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Sunday, June 13, 2021

5pm City Budget Proposal Package 04.13.2021

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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5pm City Budget Proposal Package 04.13.2021
5pm City Budget Proposal Package 04.13.2021


Future...that's how mayor linda gorton describes her city budget proposal.

Abc 36's bobbi mcswine tells us why the mayor thinks this plan puts the city on a strong course coming out of the pandemic.

######## bobbi: "from roads, to housing, to police- lexington mayor linda gorton says the 2022 budget covers it all and doesn't anticipate anyone feeling left out."

"it sets an optimistic tone for the future."

Gorton says especially after a budget she says only covered the basics...unable to fund many community priorities... one proposal...a new senior staff position in the mayor's office...dedicated to continuing the work of the commision on racial justice and equality.

Another...creating a permanent housing advocacy and community development department that'll increase the city's affordable housing fund by 1 million dollars "this will make it a total of 3 million dollars."

Other housing proposals include helping home owners who can't afford to make repairs...that includes giving grants to neighbors who work together to make repairs...and fully funding the office of homelessness prevention and intervention.

The budget also addresses economic growth and job creation...setting aside a combined 800-thousand dollars to attract new businesses and jobs....and 200- thoousand for workforce training.

"it's a really good bold budget."

Gorton also proposes hiring six additional police officers...including a sergeant and five neighborhood resource officers.

"well known to everyone and well aware of neighbors issues and concerns."

The budget would also include funding for the community paramedicine program...a new substance abuse recovery dewalks...service vehicles...trail projects...and parks in every corner of the city "we're making improvements all over town."

Gorton says the budget would be funded by four sources of revenue.

In lexington...bobbi 36 news.

####### those four sources of not include a tax increase.

For more specific details about the mayor's newly proposed budget...just click on this story on our webite