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Federal Bureau of Investigation

Governmental agency belonging to the United States Department of Justice

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Federal Bureau of Investigation: Governmental agency belonging to the United States Department of Justice
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is the domestic intelligence and security service of the United States and its principal federal law enforcement agency. Operating under the jurisdiction of the United States Department of Justice, the FBI is also a member of the U.S. Intelligence Community and reports to both the Attorney General and the Director of National Intelligence. A leading U.S. counter-terrorism, counterintelligence, and criminal investigative organization, the FBI has jurisdiction over violations of more than 200 categories of federal crimes.


New York City Bans Use Of Zoom For Online Public School Teaching [Video]

New York City Bans Use Of Zoom For Online Public School Teaching

Online meeting platform Zoom has been plagued by privacy and security concerns in recent weeks. As schools and other groups have moved online, they've experienced "Zoombombing" incidents, prompting..

Credit: Wochit News     Duration: 00:35Published
Man Pleads Guilty On Plot To Attack White House [Video]

Man Pleads Guilty On Plot To Attack White House

Newser reports that a Georgia man plead guilty to plotting to attack the White House, after the FBI received a tip in 2018. Authorities claim that the White House was just one of Hasher Jallal Taheb's..

Credit: Wochit News     Duration: 00:43Published
FBi Looks Into Video Messaging Service Zoom [Video]

FBi Looks Into Video Messaging Service Zoom

The FBI made an official warning against video messaging service Zoom. New York’s Attorney General’s office made an inquiry into its cybersecurity practices. According to Gizmodo, this came after a..

Credit: Wochit News     Duration: 00:32Published
Trump doesn't accept reports of Levinson's death [Video]

Trump doesn't accept reports of Levinson's death

The family of Robert Levinson, the former FBI agent who disappeared in March 2007 after traveling to an island controlled by Iran, said on Wednesday (March 25) it now believes Levinson died in Iranian..

Credit: Reuters Studio     Duration: 01:39Published
As Coronavirus Upends America, Trump Mulls Pardoning Michael Flynn [Video]

As Coronavirus Upends America, Trump Mulls Pardoning Michael Flynn

President Donald Trump said Sunday he's "strongly considering" pardoning his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn. Without evidence, Flynn's legal team has accused the FBI of manipulating..

Credit: Wochit News     Duration: 00:39Published
Bus Parked Outside Of Buckingham Palace With Prince Andrew's Name On It [Video]

Bus Parked Outside Of Buckingham Palace With Prince Andrew's Name On It

Newser reports that a yellow school bus has been parked near and circling outside of Buckingham Palace. According to The Guardian, the bus has an ad on the side of it, which is hard to overlook. There..

Credit: Wochit News     Duration: 00:47Published
The Many Ways Phishing Hackers Are Worming Their Way Into Your Accounts [Video]

The Many Ways Phishing Hackers Are Worming Their Way Into Your Accounts

In phishing scams, hackers pose as trusted figures to trick people into handing over passwords. The FBI says phishers are proliferating. In fact, they stole over $57 million from more than 114,000..

Credit: Wochit News     Duration: 00:42Published
Stunt at Buckingham Palace calls for Duke of York to help with Epstein investigation [Video]

Stunt at Buckingham Palace calls for Duke of York to help with Epstein investigation

The Duke of York has been targeted by a stunt from US lawyer Gloria Allred, who has been critical of the Duke for not speaking with the FBI about his former friend Jeffrey Epstein. Ms Allred represents..

Credit: PA - Press Association STUDIO     Duration: 00:37Published
Tumultuous week at Justice Department [Video]

Tumultuous week at Justice Department

U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday said he has "the legal right" to interfere in criminal cases, capping a tumultuous week that raised questions about whether he is eroding the independence of the..

Credit: Reuters Studio     Duration: 02:28Published
U.S. charges four Chinese military operatives in Equifax 2017 hack [Video]

U.S. charges four Chinese military operatives in Equifax 2017 hack

For story suggestions or custom animation requests, contact [email protected] Visit http://archive.nextanimationstudio.com to view News Direct's complete archive of 3D news animations.

Credit: Reuters - 3D Animations (Next Me     Duration: 01:09Published
Trump Concludes Unfair Treatment During Impeachment Trial [Video]

Trump Concludes Unfair Treatment During Impeachment Trial

President Donald Trump gave a victorious “speech” after his impeachment acquittal. He said: "We've been going through this now for over three years. It was evil, it was corrupt, it was dirty cops,..

Credit: Wochit News     Duration: 00:32Published

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FISA court orders FBI to review if wiretaps are invalid after errors found during investigation

The directive comes just days after an internal Justice Department review found new problems with the FBI's management of wiretap applications.
USATODAY.com - Published

National Security Court Orders Deeper Look at 29 F.B.I. Wiretap Applications

The rare public order follows an inspector general’s findings of pervasive problems with how the bureau has prepared applications to wiretap people.
NYTimes.com - Published

A Hoarder’s Huge Stockpile of Masks and Gloves Will Now Go to Doctors and Nurses, F.B.I. Says

The stockpile, slated for medical personnel in New York and New Jersey, includes 192,000 N95 respirators, 130,000 surgical masks and nearly 600,000 medical-grade gloves, the authorities said.
NYTimes.com - Published

HBO Sports documentary 'The Scheme' debuts to starved sports audience

HBO's documentary "The Scheme" examines agent Christian Dawkins' role at the center of the FBI investigation into the NCAA basketball scandal.
USATODAY.com - Published

Justice Department cites more flaws in FBI handling of surveillance warrants

The FBI failed to keep all the records it needed to justify wiretaps within the United States, a Justice Department watchdog said on Tuesday in a report that raised new questions about a domestic..
Reuters - Published

Problems in F.B.I. Wiretap Applications Go Beyond Trump Aide Surveillance, Review Finds

The bureau has routinely botched surveillance applications in its national-security investigations, an inspector general said.
NYTimes.com - Published

Coronavirus stimulus check scams are out to swindle you out of $1,200: What you need to know

FBI, states warn Americans that phone calls, texts or emails asking for personal or financial information to get $1,200 federal payment are not legit.
USATODAY.com - Published

House Departs Without Vote to Extend Expired F.B.I. Spy Tools

The operational effect may be limited because the surveillance laws remain in effect for existing investigations.
NYTimes.com - Published

Tehran says missing former U.S. agent left Iran years ago

Tehran said on Thursday that a former FBI agent who disappeared in Iran 13 years ago had left the country a long time ago, despite his family saying a day earlier that he had died in Iranian custody.
Reuters - Published

Iran has no knowledge of former FBI agent's whereabouts: Iranian official

Tehran has no knowledge about the whereabouts of a former FBI agent who disappeared in Iran in March 2007, a spokesman for the Iranian mission at the United Nations said on Thursday.
Reuters - Published

Terror suspect dead in confrontation with FBI after allegedly targeting hospital

Terror suspect dead following confrontation with FBI; suspect allegedly targeted hospital providing virus care
USATODAY.com - Published

Former FBI agent Levinson believed to have died in Iran custody, family says

The family of Robert Levinson, the former FBI agent who disappeared in March 2007 after traveling to an island controlled by Iran, said on Wednesday it now believes Levinson died in Iranian custody,..
Reuters - Published

Trump says doesn't accept Levinson dead, but 'not looking great'

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday he had not been told that former FBI agent Robert Levinson, who disappeared in Iran in 2007, is dead but said things did not look good.
Reuters - Published

'Impossible to describe our pain.' Bob Levinson, US hostage held by Iran, is likely dead, family says

Bob Levinson disappeared 13 years ago from an island off Iran's southern coast. Exactly what the ex-FBI agent was doing there is a matter of dispute.
USATODAY.com - Published

Ex-F.B.I. Agent Who Vanished on C.I.A. Mission to Iran Is Likely Dead, U.S. Concludes

The retired agent, Robert Levinson, was said to be the longest-held American hostage in history. A scandal erupted inside the C.I.A. over his disappearance.
NYTimes.com - Published

Pakistani Man, Off to Join ISIS, Is Arrested at Minneapolis Airport, U.S. Says

Muhammad Masood, 28, a doctor, said he wanted to “fight on the front line as well as help the wounded brothers,” according to the F.B.I.
NYTimes.com - Published

Trump Throws Surveillance Bill Into Chaos With Implicit Veto Threat

The president’s comments could derail a bipartisan deal to extend three F.B.I. tools for national-security investigations set to expire Sunday.
NYTimes.com - Published

House Passes Bill Preserving F.B.I. Surveillance Powers

An unusual collection of lawmakers backed the legislation, which would give Americans some new privacy protections and extend legal authority for some F.B.I. investigative tools.
NYTimes.com - Published

A year later, prosecutors are winning historic college admissions case — but fight isn't over

One year ago, FBI agents arrested the rich and elite, including Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, exposing a nationwide college admissions scandal.
USATODAY.com - Published

With Lori Vallow due in court, FBI says Yellowstone National Park tourists' photos may help find missing Idaho kids

Lori Vallow is scheduled to appear in Madison County, Idaho, court on Friday to face felony child desertion and other charges
USATODAY.com - Published

Court Bans Agents Who Botched Carter Page Surveillance From Seeking Wiretaps

An opinion and ruling by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court also accepts a series of reforms the F.B.I. said it would make following a damning inspector general report.
NYTimes.com - Published

DOJ inspector general finds weaknesses in how the FBI identifies homegrown terrorists

A Justice Department inspector general report said at least six terrorist attacks involved suspects whom the FBI had previously investigated.
USATODAY.com - Published

FBI needs to do more to fight domestic extremist threats, watchdog says

The FBI has not done enough to fight homegrown extremist threats and has yet to figure out how to determine whether people it investigates who have mental health issues pose an actual threat to..
Reuters - Published

Trump Meets With Key Republicans Amid Stalemate Over Surveillance Laws

The legal authority for some F.B.I. surveillance tools expires next week, and law enforcement officials and lawmakers are divided.
NYTimes.com - Published

Push for More Privacy Protections Throws Surveillance Bill Talks Into Disarray

As time runs out to renew three F.B.I. investigative tools for terrorism and spy inquiries, both parties are divided and President Trump remains a wild card.
NYTimes.com - Published

White Supremacist Harassed Journalists and Cabinet Official, F.B.I. Says

Prosecutors accused a former leader in the white-supremacist group Atomwaffen Division of targeting ProPublica and others by reporting them as threats to the police.
NYTimes.com - Published

Tennessee toddler Evelyn Boswell remains missing; mother arrested

An Amber Alert was issued for 15-month-old Evelyn Boswell on Feb. 19 after she was last seen in December. The FBI is helping in the Tennessee case.
USATODAY.com - Published

F.B.I. Raids Headquarters of Company Run by Fashion Executive Peter Nygard

A task force of the F.B.I. and the New York Police Department raided the corporate headquarters as part of a sex-trafficking investigation.
NYTimes.com - Published

At Supreme Court, a Case on Abuse of the No-Fly List

Three Muslim men say F.B.I. agents tried to use the list to coerce them into becoming informants, in violation of a federal law protecting religious freedom.
NYTimes.com - Published

D.C. Prosecutors’ Tensions With Justice Dept. Began Long Before Stone Sentencing

Months of strain date back to the investigation into the former F.B.I. official Andrew McCabe and growing fears of political interference.
NYTimes.com - Published

Tell Prince Andrew to call FBI says message on U.S-style bus near palace

A yellow, U.S.-style school bus displaying Prince Andrew's face and asking him to call the FBI drove past Buckingham Palace on Friday, in a move designed to press him to help authorities investigating..
Reuters - Published

Fight over DNA in Texas cold case highlights pros, cons of so-called familial searching

A forensic match could close an unsolved murder, but the FBI won't help.
USATODAY.com - Published

Andrew McCabe, former FBI deputy director, won't face criminal charges

Andrew McCabe, the former FBI deputy director fired for his role in the Russia investigation, won't face criminal charges
USATODAY.com - Published

FBI says about 1,000 investigations open into attempted tech theft by China

FBI Director Christopher Wray said on Thursday that China was seeking to steal U.S. technology by "any means necessary" and the law enforcement agency has about 1,000 investigations open into Chinese..
Reuters - Published

Investigations Into 2020 Candidates Must Be Cleared by Top Justice Dept. Officials

The move is intended to help avoid upending the election as the F.B.I. inadvertently did in 2016 when its campaign inquiries shaped the outcome of the race.
NYTimes.com - Published

Exclusive: FBI probes use of Israeli firm's spyware in personal and government hacks - sources

The FBI is investigating the role of Israeli spyware vendor NSO Group Technologies in possible hacks on American residents and companies as well as suspected intelligence gathering on governments,..
Reuters - Published

Democrats point out conflicting statements from Trump’s F.B.I. director and his defense.

The director had said that any candidate should tell the F.B.I. if contacted by a foreign government trying to influence an election.
NYTimes.com - Published

FBI's Epstein probe gets 'zero cooperation' from Prince Andrew: law enforcement source

Britain's Prince Andrew has provided "zero cooperation" to the FBI investigation into the activities and death of Jeffrey Epstein, a U.S. law enforcement source said on Monday.
Reuters - Published

FBI approached Prince Andrew for Epstein probe interview: Law enforcement source

The FBI has approached Britain's Prince Andrew for an interview in connection with its investigation into the activities and death of Jeffrey Epstein, a U.S. law enforcement source said on Monday.
Reuters - Published

Defense case may focus on the actions of the other side.

White House lawyers plan to discuss in detail the Bidens, as well as to assail the F.B.I. for its surveillance of a onetime Trump campaign aide.
NYTimes.com - Published

Justice Department says it should not have continued spying on former Trump adviser

The U.S. Justice Department has told a court it did not have enough evidence to justify continued surveillance of one of President Donald Trump's former campaign advisers in 2017, in a sign it believes..
Reuters - Published

Justice Dept. Says Facts Did Not Justify Continued Wiretap of Trump Aide

The revelation was the latest to underscore the flaws in the F.B.I.’s surveillance of Carter Page.
NYTimes.com - Published

The Saudi Connection: Inside the 9/11 Case That Divided the F.B.I.

A small team of agents spent years investigating whether one of Washington’s closest allies was involved in the worst terror attack in U.S. history. This is their story.
NYTimes.com - Published

At Florida base, a mix of relief, anxiety in Saudi shooting aftermath

With an FBI investigation underway, Navy security officer David Link still is not allowed to talk about what he saw when a Saudi gunman killed three U.S. sailors at this sprawling Florida naval base..
Reuters - Published

'Be ready': Mother of Kristin Smart, who went missing in 1996, says FBI told her news coming soon

Kristin Smart's mother said she was contacted by the FBI and told to be ready for news that might bring closure to her more than 20-year nightmare.
USATODAY.com - Published

Shaming Apple on Pensacola gunman's iPhones doesn't justify undermining Americans' privacy

Apple said it already turned over to the FBI many gigabytes of information. Demanding a 'backdoor' would hurt good guys as well as bad guys: Our view
USATODAY.com - Published

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