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Monday, March 1, 2021

MGCCC Lady Bulldogs finding closure in a fresh start

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MGCCC Lady Bulldogs finding closure in a fresh start
MGCCC Lady Bulldogs finding closure in a fresh start

For a JUCO softball program that sure does a lot of winning, the final score actually comes second to simply getting back on the diamond.

- for a ju-co softball program- that sure does a lot- of winning... the final score - actually comes second... to - simply getting back on the- diamond.- m-g-c-c-c was a perfect 14-0- when the rest of its 20-20- season- was canceled, due to covid-19..- - - - and now... the lady bulldogs- find themselves trying to - embrace the idea, of starting a- new campaign... before the last- one... ever ended.- - nat ---> "get it, hannah!


Laughter- "i think we're just thankful to have an opportunity to play a - game against- somebody other than ourselves - and maybe go back and finish- - - what we started last year."

Things couldn't have been going- any better, for the lady- bulldogs... having won their- first 14 games of the season...- and - their last five straight... ove- top 20 opponents.

- and even though they didn't kno- it at the time... their last- swing - of the season... was a walk-off- home run... against 12th- - ranked itawamba.- "the vibes coming from 14-0 wer immaculate.

We had good energy,- good- support and a lot of high - expectations."

"it was really fun.

But we didn't take it as like, we need- to keep on being undefeated.- we just came out here every gam- like we were going to give it - - - - our all.

Doesn't matter if we - win or lose, we're just going t- give it our all."

Gulf coast never did lose a - game, last year... but never wo- another game, either... and - obviously... never played - another game.

- all-in-all... 32 regular season- games left out to dry... and- that's not even including the - the state... region 23... or- national- tournaments.- "we still wanted to practice an stuff, but they were like, you- can't do it, so it was- - - - sad."

"the accomplishment was to have a winning season, and we did.

W- try not to bring up - - - the 14-0 because really now, we- look at it, it means nothing."

"just an unfortunate break for everybody in the country to hav- to deal with covid and- - - - all the pandemic that we've bee- dealing with in the country, an- our kids were a - little disappointed at first, - but we talk about controlling - what we can control every day,- and that's all we can control.- we got to play 14 games and we- took care of those and- sure, there's some stuff left o- the table that we wish we - - - - could've finished, and hopefull- we haven't forgotten that and - that'll drive us throughout thi- season."

The future is still bright, for- m-g-triple-c... as the nation's- second-ranked team, this pre- - season.

- for the lady bulldogs... it all- starts in the batters box...- where they out-scored the - opposition, 110-37... a year- ago.- "we have speed, power and we also have ones that can look- - - - into the dugout and say hey, ca- you go hit for her, and we know- that she's going to put in the- same- amount of effort.

It's just - power, a lot of depth."

"top to bottom, it's probably the deepest club i've ever been- fortunate enough to - coach.

We're not going to - sacrifice bunt a whole lot."

Gulf coast is also plenty - talented, in the circle...- despite - losing ace of the staff,- harrison central alum and forme- louisiana - signee kristen cade... who was- 7-0, last season... with a 0.81- e-r-a...- and 66 strikeouts... in - 43-and-a-third innings.

- "say i go in and then somebody else goes in.

It's not going to- be the same every time, - so we have a lot of different - mixes to put in during a game."

"so just kind of changing the eye level?"

"changing the eye level."

"now speaking of eyes, what's going on behind these glasses?"

"nothing is going on, nothing i going on.

It's just paparazzi - can't see me too long."

- - - "they might find out who you are."

"yeah, they don't need to know who i am just yet."

But they will soon enough... in- less than 24 hours... at the- start of a new season... with - the same old expectations.- "where we want to go, we do wan to win a natty, if that's - possible, if the great- lord lets us see it.

But i gues- our huge expectation as a team- - - is just to come out here and- play as much ball as we can - a- much as they'll allow us to - t- just get- better every day, every practic- and every game."

- the lady bulldogs lead- off - - - - their 20-21 season, tomorrow...- at the youngsville- invitational... in louisiana.

- they'll play four games, agains- four different teams... on- friday-

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