -- like "mom jeans" which smells like freshly washed denim... "dad sneakers," which gives off the scent of new shoes... and -- "grill king" which will leave you hungry -- smelling like smoky barbecue.

You can find the play-doh for you hungry -- smelling like smoky barbecue.

You can find the play-doh for grown ups at amazon and walmart.

Thanks for spending a little bit of your afternoon with

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