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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Mondays Child

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Mondays Child
Mondays Child

A new school year is about to start and for some that can bring anxiety especially for kids in foster care.

A new school year is about to start and for some that can bring anxiety especially for kids in foster care.

Tonight lisa olliges introduces us to incoming freshman sara.

Sara loved weight class at school so we gave them a try at the y..

At 14 she's heading in to high school..

She finished 8th grade with flying colors colors im gonna be in advanced math as a freshman i iwll be with the sophomoresw liekyeah somethign to brag about 2800 peopel who make fun of me..

She says high school could be both a blessing and a curse.

I love swocilziaing with my frieneds i love learning new things, i love beign in classes i know ill excel at i mean i love beign in clases tha challenge me as well but i feel liek its anothe place for me to get trageted for my differences but sara plans to stay strong and won't let that stop her.

She already has a win when it comes to writing poetry ..

I arleady won a creative writing contest entering one of my peoms its called dear demons it won out of 800 plus entries i got a gold..

I was so happy purple is her favorite color and she likes jewelry when it suits her..

Like dangling earrings..

Sara loves swimming and going to hte library where she loves to read books..

She would love even more to own some herself like the harry potter series.

Thats also somethign id liek in a fmaily that theyd take me to a librayr reugllalaryl give me access to books please .

Sara is enjoying school in pittsburg and hopes to stay here.

Adding to the benefits of adoption.

It woudl gvie me some stability in life woudl give me osmethign that i can to look foraward to when i go home say that this is goign to be my home thi sis my home my family and nobody can take that away from me in pitburg lisa olliges koam news dowe: for adoption information go to our website and click on the links to monday's child and adopt kansas kids.


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