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Wednesday, May 12, 2021


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Shooter name-vo-1 lowerthirdcourtesy banner:breaking news shooting suspect now in custody breaking news - after being on the run from police since friday - a rochester teen is in custody.

The latest on the investigation colorado grocery store shooting plus-- police are investigating a supermarket shooting in colorado that left ten dead.

First at four will give you a look at the terrifying situation as it unfolded lowerthirdbanner:do you know what to do?

An active shooter situation would be terrifying for you or me.

I'm kimt news three's jessica bringe live with what actions rochester police say may keep up safe in the event of one.

Lowerthirdbanner:rain rain go away the rain is here.

How much will we get and how long will it stick around?

Kimt news 3 first at four starts right now.

/ / / lowerthird2line talent:katie lange coverage you can count on good afternoon and thank you for joining us for kimt news three first at four.

I'm katie lange lowerthirdtalent courtesy:breaking news katie lange coverage you can count on we begin with breaking news out of rochester.

Police say the lowerthirdcourtesy:breaking news teen who allegedly shot his dad now in custody rochester, mn colby cleveland was wanted for one count of attempted murder and a count of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon.

Court documents say - the incident began friday when a dispute over rent occurred.

R-p-d says as the argument intesified the father was shot in the thigh.

Court documents say the "victim heard the first shot and did not know if he was hit until he felt the blood running down his leg."

The father told authorities all he could remember was his son saying "i'm gonna kill you."

That's when the teen fired a second shot that did not hit the victim.

/ / lowerthird2line talent:amy fleming coverage you can count on kimt news three has been following the devestating news out of boulder, colorado all day.

That's where 10 people, including a police officer, were killed monday after a gunman opened fire in a grocery store.

Video from a witness to the shooting appears to show motionless people on the ground inside and outside the store-- and apparent gunshots are heard.

We have to warn you that you colorado grocery store shooting boulder, co we don't know, there's an active shooter somewhere.

Could be in the store.

Yeah he went in there.he's right down there.

Oh my god.

Guys we got guys down.


"gun shots" holy "bleep police released their names of all the victims this morning.

The shooter: police are identifying as ahmad al aliwi alissa as the suspect.

He has been charged with 10 counts of murder in the first degree and is in the boulder county jail.

Boulder police chief maris herold says investigators have spoken to the suspect but that ey can't say what his motive may have been at this point.

Event you find yourself in an active shooter situation kimt new three is looking into what steps you should take to give yourself the best chance to make it out alive.

Lowerthirdbanner:surviving an active shooter situation kimt new three's jessica bringe spoke with rochester police this afternoon - she joins us live with what actions officers say should keep you safest.


Lowerthird2line talent:jessica bringe coverage you can count on katie- police say it can be a reflex to try and find cover..

Behind tables, chairs..

Or even in supermarket aisles but, since those don't offer bullet proof protection..

In reality officers say it's best to identify any exits and continue moving until you're able to get away from the situation completely.

Active shooter-lvo-1 nx fp multi line video box:active shooter response react escape survive with that - there are three key response guidelines fema and homeland security have identified - react, escape and survive.

Rochester police say you should always identify your exits whether it's at work, a grocery store, shopping mall or school then be mentally prepared to react in a shooting incident.

The department says keep moving towards an exit location and away from danger..

Even if an exit is blocked make escaping..

Not hiding..

Your priority.

Active shooter-lsot-1 lowerthird2line:capt.

Aaron penning rochester police department in most environments there's not a lot of cover.

We look at colorado in the grocery store, cover is something that will stop a bullet.

Even being behind an aisle an be just be as dangerous as being in front of someone shooting since bullets will travel through.

I think moving towards an exit deliberately is the best mindset to have with that mindset that you're going to get out.

Otsheadline:during an active shooting incident: identify exactly where you are identify if there are any i ... the third component is to keep your survival instincts active and never give up even if you're officers also say if you're calling 911 during an active shooting incident make sure to identify exactly where you are..

And if there are injuries.

You should also try to keep your hands free and up when exiting the situation as police are often trying to identify the shooter since many times they don't have a clear description.

Live in rochester jessica bringe kimt new three thank you jessica.

Police also ask the community to take any threat they may hear seriously - and report it to police - to prevent incidents like the colorado grocery store coronavirus:amy fleming coverage you can count on the centers for disease control and prevention is easing its guidelines for friends kimt news 3 the c-d-c says fully vaccinated people can visit people who have not gotten the vaccine without restrictions... but they suggest the visits be limited to one unvaccinated household at a time.

The c-d-c advises people to still wear a mask if the unvaccinated family or friend is older, pregnant, or at an increased risk of severe illness.

Masks are also encourages if two unvaccinated households are gathering together.

Health officials consider people fully vaccinated once two weeks has passed since receiving the second vaccine dose.

If you only received a single-dose vaccine-- you are fully vaccinated if it's been two weeks since you received that shot.

Can count on the mason city airport says it's seeing a lot of passengers taking advantage of united's non stop daily city airport new.bmp kimt news 3's alex jirgens is live at the mason city municipal airport with the soaring figures.

Alex?xxx can count on katie - the most recent flight from chicago landed here almost two hours ago.

It's a type of non-stop service that - up until the start of the month- it would've meant driving some distance to use.

United update-lvo-1 lowerthird2line coronavirus:great demand for united express service mason city, ia since service started on march 1st - airport manager david sims has noted that passenger count has gone up - surpassing february passenger numbers- and are projected to double those numbers in march - around 400.

Despite the pandemic still in full swing - sims is pleased with the numbers- particularly the timing by launching before spring united update-lsot-1 lowerthird2line coronavirus:david sims manager, mason city municipal airport "just a year ago, if you looked in our parking lot, you would've only seen 2 cars other than employees.

Now, there are two dozen cars out there and growing every day."

Lowerthird2line talent coronavirus:alex jirgens coverage you can count on if you're wanting to catch a flight to o'hare - i checked prices on expedia.

Roundtrip from mason city to chicago - for this thursday and friday - runs about 163 dollars.

In comparison with an airport like des moines - sims says prices are pretty comparable.

Live in mason city-alex jirgens kimt news 3 thank you alex.

The service offers daily non-stop flights to chicago - on smaller jets - with just 50 seats.

Stormteam 3 the sunny stretch has come to an end across the area.

Kimt stormteam 3 meteorloigist sara knox joins us now.

Sara what are you tracking for this week?

Live first look at wx-main-6 tonight: rain showers lows: mid 40s winds: ne 5-15 mph wednesday: rain showers ending highs: upper 40s winds: nw 15-25 mph thursday: partly sunny highs: middle 40s winds: n 5-15 mph gas prices tz-vo-1 lowerthirdbanner coronavirus:gas prices are climbing coming up on kimt news three first at four- gas prices continue to climb.

A look at the u-s average price for a gallon of gas and what we're seeing in the med city.

Jeremiah tz-1 lowerthirdbanner:from poverty to prosperity whats remarkable about jeremiah is that it requires our community to kind of gather round the jeremiah program is working to move families from poverty to prosperity.

A look at how the it's making important strides in rochester.

Lowerthirdbanner:a sunny return?

And here's a live look over the med city on this cloudy srping afternoon.

Stick around to find