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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Students Collecting For Storm Victims

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Students Collecting For Storm Victims
Students Collecting For Storm Victims

People are coming together in Madison County to help those Alabamians impacted by last week's tornado outbreak, including the students at Liberty Middle School.

Storms in central alabama.

In the last 90 minutes - the national weather service upgraded 3 of the tornadoes that hit the region.

Tornadoes in hale - calhoun and shelby counties are now rated e-f-3.

They were originally e-f-2.

Survey crews also found damage consistent with an e-f-2 tornado in margeno county.

People are coming together in madison county to help those alabamians impacted by the tornadoes.

Liberty middle school and the madison county commissioner's office for district 2 are accepting donations this week to help those in need.

Waay-31's bridget divers is live at liberty middle school after hearing from the principal bridget.... the principal at liberty middle school said the school will take any donations they can get to help those in need.

Shannon brown/ liberty middle school principal "i understand to a degree what family's may be going through."

That's because back in 2011 shannon brown was personally impacted by the tornadoes.

"i was directly impacted april 27th of 2011 when i lost my daughter to tornadoes went through tuscaloosa.

So, something like this is near and dear to my heart."

Now brown wants his students to understand why they should help.

"i just want to try to help my kids understand that why it may be little we want to do something for the people around the birminham area."

Steve haraway/ madison county commissioner for district 2 "in 2011 madison county was hit pretty hard with tornadoes and we had so many communities from outlying areas around the state, came here, helped us and made a huge difference."

Now madison county is doing that for the areas impacted by the recent tornadoes.

Liberty middle school has already collected enough donations to fill a room.

There were so many donations thought they had to be moved to the commissioner's office.

Haraway "we've already had a small trailer completly filled up.

We've got a lot of stuff inside and we've got a lot of people calling asking about it so, i think we're in good shape."

Brown says he wishes they could fill up three to four eighteen-wheelers, but he's grateful for what the community has donated so far so, they can help people in need.

Brown "without a dout at some point in time everybody's going to need somebody and that's liberty middle school.

Both liberty middle school and the madision county commissioner's office for district two will be accepting donations until friday at 4 p.m.

Then those items will be distributed to the areas that neeed them.

Live in madison, bridget divers, waay-31 news.


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