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Thursday, June 17, 2021

The Daily Dish (10/23/17)

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The Daily Dish (10/23/17)
The Daily Dish (10/23/17)
The Daily Dish (10/23/17)

>> ange: good morning everyone.

Welcome to weht local lifestyles.

Welcome back, ron rhodes.

I missed you.

Joe did a wonderful job but it's good to have you back.

>> ron: you know how it goes in television.

Once we hit november, it's like no one is taking off until next year.

Once november is over with, everyone wants off for december.

October is a little laid-back.

Beautiful weather.

The weekend was nice.

This coming weekend, it will be the first for use of the season.

Are you ready for a freeze?

>> ange: i'm ready.

>> ron: it's going to be interesting.

It's that time.

The leaves are starting to change at audubon state park.

We've got them on today and they're starting to pop.

>> ange: i was walking yesterday.

Coming up today on this gray, monday in addition, the old courthouse in evansville will be the site of the evening of spirits.

It will be a lot of fun.

A lot of great food and we will tell you about that.

What is happening at beautiful audubon state park besides the foliage changes?

Many things.

We will tell you what's cooking they are.

And today, my friend matt - - is here.

He's all gussied up.

We will talk about the reitz home christmas and of course charlie stocker is here.

>> ron: i love matt.

But he's pushing christmas and it's not even halloween yet.

>> ange: it's a big house.

>> ron: it's a big house, it's a big deal.

If you've never gone to a reitz home christmas, you've got to go.

>> ange: it just gets you in that victorian spirit.

>>> let's take a look outside.

This looks a little halloween esque.

We've got ourselves a moody monday.

A little misty rain out there, dark clouds.the wind is whipping pretty good.

55 degrees right now.

We will be hanging out in the mid to upper 50s temperature wise.

West-southwest wind around nine.

Makes it feel chillier than that.

I think we might see, a few breaks in the clouds.

Even if we don't, we will see it closer to 60 degrees.

We've already seen our high temperature come and go early this morning.

We were in the 60s well before daybreak and then the temperature dropped a bit.

Now it's hanging tough there.

>> ange: you stay there.

And you stay there too for the daily dish.

Let's go.

>>> a letter written on the - - sold for a small fortune.

The document written by passenger alexander - - earned $166,000 at auction.

That's 66,000 more dollars than was expected.

One day before the legendary ship hit an iceberg in the atlantic.

It contains the erie line, if all goes well, we will arrive in new york wednesday.

That is chilling to see this piece of history.

>> ron: i am wondering, what became of that letter?

If they have these little crabs out there and come up every day.

And deliver them.

You know what i'm saying?

There's not a postal service in the middle of the atlantic.

>> ange: and they didn't have elegance picking up or an airplane.

I don't know.

>> ron: that's the only thing i could think of.

Obviously, it wasn't on his person or even on his wife's person, then it wouldn't have done any good.

Did they mail it before they left?

>> ange: it was written the day before it sank.

>> ron: then they were out in the water.

>> ange: i don't know.maybe they stuffed it in a bottle.

>[multiple speakers].

>> ron: how do you send it?

>> ange: somebody paid $166,000 for it.

Crank up your ipods because today is national ipod day.

In celebration of the device that completely changed the way we listen to music.

Apple first introduced the ipod to the world.

The first one sold november 10, - -.

It was $400 back then.

I've never thinking how can they get all of that stuff inside there?

Now that's nothing.

>> ron: i remember my niece with an ipod.

The wannabes worked a lot better to me.

You could transfer music from your computer to your mp3 player which is what mine was.

It was really easy to do.

I'd borrow an ipod in order to get a song off of there, computer was like, sorry.

They didn't communicate well.

>little did the music industry know when the ipod came out back then, it was going to be a big hit.

>> ange: [indiscernible].

Somehow that's fallen by the wayside.

More than 3000 while those hit the streets of downtown colorado springs saturday for the 5k run.

They say it's a wacky, fun way to raise awareness.

Proceeds go to the rocky mountain field institute to maintain local trails.

This year, organizers hope to surpass the $200,000 mark for fundraising.

That's pretty cute.where's waldo?

You and i have the striped socks from the ronald mcdonald house again.

We can do that.

>> ron: i washed clothes over the weekend.

That is pretty cool.

You are just ready to do all kinds of funding.

You did a half marathon and now you can't stop yourself.

You said you did six miles over the weekend.

>> ange: i did.

>> ron: we cannot stop angie.

You are doing like 10,000 steps every minute.>> ange: that's exactly right.

The weather is good for it.

>> ron: i am proud of you.

It would be


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