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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Tree farms give advice on how to pick the perfect Christmas tree

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Tree farms give advice on how to pick the perfect Christmas tree
Tree farms give advice on how to pick the perfect Christmas tree
Picking out the perfect Christmas tree is like the perfect science.

C1 3 b13 41nbc news at six... step one--look for the tree with the for the tree step one--look picking out the perfect christmas tree is like a science.

With so many choices... you want to be sure... you select the best one.

41 nbc's jatrissa wooten finds out the right way... to pick the right tree... that will last throughout the holiday season.

Step one--look for the tree with the perfect shape for you.

"some people like a broader bottom, some people like a more slim or narrow tree" step two--look for the healthiest tree.

"they should look for overall appearance.

If a tree is healthy it looks healthy" sandy creek christmas tree farm owner says you can tell by the tree's foliage or leaves.

He says if the foliage is green and strong that's a keeper.

If not keep on looking.

"if the foliage looks terrible you must get rid of the tree" donald watson says on his tree farm, he sells 3 types of christmas tree.

The carolina sapphire, a blue-ish colored tree.

Green giant, mostly used for landscaping.

And his best seller-- the leylan cypress tree.

Over in bryon... at roberts tree farm--field manager christopher michael roberts says they have several trees which include the blue ice christmas tree, silver smoke, murray cypress, and like sandy creek the leyland cypress.

"it doesn't shed ever" both men say leylan is perfect for people with allergies because it doesn't have pollen.

"standup: once you have the christmas tree of your choice, the next step is maintenance.

Experts say make sure your tree c1 3 b13 is watered with at least a gallon of water every night."

Sot: christopher michael roberts: "sandy creek christmas tree farm" in macon ... and


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