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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Theaters reopening this weekend

Credit: FOX 4 Now Florida
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Theaters reopening this weekend
Theaters reopening this weekend

America's largest movie theater chain will open most of its theaters this weekend.

A look at new releases.

TONIGHT ON FOX 4 NEWS AT 10, OURSHARI ARMSTRONG IS BREAKS DOWNIF WE WILL NEED THEM TO TRAVEL.SIT BACK, GRAB A POPCORN ANDRELAX, THIS WEEKEND.SUPERHEROES UNITE IN THIS WEEK’SNEW RELEASES... AMERICA’SLARGEST MOVIE THEATER CHAIN SAYSMOST OF ITS THEATERS WILL OPENTHEIR DOORS TO CUSTOMERS THISWEEKEND.ASHLEY DVORKIN HAS THE LATEST.0-:20(NATS "You’re the experts onspying.")NEW IN THEATERS, "THE COURIER"WITH BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH.DAVIS says: "He plays a Britishbusinessman who is unwittinglyrecruited into one of the greatinternational conflicts of ourtime, the Cuban MissileCrisis...."(NATS "I love my wife.")IN THEATERS, ON DEMAND, ANDDIGITAL IS "HAPPILY."DAVIS says: "They can’t keeptheir hands off of each other.Their friends can’t stand it.And so they are invited to thislike couples retreat, couplesvacation, and then they’revisited by this mysteriousstranger who thrusts them intothis crazy existential crisis."DVORKIN says: "In new releasesat home, it is time to releathe Snyder cut."(NATS "I had a dream.")dream.")DAVIS says: "This four versionof "Justice League" is both anew version of what came before,but then also a new movie, too.There’s a lot of additionalscenes and different charactermoments.... We’ve never reallyseen something like this in thehistory of movies.

And so from ahistorical standpoint, it’sfascinating.

But from a moviestandpoint, audiences shouldknow that if you watch it,you’re going to watch somethingthat critics and audiences andfans alike are enjoying."(NATPOP)IN SUPERHERO SERIES STREAMING,THERE’S "THE FALCON AND THEWINTER SOLDIER" ON DISNEY PLUS.DAVIS say: "Hot off the heels ofone division, which was MarvelStudios first TV series.

Here’s"Falcon and the Winter Soldier",their second TV series.... Thisis going to feel a little bitmore in line with those Marvelmovies."WHILE NETFLIX ADDS THE KIDSCOOKING SHOW "WAFFLES & MOCHI."(NATS "Woah!