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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Legal Questions: Lawsuits During An Election

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Legal Questions: Lawsuits During An Election
Legal Questions: Lawsuits During An Election
Legal Questions: Lawsuits During An Election

3 has it he conceded- there are multiple avenues of remedies that that trump is seeking and so i kind of want to lay those out for you for the viewers because- you're not really going to get a good sense of that from from what the headlines reporting so.

You've got a lot of losses that have been filed- you have lawsuits that were filed to stop certification you have- lawsuits that were filed to stop vote counts we also have lawsuits that were filed alleging fraud.

And you have losses that were followed by trump's campaign team and you also losses are filed by private citizens private actors you have.

The the crack in that was the big headline that was assisted me powell's lawsuit that's actually independent of trump teams and that's that's probably why i hold this- loss that i've seen- it's essentially a global conspiracy lawsuit is pretty crazy stuff- i haven't gone all the way through it it's hefty- and i'm pretty busy.

Then you have- the state legislative remedies which no one really even talks about it so you have an arizona and pennsylvania you have hearings going on at the legislative level where giuliani and if people are presenting evidence directly to the legislative.

Bodies about- violations of the mail in ballot rules certification rules- signature matching- robert validation of the ballots and you have- fraud allegations and so you have two prongs of attack that are going on so you have- the courts which- have kicked a lot of lawsuits back because you have issues of timeless you have issues of standing- and standing just means that you know you're not the person entitled to ask for the remedy sought the court says when i've been listening to it.

So while- well it looks like trump is losing them on the merits really most of the procedural losses- and the ones that he's filed of the only ones that he's he's lost i believe were were due at a time when s.

Or a moot issue in a moot issue is one where when you ask the court for something and it's already happened in the can't stop and they say well there's no point.

Adjudicating it because it is moot so the lawsuit they filed a believe in pennsylvania too- delay a certification to keep ballots separated once they don't even count it is too late so that one loss- but on the legislative level what's really interesting to watch is that.

If the legislators can be convinced that there is been enough shenanigans or deviations from the norm so then they can have what's called faithless electors where they don't send electors pursuant to the certified election results so if they think that- there is enough reason to doubt the certified results to make instant electors to vote for you know whoever they want to vote for me if they wanted- so.

You know there there are still pass the victory for trump that's why he's still fighting and there are some very interesting questions that have not been answered that's why they're still fighting- it's not as simple as just it's over biden has wanted trump is just stalling out for whatever there's actually a lot of really interesting stuff there and it's- it's pretty heavy.

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