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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Partly cloudy with warm temperatures and breezy winds

Credit: FOX 47 News Michigan
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Partly cloudy with warm temperatures and breezy winds
Partly cloudy with warm temperatures and breezy winds

The front will bring temperatures well above normal in the upper-70s today.

After sunset today, we should see some showers and storms slowly developing and continuing into Wednesday morning.

Alright then, michigan, leon this, we can kicking oftoday will be warm and brewe will be pushing 80 degrshould be in the lower sixwhere we are in april now,this one, we'll start to sactivity is thursday at legain the most rainfall.

Buany showers or storms, wecover around for the nexttemperatures do return.

Lahave a cool off on friday,we get into the weekend, trebound rather nicely.

Sofull seven day, 79° today,still gonna have some peakthere and then we'll gainleading into tomorrow.

Sotomorrow morning is when wshowers and storms. They'lWednesday night into thursmore focus is going to berumble of thunder in theresee some heavy downpours iAlso only 57 degrees on thSo we don't rebound all thinto saturday for the weekfeasible, even a little bidegrees on saturday seventand monday.

So all in all,to feel very summer like wbreezy conditions and thenthe next couple of days.



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