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Friday, February 26, 2021

01-11-21 for bri

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01-11-21 for bri
01-11-21 for bri
for bri 01-11-21

The first leader of the free world to be impeached twice?

I'm kimt news three's george mallet live jes hd-sot-1 lowerthirdbanner coronavirus:indoor dining resumes today for some of our staff they haven't done this in a year so it's a great opportunity to get back on that bike and learn how to ride again.

Minnesota restaurants are ready to serve you.

I'm kimt news three's jessica bringe live with how staff and customers are feeling about reopening indoor dining today.

Sa aj hd-sotvo-1 lowerthirdbanner coronavirus:pandemic wipes out finances "more people needing food, and rental assistance, utility assistance."

The pandemic is wiping out families financially.

Coming up hear from the salvation army of mason city about how many families they halped in 20-20.

Lowerthirdbanner:a sunny week ahead?

I'm tracking another mild week ahead as temps stay above the average, but not every day will be staying on the dry side.

I'll tell you when wintry weather will return.

/ kimt news 3 first at four starts right now.

/ / / lowerthird2line talent coronavirus:katie lange coverage you can count on good afternoon and thank you for joining us for kimt news three first at four.

I'm katie lange lowerthird2line talent coronavirus:katie lange coverage you can count on it's an exciting day for eateries across the north star state.

Dining ... indoor service is resuming at 50% capacity for bars and restaurants with a 10 p.m.


This turn of the dial puts restaurants and bars about where they were before governor walz imposed a "pause" in response to soaring cases in november.

Mn setup-sot-1 we slow the spread of the virus, as we open up some of our businesses cautiously with that dial now the new game changer is every single day we're vaccinating 10s of 1000s of people.

Lowerthird2line talent coronavirus:katie lange coverage you can count on chester's kitchen and bar in rochester is preparing for the dinner rush 2020 google chester's.bmp kimt new three's jessica bringe joins us live from the restaurant with how staff and customers are feeling about reopening indoor dining..


Lowerthird2line talent coronavirus:jessica bringe coverage you can count on katie- when i was here earlier i heard a staff member say it felt like christmas morning when she woke up..

As employees are finally able to get back to serving dine-in customers.

Dining jes-lvo-1 lowerthird2line last time..

With socially distanced tables, hand sanitation stations and masks required.

As you mentioned dining is also only open at 50-percent capacity.

General manager henry clarin says lunch today was fairly normal in comparison to curbside pick-up orders but dinner tonight is already packed full of reservations... and he says staff are ready for those customers.

General manager, chester's kitchen & bar there's so much energy in the air, you know, just the staff being able to reach out to us in the last 24 hours asking, 'when can i get started?

What do i need to do?'

Coronavirus:jessica bringe coverage you can count on chester's also says this is an opportunity to support local businesses..

Maybe even spending some of those stimulus bucks to keep bars and restaurants afloat.

Live in rochester- jessica bringe kimt news 3 thank you jessica.

Restaurants are only allowed to serve customers until 10 p-m.

Bowling alleys and museums ar ... movie theaters, bowling alleys, musuems and other indoor no more than 150.

Coming up on kimt news three at five-- kimt lowerthird2line talent coronavirus:amy fleming coverage you can count on families are struggling financially more than evere right now.

And the salvation army says they've seen just how much assistance is needed.

Sa aj-1 lowerthirdcourtesy: 2020 google text line one google earth, landsat/copernicus kimt news 3's alex jirgens is looking into how the need has grown exponentially for the salvation army of mason city.

He coverage you can count on amy - many families are going through some hard times right now.

And the salvation army is here to provide resources for those that need it most.

Sa aj-lvo-1 lowerthird2line coronavirus:salvation army seeing more families seeking assistance mason city, ia the salvation army here has served 150 more families in 2020.

Major leti crowell cites the pandemic's effects that have caused more families to seek help for utility and rent assistance.

However - their red kettle campaign fell roughly 25 thousand dollars short of its goal.

Yet despite this - crowell says that needs would still be sa aj-lsot-1 lowerthird2line coronavirus:major leti crowell salvation army of mason city "we had a young mother with a baby call us and say, 'i'm positive for covid but i'm desparate for diapers, can i drive up and get diapers and leave them outside for me?'

It has been a moving time for people in need."

You can still donate to the salvation army. news for more information - find this story at kimt dot com.

Donations go towards the branch's services right here in the community.

Live in mason city - alex jirgens - kimt news 3 thank you alex.

Dependant on funding - the salvation army is considering re-launching the blast zone program for kids next month.

Crowell says there would need to be limits on how many kids can attend - and at least two counselors would need to be coverage you can count on happening this week- rochester public schools is hosting a virtual school board listening session rps virtual-1 nx fp multi line video box:school board session rps hosting virtual school board listening session thursday ... the topics on the table are an hour.

You'll be able to ask questions in advance - thru this wednesday - the 13th.

For more information on how to stream the session and submit your questions-- head on over to kimt dot com.

/ stormteam 3 lowerthirdroch live eye: it's a sunny start to the work week-- you can see that as we take a live look over the med city.

Kimt stormteam 3 meteorloigist sara knox joins us now live.

Sara what are you tracking?

Live first look at wx-main-6 tonight: partly cloudy, fog possible lows: near 20 wind: w 5-10 mph tuesday: partly sunny highs: mid 30s wind: sw 5-15 mph wednesday: partly sunny/mild highs: upper 30s/near 40 wind: sw 5-15 mph lowerthirdtalent courtesy:breaking news amy fleming coverage you can count on breaking this afternoon- 3 southeastern minnesota counties are experiencing 9- 1-1 outages.

Nx fp multi line image:three counties experiencing 911 outages kimt news 3 911.png freeborn county: 507 3 ... numbers you should call if you have an emergency.

Kimt news three will continue to monitor these outages throughout the evening.

So be sure to stay with us on air and online for the coverage you can count on house democrats have formally introduced an article of impeachment against president trump.

Leadership says it will move forward on it this week -- if the 25th amendment is not invoked soon.

Congressional republicans are reportedly in a conference call right now.

Kimt news 3's george mallet has been monitoring developments in washington and joins me now with an update.

Gm lowerthird2line talent:george mallet coverage you can count on and katie i think it is fair to say that a lot of people who don't just days away from the start of the biden administration.

Well--- democratic party leadership believes it is their responsibility to hold the president accountable for what happened less than a week ago.

And, a small, but growing number of republicans are calling on our president to resign.

Capitol-pkg-1 lowerthird2line:a second impeachment?

Washington, dc republicans blocked democrats' resolution calling on vice president mike pence to invoke the 25th amendment to remove president trump from office... next up up a full house vote tomorrow.


Nancy pelosi (d) house speaker "it gets rid of him.

He's out of office."

Lowerthird2line:a second impeachment?

Washington, dc house speaker nancy pelosi says that if the vice president does not respond in 24 hours -- democrats will move forward with an article of impeachment accusing the president of inciting an insurrection.

A house impeachment vote could come as soon as wednesday...but -- if passed -- the senate may not begin a trial until after joe biden takes office.


Adam schiff (d) california "if we impeach him this week then it should be immediately taken up back on impeachment talk -- saying the move could be 'inflammatory.'

" with the inauguration just nine days away -- president-elect joe biden says he's not worried about taking the oath of office publicly.

" i'm not afraid of taking oath outside, and we've been getting briefed."

The chief of the national guard says troops could be deployed to the issue a pre-emergency declaration.

Lowerthird2line:mayor muriel bowser (d) district of columbia "this inaugural planning period has to be very silent these past few days -- after twitter and other social media platforms blocked his access.

Gm lowerthird2line talent:george mallet coverage you can count on one note on the matter of the president being taken off of twitter.

There are roughly 328-million americans.

Fewer than 32-million of us are regular consumers of twitter.

So that is a little less than 10 percent of the population.

The president may prefer to communicate by way of twitter, but he also has the option of calling a presidential news conference any time he likes, katie.

A law enforcement source confirms to cbs news that the fbi has sent out an alert to law enforcement across the country -- warning that groups are calling for the "storming" of federal, state and local courthouses in all 50 states, if president trump is removed from office prior to inauguration day.

So far, at least 58 people have been arrested in connection to activities in or around the capitol last week and the justice department has filed more than 55 criminal cases.

Lighting up for u.s. capitol police officers rochest ... white and blue to honor united states capitol police.

Dome-1 happening tonight at 6- rochester city hall dome lights will be lit up in red, white lowerthirdbanner:biden's inauguration is next week president elect joe biden's inauguration is next week.

The theme for the big day and the coronavirus:extra doses?

Who gets vaccinated?

We're administering it basically as fast as it comes in olmsted county isn't letting a single dose of a covid vaccine go to waste.

Coming up hear from public health about how they're legislative session shouting it's a loud start to this year's iowa legislative session.

We'll take you to this anti-mask protest packing the state capitol building.


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