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Friday, February 26, 2021

Midmorning With Aundrea - December 1, 2020 (Part 1)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - December 1, 2020 (Part 1)
Midmorning With Aundrea - December 1, 2020 (Part 1)

(Part 1 of 4) Unlike the COVID-19 catastrophe in the US which has killed over 260,000 people and counting, the island nation of Taiwan has gone over 200 days without a single reported coronavirus case in a country of 20 million people.

We'll find out what they're doing right.

And we take a look at the new app Parler which calls itself a "Twitter for conservatives"

If you're f in in stark contrast to the u-s, taiwan has gone a remarkable 232 days without a single reported domestic covid-19 case.

Daily life has returned largely to normal on the island of more than 20- million people.

Ramy inocencio reports on what that looks like in taiwan, and how some americans are moving there.

Trt 2:27 thousands dancing& dj's spinning& everyone covid-& and care- free.

Taiwan hosted the "ultra musi festival" thi november - its Ámiami flagship showÁ cancelled because of the pandemic.

The last time taiwan and its 23 million people reported a covid case... was april 12th.

That's why some ÁamericansÁ have even moved to taiwan, like welly and dina yang.

Our friends who are in the u.s. are like i hope every day you realize what a great decision you made.

The yangs are now rebooting their lives from los angeles to taiwan's capital taipei& their children now physically go to school.

In california it was all virtual& the kids were not in school for six months.

I got emotional that first day when we took them.

And dina is battling breast cancer& i am immunocompromise d so even if school opened back for the kids it would not be wise to send them in taiwan since september, the yangs have been free to move after a mandatory two- week quarantine& taiwan, under president tsai ing- wen, has been praised worldwide for its covid success& from january ÁthirdÁ& screening air passengers from wuhan.

Border defense starts on arrival: well-publicized on national television& passengers que up for health interviews& scanning qr codes to register names and phone numbers.

Social media posts show people getting sprayed with disinfectant& along with their bags& then driven to in a designated quarantine taxi, to their quarantine hotel, a mandatory two weeks.

Meals are left outside the room three times a day& people who break quarantine can be fined more than $33,000.

The authorities know based on your phone's signals - not gps to avoid major privacy issues.

After the hotel: seven more days of temperature checks from home - the health department calls each day&and then you're cleared.

Covid flair ups were quickly contact traced and taiwan has a national mask mandate beginning this week.

Lawmaker wang ting-yu says taiwan conquered covid with transparency and science.

Mandate is good for us, for people, for our at their new home, the yangs are happy to be in one of the safest places in the world.

We just really learned to appreciate every day and be grateful for every day that we have.

3:59 the yangs are self-employed with family in taiwan.

That made their transition from los angeles to taipei that much smoother.

As for what taiwan did - that really would be tough to do in the united states because of a difference in culture and the concept of personal freedom.

As for here in china, what the government - the communist party - says, the people do.

Ri, cbs news, wuhan the national retail federation expected e- commerce to grow 20 to 30 percent over last year on cyber monday.

Americans could ship three billion packages between thanksgiving and christmas, up 800- million from 2019.

Shippers were already at peak capacity, due to the pandemic.

Kris van cleave reports from united airlines' cargo facility at dulles airport outside washington.

Trt 2:21 --pkg-- alyssa pettinato is starting early and going almost fully online for her holiday shopping this year&but worries about her gifts arriving on time.

I feel like shipping this year is going to be a task, you know, i think people are going to get backed up.

Shippers like fedex have been at peak christmas shopping levels since march.

The pandemic has packed three years of anticipated e- commerce growth into just eight months.

When you think about this holiday season.

It is really a peak on top of a peak.

Shipmatrix estimates& shippers can handle around 79 million packages a day between thanksgiving and christmas& but americans are likely to send about 87 million daily.

That means 7 to 8 million packages each day could be delayed.

People need to be prepared for their packages to be late some of them.


And they also can help by ordering in advance and not procrastinating the final week of christmas.

And that's before shippers are also asked to deliver the coronavirus vaccine as soon mid-december.

Fedex will use its fleet of planes for the vaccine while its ground operations handle the bulk of the gifts.

The vaccine distribution is the most important thing that we are preparing to do over the next several months.

United airlines has added 8000 cargo- only flights so far this year -- that's in addition to the cargo carried on passenger flights, coming and going to more than 100 countries daily--everything from fresh fish to the u-s mail and now the pfizer coronavirus vaccine.

This is essentially a giant refrigerator, and it's where united would put something that needs to be kept cool until it gets picked up by another shipper.

This all pharmaceuticals here waiting for delivery.

United's kate harbin we recognize that this is going to be the biggest distribution challenge that the airlines and in fact, the supply chain in general has faced in our lifetimes.

Today and tomorrow are expected to be among the busiest shipping days of the holiday season as all of those online orders from the weekend and cyber monday get processed.

And each monday leading up to christmas will also be busy.

Shippers agree whether it's the post office, fedex, ups - everyone says if you want to ensure your gifts are there by the holidays, get them sent by december 18th.

The clock is ticking.

Kvc, cbs news, dulles airport holidays, get them sent by december 18th.

The clock is ticking.

Kvc, cbs news, dulles airport sites like twitter and facebook have begun flagging posts by president trump and others that include misinformation on elections and covid.

The move has frustrated many of the president's supporters, who have responded by turning to platforms like parler, which calls itself a premium "fre speech" app errol barnett shows us why the emergence of these unregulated forums could make it harder for us to find common ground.

Trt: 3:41 package: "i'm proud to joi parler.

This platform gets what free speech is all about" parler -- which is known as a "twitter fo conservatives" - has seen a rapid rise in popularity since the election.

The app topped apple's download charts last week... and now has more than ten ÁmillionÁ users.

"can we now mov everybody from twitter to parler?"

It has become an avenue for millions of conservatives like colorado congressman ken buck to voice their frustrations and share their ideas...ideas they say companies like twitter and facebook are censoring.

Kb: the best antidote to misinformation is more good information.

It's not censoring or regulating or filtering bad information that we have to be educated as a public.

// eb- congressman, you have seen, though, that i guess the expression has been proven true, that a lie travels much faster than the truth.

An erroneous headline will be shed online and seen and engaged with by more people than the correction.

So do you really trust most americans to fact-check everything they engage with?

Kb- i absolutely trust americans, and i think that's one of the differences between the left and the right.

And that's one of the reasons why an organization or a company like parler can get started and can see its growth.

But as the number of users grow, so does the misinformation being spread.

Unproven accounts of voter fraud and covid-19 "hoax" claims r rampant on social media sites like parler with little to no filter..

"parler, i think, i dangerous because it's actually encouraging people to get into yet another hyper- confirming, like- minded reality in which people will be even more overwhelmingly convinced that their side is right."

Tristan harris is a computer scientist and says in some ways social media platforms create alternate realities...which leads to more division.

Post election protests have highlighted this growing polarization "we're no conceding, we won the election.

We just want it to be revealed, and if it takes it to the courts, we're ready to go the distance" &liberals and conservatives battling over not just opinions, but even basic facts.

"we know tha social media has been dealing out conspiracies to us because it's never been easier to assert salacious realities that have no basis, in fact, than it is with social media.

So i really, really worry about the death of trust" parler c-e-o jon matze told c-n-b-c recently that on his his app users control the content they see... "we do not curat content, the people who use the platform do.

They choose what they trust, what they don't trust."

"we can't have a election stolen like this."

Millions of loyal supporters of president trump will soon be adjusting to a new reality: joe biden enters the white house in january.

But if the incoming president-elect wants to get anything done, harris says he'll have to break through the echo chamber.

"i think if he reall wants to take on covid-19, climate change or economic recovery or systemic racism, you're not going to be able to take on any of those issues if the information that we're all consuming is in these different micro-realities that are not compatible with each other."

Despite being viewed by the anti- defamation league as a haven for hate speech, parler told us in a statement that its app is " destination for everyone who believes in the first amendment and free speech."

When we asked about online claims that some with liberal viewpoints were banned, it responded, "w unequivocally deny that there is banning because of viewpoints."

Parler ÁdoesÁ say it bans for criminal posts, violence, and spam.

Errol barnett, cbs news, new york.

Coming up..stopping the stigma surrounding mental health.

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