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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Host Chat - Jeremy and Kelly - 7/25/17

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Host Chat - Jeremy and Kelly - 7/25/17
Host Chat - Jeremy and Kelly - 7/25/17
Host Chat - Jeremy and Kelly - 7/25/17

[?] >> jeremy: welcome to "ozarks live!"

On this beautiful, hot tuesday in july!

>> kelly: nice to see you.

I didn't see you yesterday.

>> jeremy: well, i was avoiding you.

No, i wasn't.

[laughter] >> kelly: you couldn't even talk to me.

>> jeremy: i was busy getting stuff ready for this week.

You know.

Lots of stuff going on.

>> kelly: i like your pink.

>> jeremy: i felt like a pink mood today.

>> kelly: i'm baby blue, and you're pink.

We should have a baby shower.

>> jeremy: i thought you were going to say let's have a baby shower!

>> kelly: there's so many reasons for that to happy.

I'm married and too old for that.

>> jeremy: we're brother and sister, kel.

>> kelly: we absolutely are.

[laughter] okay.

Jeremy... >> jeremy: hold on, beep, beep, beep, beep, breaking news from jeremy's garden!

Isn't that awesome!

>> kelly: how come you're not bringing that in to all of us?

>> jeremy: i finally have corn.

We picked the first batch last night, and we ate some and i can't wait to eat more tonight.

We have five or six rows of corn, so we're going to blanch it and freeze it.

>> kelly: it's coming later on than other things.

>> jeremy: yes, i think i planted it late.

>> kelly: you're going to have a whole bunch, and i'm going to expect some in the green room.

>> jeremy: you want me to share corn with you?

>> kelly: yeah!

>> jeremy: i thought you just wanted zucchini and squash.

>> kelly: no.

Corn, the good stuff!

[laughter] >> jeremy: my tomatoes, i've had several now.

But for some reason, my friends in branson, theirs turned red before gardeners in springfield.

It's further south.

I have tomatoes that i have to hold with two hands.

They're so giant!

But they're green right now.

>> kelly: okay.

>> jeremy: but they're green.

I don't know when they're going to turn red.

>> kelly: jeremy, you make us all look bad.

>> jeremy: kelly, i know how you feel because i called you a tomato cheater.

>> kelly: i understand.

My tomatoes were doing great, but now they're not.

>> jeremy: have you weared them?

>> kelly: maybe i've been shy on that lately.

I'm not sure.

>>> yesterday we talked about an app called poshmark.

You weren't here.

I made my first sale.

You can sell things out of our closet to people around the world.

I made a sale.

And i made my first sale, which i didn't know.

I was six days late shipping it out.

But so you know -- >> jeremy: don't tell people you're late with shipping!

>> kelly: i didn't know.

I'll never be late again.

I made it up and mailed her and she said she was out of town or on vacation, so we're good to go.

It's a fun way to sell things that you've used or that are brand-new that didn't fit or whatever.

It's fun.

>> jeremy: that's cool!

>>> i want to remind the viewer we have a special august 5th and 6th, the best of branson, airing august 5th on kolr10.

At 7:00.

And then kozl august 6th at 5:00.

It's going to be fun to see everything in branson.

Speaking of branson.

>> kelly: absolutely.

Don't miss that!

>>> and i'm sure you noticed tom isn't in the studio today.

He's at wild animal safari!

How is it going, tom?

>> tom: i'm getting ready to go on my own safari!

[laughter] >> tom: you can see the hat.

I'm ready for it.

I have a new pet here.

This is my little tiger.

Its name is kellamy.

That's kind of a cross between kelly and jeremy.

Oh, my goodness.

He's not completely trained yet.

Anyway, i'm at the gift shop at wild animal safari.

And in just a little bit, we're going to go outside and take a look at a couple of the animals.

While one in particular, i can see him right through the window here.

And that's the white tiger.

Yeah, you've seen the tigers before, but the white tiger is out right now.

Anyway, we're going to look at that, and tell you about the things they have going on here at wild animal safari.

And the hours you can come by and the -- well, it's just a great chance to see all of these terrific animals.

And all you've got to do is come down 44 highway.

It's not very far from springfield at all.

So come on by.

Now, i'm going to be here for awhile anyway.

We'll look at the tigers later.

Who knows what else we might see.

See, kellamy can sit up nicely.

You can't even get your dogs to do that, jeremy!

[laughter] look at this.

>> kelly: i feel honored that you named that after us.

>> tom: well, kellamy, it's the combination.

And so far, well behaved.

He is house-broken.

Any time you needs to do something, he breaks into a house to do it.

I don't know.

[laughter] >> tom: come back a little bit.

We're going to be talking to the folks here at wild animal safari.

It's going to be fun!

A little safari of my own.

Back to you.

>> kelly: sounds good, tom.

Thank you!

>> jeremy: see you soon.

>> kelly: i hope he brings that furry creature home.

>> jeremy: i like that.

My dogs are not behaved at all!

>> kelly: i know, one


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