With Statistics Showing That Recent High School Graduates Lack Important "Adulting" Skills, Wide-Eyed Wisdom Offers Solutions For Change



*Corporate Executive of Youth Mentoring Organization Says This Is a Wake-Up Call for Parents*

*PORTLAND, OR / ACCESSWIRE / October 1, 2021 / *The latest results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)-also known as The Nation's Report Card, released in October 2020, show the average reading score for the nation's twelfth-graders declined between 2015 and 2019. There was no statistically significant change in twelfth-graders average mathematics score for the same time period. The study states this pattern of decline is a troubling indication that too many students are falling behind.

Additional research in a 2018 Gallup survey conducted for the Communities in Schools showed Americans have very little confidence in high school graduates' success in the adult world. Only 3% of Americans believe high school graduates are "very prepared" to succeed in college, and only 5% believe grads are ready for the workplace.

Keith Miller and Teresa Weston of Wide-Eyed Wisdom Coaching say these statistics should be a wake-up call for parents. Miller says, "Students that graduate high school without mastering basic reading, writing and math skills will be at a detriment for the rest of their lives." He adds, "These adolescents are at a critical juncture when they are just about to be saddled with the responsibilities of adulthood, yet they are increasingly less prepared to take on these responsibilities."

Traditionally, parents could rely on the public school system to provide their children with the basic skills to survive and thrive in an increasingly knowledge-driven economy. However, many states, like Miller and Weston's home state of Oregon, have eliminated basic testing requirements for high school graduates, leaving many students at a disadvantage as they enter the adult working world.

At Wide-Eyed Wisdom Coaching, Miller (a retired senior executive of a multi-billion dollar organization) and Weston (a successful marketing strategist and summa cum laude graduate of Oregon State University) teach young people to take responsibility for their future by developing a life plan. Weston says, "despite the amazing opportunities in this world, I still see huge populations struggling with the most basic foundational life skills, like lacking personal finance knowledge and struggling with mounting debt, or poor secondary education choices that don't lead to life-sustaining careers."

Wide-Eyed Wisdom Coaching's curriculum comes from Miller's 40 plus years in the professional world and his real-life experiences in the ‘school of hard knocks.' He was the 7th of 8 children, raised primarily by a single mother. Miller says, "I had to figure out how to navigate the world at an early age, pretty much on my own. I have learned an incredible number of lessons - wisdom I wish I had learned at an earlier age." He adds, "we have a heart for these young people. My mission is to offer the pain, hard work, and subsequent "wealthy life" I've built as the launching point for our next generation to pursue a purposeful and prosperous life."


Wide-Eyed Wisdom Coaching gives adolescents hope and the tools to transform their future by offering the right framework, knowledge, encouragement, and accountability to build a wealthy life - focusing on the skills needed to understand "adulting" and the consequences of their decisions. Keith Miller, author of Wide-Eyed Wisdom, has a 40-year track record in business and has served as a corporate officer, mentor, board commissioner, and fundraiser for numerous charities. Teresa Weston is an author, entrepreneur, summa cum laude Oregon State University graduate, and advocate for emerging adults to live purposeful and prosperous lives. *For more information, visit Wide-Eyed Wisdom's **Facebook** or **Twitter**. For additional information, visit **wide-eyedwisdom.com**.*

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