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Friday, January 15, 2021

Potential major events for new Raiders stadium

Credit: KLAS Las Vegas, NV
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Potential major events for new Raiders stadium
Potential major events for new Raiders stadium

The Las Vegas Stadium Authority met Thursday trying to hammer out details as work continues several key agreements.

Maathuis)) >> the 1.9 billion dollar facility will bring the city all sorts of big-time events... from concerts to festivals and things las vegas would never be able to host without a major sized stadium.

When talking about events... raiders president marc badain revealed some big news next week the stadium chair and the raiders are going to houston to pitch world cup soccer for 2026.

Then badain announced some football news that will generate millions for the city's economy and get sports fans all excited at the same time.

(( )) marc badain/pres.

Raiders ;:"i'll tell you we've got very positive feedback about the draft being awarded for either 2019-20..

.and we have a meeting in dallas for las vegas to be the host for one of those drafts and the super bowl for either 2024 or 25.

Bill hornbuckle/pres.

Mgm; "at some point given the committment and obligation the community has made the raider have made you'll get your turn at that and i think our turn will be sooner vs.


Steve hill/chair board; "none of those event were possible without a stadium all of those are i think within our sites.

Bill hornbuckle/pres mgm verall this is working as we'd hoped, between now and ground breaking on monday which will also be another amazing event for all of us to see this thing get underway."

((chris maathuis)) >> as bill mentions, the raiders, they are holding their ground breaking monday around 4 pm.

I do know that at least three nfl owners are expected to be in attendance.

But the team is being very secretive about monday's events... even the board chairman didn't have any details, other then the starting time.

((chris maathuis)) >> the board and the raiders still have to work through about 30 documents.

The community benefits plan and the unlv joint use agreements are the biggies.

Those will be discussed in detail at the december meetings.

Thanks, chris./// <<<


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