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Monday, January 25, 2021

Duncan brothers at Vermont

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Duncan brothers at Vermont
Duncan brothers at Vermont
Duncan brothers at Vermont

Randall-- vermont basketball is being invaded by the duncan family.... harrison grads..... ernie and evrett... are already on the catamounts roster.... last week... little brother and harrison senior robin.... signed with vermont.... over the weekend.... the three brothers had a family reunion in lexington..... as vermont was in town to play u-k.... jessica wimsatt spent saturday afternoon at vermont practice.... and their story......"

(jessica wimsatt) meet the duncans...ernie ..everett..and robin...three brothers who grew up playing basketball...soon to be playing for the same the same time...(robin duncan) kinda came surreal, that you know i'll bve playing for vermont next year.

And being with my brothers next year, it's kinda like another plus to it, it's kinda like playing with my idol.

So you know, can't wait.(ernie duncan) it's good that he's coming here next year, i get to get a chance to play with him.

You know if it wasn't for me being redshirted i wouldn't have a chance to play with him so it's a dream come true to be able to play with everett and hopefully robin next year.

(everett duncan) i was very excited, just imagining him being on campus next summer, it's exciting you know.

And ernie, he'll have a year with robin too.

So it will be cool that all of us will be together.(stan duncan) to look out there and see two of my sons playing at this high level, and then robin coming in next year, and i know he's capable of playing at this level as well, it's mind blowing.

It's the greatest experience that i've ever experienced in my life.

(jessica wimsatt) a dream that began as brothers in the backyard...soon to be realized as teammates..

Making the duncans just the fourth trio of brothers to ever play division one basketball together.(ernie duncan) we've always been playing together since we were little kids and could dribble a basketball so it's gonna be fun to play serious basketball and to be able to do that, i mean a lot of siblings don't obviously get this opportunity to play at the division i level and play with your brothers.

(everett duncan) back in the day when robin was like four or five, he always watched us play and then he's be asking us for tips, but now being on the court together it's like putting everything together you know.

All that work he put in, him watching us, him watching him, it's just finally coming true.(robin duncan) it's just a dream, it's crazy to think i'm playing with both of them.

Looking to my right and seeing ernie, looking to my left and seeing everett.

So i mean, i can't wait.(jessica wimsatt) jessica wimsatt...eyewitness news"

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