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Newton hopes to address water issues

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Newton hopes to address water issues
Newton hopes to address water issues

Store" remains "open".

"residents in newton, illinois"..

Frequently have to deal "with boil orders".

And "those water issues" come back to "1"-problem in the city.

News 10's bureau chief "gary brian"..


How "city leaders" are working on a plan "to fix those issues".

////// "for years the city of newton has been dealing with water main issues here on liberty avenue.

Any time work has to be done water has to be shut off to the entire city."

City leaders say..

It all boils down to age.

When there's a break on or near the main..

Crews are forced to shut water off..


That's due to aging valves no longer working.

Another problem?

The length of liberty avenue.

While other water mains on other roads have issues..

Liberty avenue stretches throughout the city.

And every time the water goes off..

Newton goes under a boil order.

Folks i spoke to say they've been bypassing the boil orders..

And just buying their water at the store.

Newton mayor mark bolander says he hopes a community development block grant will help to fix the city's issue.

"we've just been piece milling it you know as needed.

As lines break, as we have a few extra bucks.

But this would be very nice if we could just deal with it all together."

"at the top of the hour i'll have more about the block grant and what it would mean for this project.

In newton, gary brian news 10."


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