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George Balekji MSSU Coach's Show - October 16th, 2017

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News video: George Balekji MSSU Coach's Show - October 16th, 2017George Balekji MSSU Coach's Show - October 16th, 2017

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George Balekji MSSU Coach's Show - October 16th, 2017

>> you're watching the mssu coaches show. >> good evening and welcome to the mssu coaches show. denver johnson. two game road trip with a 71-22 loss to central missouri yesterday. coach, punch for punch game early on quickly got out of hand in the second quarter going into the second half. after looking at the film session yesterday, what was that like? >> we ran into the perfect storm. central missouri is a very very good football team. we've had trouble with them in the past. we're a little thin, little beat up. we can travel 60 players. i think we only had 55 on the bus. several of those, ab five or six were guys trying to keep in red shirt. we had to have them along with news the case of a disaster. we almost got there. turned out to be a very hot afternoon. looking at the perfect storm there. we just wanted the watch. defensively i thought we played well for the first quarter. we busted some coverage. turned them loose for long touchdowns. >> second start of the season 257 yards from him. converted from quarterback to receiver. led 112 yards. you've seen the progression from there the past few weeks. >> he was just being a tremendous surprise. we knew he was a tall lengtheded guy. could play different positions. when we add him, pounds, johnson, both those kids we brought out of red shirt to play. as for existing receivers, joe and carson and the rest of them, really helped that receiving corps. braeden very talented guy. made some nice place. we continue to miss some things. we threw a couple interceptions. probably had we made a different throw would have been touchdowns. we got to continue to refine that and get more of those good plays and stay away from those silly turnovers. i think we'll get better production out of our offense. >> check out the film. start out with home coming central missouri. you can talk first and second half. 4-2. offense showed a lot of emotion whether quarterback, running back, receiver. >> lot of misdirection in their offense. lot of moving parts to it. did a great job. got a good skinny. we're running to the ball, come up, make a good hit right there. weir pursuing. i thought we defended pretty well. all of a sudden it wilted a little bit. pretty good plays out there. linebacker. safeties coming up supporting well. playing pretty good defense. >> fourth and one. comes up makes the play. first play, catches the ball. three, four guys. brings up second and four. excellent job they did get modelling coleman your freshman running back. >> this was a run pass option. probably should have pulled that ball down and run it. they went out there with him. should have thrown that ball. that's one of those decisions. one of those reads we need to be more efficient at at quarterback. >> parker for 24 yard gain. next play shovel pass dashes the guys for 25 yards. >> linebacker. we have it defended. we got people there to make the plays. this is the story of our defense as we defend some things very well like this play. other things we have defended. but we don't get a tackle on or miss the tackle. >> beard making the play there. holding them to a field goal. johnson. 57 yard return. ball of energy for you. >> he's the guy we signed out of texas. very much wanted to keep him in red shirt. we're trying to -- when you get to this point in the season you hate taking red shirts off of guys, but we felt like we had to. we hope we don't have to do any more of that. those guys really making contributions. that's the bright future for us. >> two yards. third and six after last week. scott. this game certainly got some 37 yard touchdown. >> this is what i think braeden is beginning to understand. we're trying to preach an teach. if you do what you're supposed to do, read the defense. make touchdowns. when you start breaking that discipline, start throwing the ball where you want to throw it to, who you want to throw it to, that's where the interceptions happen. >> 44 seconds. they answer. 34 yard touchdown run. quick penetration. brady connects. ten yard gain here out of the back field. >> he's kind of got in the dog house a little bit. give us a good one two punch. not ready to walk away from hadley. i thought hadley responded yesterday. came back and really played like a big senior running back should. >> second touchdown pass from braeden. 61 yards. that gives you right there a 14-10 lead. >> read the defense. throw the ball where the defense is. you wind up with a touchdown. >> central responds. >> i thought about this point in time after we got past the first quarter, our defense, we started breaking down some, not fitting exactly right. we have some guys rung open up. not very well covered. i thought the effort was pretty good. not real disciplined with our eyes. not tackling very well here. some on the defensive side of the ball but the game went on. >> back to the ball. three yard run. get another three yard run by josh here. on the ensuing play. perfect pass by braeden designed down the sidelines. what a great job by the corner. >> we got a good matchup there. wish we put the ball out further in front of him. let him go up, really use his body. left that ball a little bit short. put it up there where we can catch it and they can't. >> turner 25 yards up the sidelines. same drive tore central missouri. they get the 45 yard hookup from parker. >> there again, they complete the pass. should have had it tackled. that's a catch. that's the thing that's frustrating. they complete the pass. just get it tackled right there. you're still alive. they wind up getting the touchdown. >> townsend has been a big part of this. >> take the red shirt off very much wanted to keep this kid in red shirt. he's got a chance to be special down the road. we'll just to accelerate that a little bit. his role will continue to grow. now that we have taken the red shirt off him. we need to get more and more in there. there again, pass was short. we had post open for a touchdown here. throw the post. probably would have been kicking the pat. instead we throw the interception. we don't have it defended. long run down the boundary. >> last week the big touchdown. the pick six. seemed like this was the same. kind of took the wind out of your sails. >> yeah, i think so. it was very disappointing. very troubling. our defense, again, we're a little bit shorthanded. we've got a lot of injuries. this is still the first half of the ball game. we're not wore out here yet. i thought we got discouraged. i thought our body language became really bad. thought our attitude probably wilted some here defensively. got frustrated. i love our offense though. we'll continue to battle. we're not perfect. we're a long way from being what we want to be on offense. one thing, we continue to dial up. hadley. >> 31 yard run. >> 31 yard run. showing some moves. finishing runs. there was some things to be encouraged ab offensively. >> what was tough on this following pass. in is another interception by braeden. just seemed to slip out from under him. >> juggling the ball. he never really had possession of it. they wind up with the interception. >> mishandled on the handoff. recovered by them. then the scramble here. chris williams gets him, drags the quarterback down. >> get some pressure in there, get him down. again, it wasn't all bad. there was some good things. we got to -- defensively, we had a guy open across the middle. we're not sitting exactly right on the run. we're having some difficulties in coverage, getting communicated right. made a good throw and catch for a toughdown. >> 44-14 lead we'll be back with the >> welcome back. 71-22 yesterday. lines went into the locker room. 44-14. let's see how the second half unfolded. after a tough finish in the first, coach, rough start in the second. >> you don't want to come out and let the momentum swing to them. we wanted to take the ball in the second half. >> time for the blocked punt. braeden back with the ball. finds donte again. next play connects for seven yards. >> showing a little ability with after the catch causing him to get a good play. got something here. little throw and catch. moving the football. >> comes down to fourth and five on the drive. braeden makes the read. couldn't get the ball out in time. turnover on downs. >> i'm not sure exactly what happened. i thought the ball would have got out quicker. may have had a problem with the route structure. >> mackenzie scoops it up. you guys gain possession. fourth quarter now. shamar gets a good game here. next play would set up braeden scott. third touchdown of the game. >> i was really happy to see jeremy davis get this touchdown. another true freshman. came in as a quarterback. he might have the best body in that freshman class. he's really a nice looking kid. moved into the tight end. just give anything. could have kept a red shirt on that youngster. he's finding ways to contribute showing what he's got in the future. >> time winding down. mishandled snap again. rob bins comes up with the fumble recovery. he'll connect with carson for 13 yards. >> always felt like at this point in the game, felt like tj deserved a chance to play. he's worked hard. very much improved. over a year ago. very much improved football player than he was. he comes in, does some good things. delivers the ball well. >> that would bring up third and goal. tj calls his number. gets stuffed. fourth and goal. turns to josh hadley. but again denied at the door step. this goal line stand here by the defense to dictate how the game would go. we'll look at the final stats from yesterday. we'll start out in the passing game. braeden scott 17 for 33, 257 yards. three touchdowns for the second straight week three touchdowns total, three interceptions. longest completion of the day was 61 yards. for dante who led all receivers 112 total yards and two touchdowns. big surprise out wide. four catches, 53 yards. 34 and 28 yards receiving. ten different receivers caught a pass yesterday. then on the ground, for a loss. braeden, senior josh hadley eight carries for 51 yards on the ground. looking at those stat, shamar did struggle. >> we're not very optimistic. we think we may have had a knee injury. we'll keep our thoughts and prayers with him. we'll go to the doctor tomorrow. we'll know more tuesday, wednesday. in the first half, central had 532 yards. amassed over 1100 total yards. that set a record. have you ever been part of a game like that. >> i'm not sure i have never been part of a defensive game like that. when you have major coverage and you don't cover a guy and they throw to it him and he runs 80 yards for a touch you're gonna give up a bunch of yards. we gave it up in big chunks. major break downs. we got to get that fixed. that's not a physical deficiency. that's a lack of attention to detail. we got to get that fixed. that falls to me, falls to our coaching staff. we got to get that fixed. >> final 71-22 central mo with the stay right here. >> welcome back. thanks for stopping by. when i look at you, what interests me, you define yourself as a musician, then football player. are those your passions outside the field. >> yes. i was usually a musically inclined guy. i went home doing that. photography came up more recently like last december. i just stuck with it this past year. it's really cool. >> how did you pick up photography? >> i was home on christmas break. my dad had a camera. i took a shot. took some shots of some nature opinioned that turned into taking photos of people. now i have got two weddings lined up. >> is that something you see yourself doing on the side once you tkpwrapblg waited? >> absolutely, man. absolutely. my father always tells me, if you do something, you better get paid for it. why not? >> you're in a great area. northwest arkansas. kansas, oklahoma. growing up right outside new orleans. what was that like that brought you here. what brought you to joplin? >> that's a long story. ain't got time for that one. everybody wants to play college football. i got the phone call from the coach. i just loved the area. i got involved with the church down the road. i love it here ever since. >> you were a recruit. second half with coach johnson. when you got here, missouri southern ran the triple option. now you run a true spread offense. what's it been like for you? what's it been from your personal perspective as a line man? >> i had put on some weight. seriously. when i first came here, i was 245, 250. that's not too bad of a thing. you're running downhill, cutting linebackers. you got to be quick and be nimble. pass blocking, lot more one on one stuff. you really got to anchor in there, sit down, get your technique right. i worked on that. really, play calling schemes, literally just been technique and just getting myself in a position to be able to do well in in offense was the biggest transition for me. >> what sit like being one of the few seniors on this team? >> not every year goes the way you want it to go. especially with this one. knowing that it's winding down, just got to give it all i have. no looking back. no turning back. just full steam ahead. keep on going, keep on pushing. >> last four games in the green and gold, what do you want to accomplish? what are your expectations these last four games? >> i really want to win them all. no reason we can't. just got to go out there and execute and play well. like we talked about in the past. i feel like as long as we do that, we can come out with some wins. i just want us all to come together and lay it on the line for each other no matter what happens. and if we can at least do that, you know, that's going out successful. >> did it hit you that it's your last four games? >> not yet. i have got an old teammate who told me wait until halftime of your last game and that's when it will hit you like a train. i have been looking for that tkaeurb waiting for it to come up. until then i'll give it all i got. >> being here in missouri southern in joplin, who has it done for you being a lion? >> i feel like community is everything. especially around here. this community has embraced me personally. just really inspired me to live better and stay on the right track. whether that means with the coach or the school encouraging us or the church i attend right down the road. it's all a blessing just to be here an have the opportunity and the support we get from around the area. >> what has it been like, because you were felling me you are a general studies major. you're interested in taking up possibly ministry. i know your father is a pastor. >> he's an elder as well. yeah, man. this past summer i interned. it was amazing to see how many kids can come around and worship christ for an entire week and really dive in and dig in. i just wanted to be part of that. i'll probably do that again next summer. i'm pursuing some classes at the christian college. maybe even worship. i do a lot of music. maybe even both. >> whether is your favorite musician? i gotta ask. >> that's a tough question. i'm an old school guy. i have been listening to a lot of sam cook lately. >> sam cook. >> sam cook's great. >> i would not guess. i kind of dove into him. i'm from jersey. country's not big there. i found my share of sam cook. got to show me some albums. thanks for stopping by. i >> welcome back. let's look at the scores from around the league. emporia state. hornets scored 137 points in their last three games. northwest makes it 37 wins in a row. best winning streak in ncaa. in carnie smith, 26-10 win over mo west. back on the road at emporia state next week. eighth ranked team in the nation, jorge state continued to roll. finally mo so's next opponent, 27-13 over unk. take a quick look at the remaining schedule. over central oklahoma, on the road at northeastern. then senior day. kickoff 2 p.m. finally to finish up, up the road at pitt state in carnie smith stadium. so, coach, 0-7 on the year so far. you look at those games. how important are they? >> every game is important. thing that we've always tried to stay. we schedule 11. we'll show up. they'll show up. turn around, see how we did. whole focus right now is on us. as jerill said, i just want to go out and have our kids give tremendous effort. see how much we can improve week by week these last four weeks. >> where do you think that elusive win. where do you think you'll grab it? home game? on the road? you'll take it. >> we'll take it wherever we can find it. i'd like to find four in a row here if we could. certainly this week being at home. we'll do our best to try to find it this week. move on from there. >> and you know, uco is where your offensive coach is, now a quarterback coach. how much has he been looking at this game? >> when you leave one place to go to another and you have to play those people, lot of those kids are kids he recruited. that's a special relationship. he's got some very close friendships on that staff. so, you know, those are always awkward deals. those kind of things, playing your alma matter. always kind of awkward. dave's a pro. probably means extra to him to try to play good this week. >> just start talking ab jerill. >> what an impressive young man. i told this to many people. guys like jerill is what make this coaching business worth doing. sometimes there's guys out there makes you want to go do something else. guys like jerill really square away. good person. very devout in his faith. just rock solid guy. that really is what gives you buoancy. >> thanks, coach. this wraps it up. lions return home this saturday central oklahoma. same time same place for us next week. we'll

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