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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Severe Coverage Midnight-1AM

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Severe Coverage Midnight-1AM
Severe Coverage Midnight-1AM
Severe Coverage Midnight-1AM

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is now on choctaw county right here and that is where we have the strongest part of the store only from 82 to the trace i hear alice query this and what kind of information were going to get reading this bti diet reap nine and that's still in our lower end of the curve at the 20 knows that we got up towards low had similar values so i that could be a good ballpark figure for a potential 28 development here tonight again by now the standard medicine if a hold gather by 1245 in the morning so just heads up here by why on 1232 maybe 1240 maybe 1244 in mathis does full together so we almost went expected to hold together here this evening i just looking at the way some of this act he has been today so that is really the only warning we had recently here but we will see on the air lease until 1 o'clock in the morning a 115 when the storms are coming on in here will distend the air so i know imminent problems start the west point columbus however we are watching out back the west and it now looks like the worst of the weather now is now done below contacted wally you are safe it would appear from the severe weather threat storms now moving to your southeast husband-and-wife nine parts of the county and other parts of her grief here in northeastern mississippi had damage and disorder on the way out they will continue to be on the way out your watching from lona and point south we still have severe weather in a tonight and will remain in place as we go throughout the course of the next when i was a lease and i use them unattended here notice how the ladies pulsing backup outwards which brings and whenever we start to see that lady were "outline over that timeline enough letters backup on the tennessee 70 storms the type up a little bit and basically i'm here run along stewart stewart weir road right here you got that red and green couplet that he is still with us and some of those pixels are a little closer than other time so if there is a 20 oh type situation is trying to develop is going the right here at stewart where road and watson basin road and choctaw county northwestern choctaw county south which rings tonight again this is moving off to the northeast at about 40 mph so will do another storm accurately just 29 and that's when you take this towards by why i buy 1230 maybe matheson in maven by 12 by an overview were long highway 82 on silverlight the know it may say just a piece of the poor but if you're unlucky be in this life here so that's why we need to have everybody that is currently involved in this 20/20 all these areas you see here you or by why we normally maven mathis didn't you need to be in your tornado see some right now we have this operator indicated situation and that circulation right over which is south of which brings by a couple of miles that is the thing that we're tracking right now and this is the 30 minute laughs you this thing perk on about was beaten and that circulation is moving to the northeast and you can almost extrapolate the sound of it does hold together it would be moving eventually into western clay county and then 80 outward west point perhaps southeast in role maybe northbound doesn't together that's a long ways how but i mean were just give you guys an early heads-up year that some of the circulations have held onto them and about 50 miles an hour the miles an hour so there the moving in your neck of the wood pretty soon so just that early heads-up in the high near starkville also areas west of s point outwards tv you may want to consider bluff beasley you may just want to be cautious that we have a 2001 storm on that is moving your general direction but currently that's what he toward storm is essentially over and passing through the wood springs area of which is just south of 82 and extreme northern part of northwestern parts of choctaw county moving towards by why which is at the junction of the trace and highway nine and moving close to the city of the poor here so you may get some heavy rain first and then if there's be a 20 type circulation there's your rain here and then if you needed to 20 circulations to back behind the rain wrap type situation as we had into float earlier jacob is a quick mention here that were continuing to watch the storm and another little reminder for the storms that are down to the south into the west this is for italic county right now we got some viewers that are in your son to the south and west of where id storms are coming in from koran as well as implement over holmes county as a salon after these the severe thunderstorm warning for italic county there is a 20 possible tag with us what that means is there watching for areas of rotation and the second 20 warning that were falling out how we can set clear for montgomery county, recounting all clear that your populist rings the creek and until michael and huntsville is now off to the east still need to seek shelter.

By why a particular easier towards reform double spring center growth at the cover caring here and highway e to i south of maven towards matheson right here again you played in worn areas of go-ahead and take your 20 assay precautions and some friends directly from start to wondering about what i starkville and many of your watching meeting of students at mississippi state as of now this toward attic storm is not heading.

The warning does not include the city of start with voyeurism west to start west of 80 to towards center growth double springs the sturgis there highway 12 runs from sturgis to start in that general north and west part of the county but still we want to be on garden starkville ideally the storm in its current track was shipped to the north of start to look ahead towards feeding 80 cedar bluff but we still not good.

A lot of the words as we got some time for the storm to do things also ahead of the storm season the showers carry on into south and western clay county that a lot of viewers this will part might be a good idea for folks in order not to the hot and parts of western clay county in this area to just to heads-up and think of your safe places this is a very rural part of clay county seriously look from icd to cedar bluff griffin hopewell walkers 10 montpelier these generally areas a lot of mobile homes maybe think about heading your safe places if you are looking for community storm shelter there are some in the city of west point you can find the full if you do not want to remember a mobile home is never a place to be any tornado or a 21 we once you go to a sturdy shelter had to i had to sturdy building of insults something like that if you're in a vehicle any serious wanted not be in your vehicle to a sturdy shelter if there's an open convenience store gas station unfortunately these areas very room i have to get to your portable you get something i said just a heads up for these folks that are downwind where there's not a lot of options for you go ahead and think about what you're 20 to seek precautions are now getting some updates from our newsroom is not working some video sent in the tupelo bureau of the tupelo bureau said there is damage up there and if i remember correctly one of the areas is that they were looking at was on the north and west side of town without damage assumed that video is in soon as we get our production let's get that audacity can ensure that there are there is structural damage and tupelo to the nalco theater and to the lowest windows are blown out vehicles have been blown off the roads up there to the north so let's just treat the storm here in choctaw county as if it's a 21 the ground in the situation and the set of the refined here and looking at that latest velocity i write when i'm liable to sum up the lighting not right here is where that particular area done concerned about just to the north of the natchez trace way towards by wife at the park there were highway nine and of the trace connect that's whereby why is this general area by why the time is now take shelter i with the call cleared for each camp we can call all clear in stuart i but still by wind in a stressed-out town enough i think that's heading for redline centerline into this general area here downwind millions reform matheson made double spring center growth those folks need to be taking shelter if you you poor are watching from highway 82 west of the state go ahead and being a safe place to take your shelter now if you are to your safe places away from the tv remember you can stream us on the wcb i live at on the mobile yard to stream live there we also on facebook live here i with the urologist tickets and myself urologist ticket dickey and urologist ticket riley answering those questions so looking for some correlation coefficient when a little eerie were worried about nearby wind nothing showing up yet but were to watch that area here in the coming moments as that area circulation grows the relative lie zero the almost like is an excellent development of that's mostly just around by while on the trace right here so i have something to pop here was going to be all colleges again chat we continue to report to tupelo the barnes crossing mall area right here 22 and us refi where this 20 oh earlier about 11 earlier about 1118 move north tupelo so you may want is a way to areas until we can assess more and get some daylight out there because right now it's dark and this was an ally to flow but it's just the remnants and utility anywhere near that concentrating on the current identity theory is a tight little couplet trying to cycle back up here and it is right over the trace just as the rum by why i hear and add talk talk county and wait there if we get it it's going to be right there along trace chester tom nolan wrote pixels and popping and tight enough for a long rough road which is right here and again to the north east so along the trace here i would be also priced to see some trees command down and powerlines be snapped out here i as we go throughout the next couple minutes and you my concept for county electric here some point just to cut it i canvassed that as we go throughout the next when i was here because the stores now moving into that territory we can pop the map up but at this point ... we are just following this it doesn't look to be as strong of a circulation from that perspective or even from a shearing inspected here and talk talk county by their still some weaned energy moving through here so i just had to reform williams like jacob was meant to sherwood on chester i should stay north and ackerman the circulation looks like it's going to stay north and ackerman right on ticket dickey and i'm almost noticing is a storm is turning a little more to the right and a little more to the southern part of polygon which these and i don't think you are using to keep the others slowly little adjust their and no way these things work is usually they're going to strengthen yellowcake or by the easterly job here so maybe this could be just some of radar trickery going on but we still have that circulation there could be just out outpatient like picking out some gusty when they are so basically what jacobson is sometime these forms likable right turn and feeding to the stronger in lola knows right turning storms in the produce more in the way a problem and were beginning to see more in the way of octet in some of this reflectivity data here which is north of ackerman and also some of the colors as far as the eye shearing product is concerned on so i am still concerned that there could be a lease and wind damage on here and you just don't know if you get until we can confirm that but were still not getting any that lowering here from the correlation coefficient perspective again like we had tupelo earlier we had the greens and yellows we have none of that right now that means releases of the last of listings here will knock on wood we don't have any debris that listed in the year so let's hope that trend back to the northeast we go just wet if you are concerned the worst of the weather is now over into low and go into your recovery mode here done with storms upon attacking over the boonville you are free of storms for the night enjoy your rest of the night if you have one if you not to rattle the stay up with some of you probably will be an even those of you that were affected by the storms earlier those are now moving out once a neato so our northern tier of areas doing better and better as we go time is we're still basic lee watching out for potential from amery to you poor all of the triangle area we sing county nazi county lamar county county alabama i you are all still in play here were at least the next day to three hours and we can clear all of this mess out here so just hang tight well within and just stay whether where we're going to be here all night long as long as with any the warnings will be your and also over on her facebook page of doing our simulcast there and of course we have our real partners that i will be held is out to i'm some of you may be driving around the knee and touches a country had to@94 nine94 9013.190 9.91 6.1129013.190 9.91 6.1 1230 one 12:30 am and 107.1 so i you may or may not hear us and all the channels but the least our real partners will be working with us in trying to solicit mason out there specially as he stormed since he moved closer and closer to some other more populated zones of just a tune to that if you're going beyond doubt if you lose power if you still have an old-fashioned radio i hope you do waste get information radio is one television is one internet is one some of you are losing power your weather radios one of work your cell phone goes off and she still tv me one of the final wci of course will be here all night jacob actually given at the request guy would find that the information i just had appeared this is for the lee county sheriff's department tupelo either asking for families went to meet their loved ones that are at the generation assisted living facility i was in the northeast side of blood by the golf cart about a golf course just east of barn crossing either asking that if you want to enter your loved ones the residents are being broke relocated to sawtelle at first united methodist church due to structural damage and water damage thankfully no injuries have been reported all three that were tied i lee county sheriff's department asking for rest families wanting to meet residents of the generation assisted facilities residents are being relocated to sawtelle at first united methodist church due to structural damage so this reports continuing to come out of the blue there and like i keep the sky do a quick check in for folks in italic county i do with some folks in the cooling method along highway 12 that catches over the air the storms are to the west side of the county coming out of durrant and across goodman here across the black river to come off to the east and some of those needs of its deliberative rotation within the that still the severe thunderstorm warning is there nothing really too much and need the radar with going on here but just maybe a few spots that could wrap up in and that's something that our monitoring news is getting stuff set up the debt damage footage is coming in from our apartment in tupelo should have momentarily our working to get that and as you continue to watch the storm.

Not choctaw county as it was off to the north into the east of the national weather service continues to monitor and excite could be moving continuing to move off to the east towards the hotplate and eventually southern monroe county putting to live what they're saying so that something we continue to monitor here again the morning right now does not include the city's stock or mississippi state it does not include my folks down highway 12 towards ackerman is just to the north right now that area circulation that were watching his nearby wife coming in towards the reform community moving just to the east of the trace if you're watching is between france and stuart perhaps you're on a student where road here in the western part of the county we can say all clear if you're anywhere along highway nine or points to the east and chop county stay in your shelter that includes you by while doing the work matheson let's go ahead and give us more time even i over northwestern october county ctr., grove with double springs out here in the northwestern part of the county that covered care enough on highway 82 and died actually to the north if you're up by the junction of 15 and highway 50 others a few mobile homes out there you want to go ahead being sheltered if you're watching us to the east and ovarian heating were cedar bluff media griffith to the north of eatonton north star: this rural areas here all along highway 389 near walker stinson east outside action if the stories extended that comes into your area so think about what my going to do the moment that warning is issued and think reworks teacher these limited wci what is in down and up inside the most inferior room you can in your home down as low as you can out of basic ahead and do that if you have a crawlspace that's good if you don't have that just as low as you can into your closet bathtub are great places to be as always there inside with the exterior walls and then cover up blankets pellets mattresses they cannot teleport for the kids if you got kids that are out there on every they can be in shelter and stay safe and, passive attitude that something where i we know from past experiences if a tornado hits a home bicycle helmets have saved lives as crazy as that sounds advising to your mobile home especially in some of these areas ahead of the storm will attend as mobile homes are our traps for tornadoes even if sears and you you got time to get to a safe place if you're in clay county october county about where you might go as a least worst case scenario where you going to do the situations we've got a lot of information for you i you can do places and find out information what you can do to stay safe as continue to watch things were continuing to monitor this this tort for attic storm latest update now is 21 miles west to start the meeting you and the take that slightly different job.

Jacob and i drawn us on track here assuming it does go east than a silly northeast and 45 now would take it toward start building this by 102 in the morning so again startle uniting the winning at just be aware that society was for 20 miles or so we have this storm out here towards trace north of alchemy moving east northeast about 45 miles our and dad is a possible they could hold together and move your way and was looking at on some squirreling is when it comes the radar imagery now were getting blown up on facebook and just to give a abroad message here folks other locations here from louisville to columbus to starkville to make an are you why the words absolutely not you're not out of the woods if you're watching louisville start though columbus west point of the storms have to get through your area first be more we can clear you out of the can turn so basically from allah to say wynonna to just north of the poor beastly north that line right there to to safe use in 10 northwest your good now area southeast this is include monroe lounge i clay and i can buy when sin and not to be pickens lamarr if i mentioned those counties and if you live in those counties if we ask any more questions you are still being for storms and if you want to go to bed can back to say jet i suggest that you have a way to get new warning information eloquently of a new severe thunderstorm warning that is negotiated for southwestern to buy on to kind of want is the gusty life storms and big dry brush warning here that goes to one team is a 20 oh possible tag with this seriously either saying that the area watches the wrench camp and so that can store where they carried out warning but yet will also adjust for that someday i do not storm that's and i talked to county now if we look your unsolicited start for a quick show you it's going i noticed how the city is start still not in the severe thunderstorm warning still not in the tornado warning those are off to the west and the south not by much storms are getting closer here and we do expect to hear some i did get some gusty winds and heavy rain meeting the here in the coming hours to keep jan you know we're getting to the point in this event where to be us with you any one of these little circulations made brief the spin on up and we just can't take it where these going to be so at this point we get these warnings and maybe i'm gonna show morning they could be 21 but we make it one of these reach 20 does at any given time here tonight just to get set up now it's basically clear as mud when we pop under windshear rate i mean when i do a lot of popping colors here still in this set darker reading shade panthers at one storm on this other one year i north and ackerman so we pocketed the release awesome strong damaging when potential new we got a mishmash of warnings that in a warning because someone he we got our allies to when i'm here right we had a lot of rain and a little light in there but a lot of rain and some of this and if there's an edit revelation which we may get maybe a minute or two or last that's all it takes to actually get a 2002 i touched the ground causing damage and etiquette just displayed so that's the nature of the beast tonight we could also get one of those relatively long-lived 20s like we had earlier in the county that beast the pilot light was underground for good 15+ minutes there's a move lee county so all bets are off here over the next three hours here too we can get the storms out of here we still will have a concern for all areas from aberdeen south so just write it out with us here to vi and again were looking at some reports trickling on and there's been some damage around the tupelo line down near the bottom of parking to coley road again gas leak reported west to flow colonial state was earlier with the storms come in and through our division get used is reporting that just looking at some other day, and in around the eye 22 and us 25 junction there this is by letting 1115 with their barnes crossing the only think that the hubbub into low barnes crossing mall area that's were had some considerable what looks to be some decent damage there are no damages decent but the symbolic to the number of reports coming on in here so again of we have some issues that have occurred we have more issues that ab occurring in the estimate issues occurring right now and will go back in here and we just don't have those classic cop it's here we still have for reference a 20 oh warning that continues until 115 for areas around the and just stay including maven double springs reef warm this is basically moving the ride area of rotation if there is a still potential that's what would be a long highway 15 and eastern parts of on talk talk county be close to double springs and western active i and we also have the second storm which again it doesn't look very impressive here from a rate of respect of the data down there in your camp again on some that i windshear eye popping up in those green colors bread along the trays there's our updated skin doesn't look that great but when you just look at the rate of perspective the other at the very least be some strong straight-line and so i think that this point we still need to be more concerned about this circulation or broad circulation out here towards double spring and it is looking to the east northeast on your western part of my western parts of active high county but i posit that we are not getting we're not getting any of that ... green or blue to show up from a correlation coefficient spec begin that would be that debris so it does not look like were getting any radar approving debris being lifted for many of us about here i just came back in time there's been some noise in that but that could be corrupt and with on some of the storm at felt so that's a positive good news with his warning that had been in place for parts of the answer and talk to county illicit feature back is 20 to 1 just a little bit doesn't do doubles rings of creek center grow extreme northwest not to the high county this he does go until 115 and this is still a doppler radar indicated tornado moving to the northeast of for our telus is doing the storm track on this back implied that circulation so i would be rights here in the northeast at about 20 miles or our and that would take it towards pop on the radar again and this would take it towards a tv by 102 and cedar bluff by once handsomely rural areas out here is jacob's mentioning on if you have a mobile home or something like that you need to find a story structure and it's always some ways recommended as storm shelter someplace said that is taken from the outside environment and nothing else you may see some strong damaging when levine threw in the wind damage plus miles our power lines coming down trees and coming down with gusty over 30 miles for our and having said that wesley had some wind gusts here this evening with gus over 30 just the gradient i had the storms and the storms are not in a 2+ that grading has relaxed spec wet so you tell that the mystery of mother nature of play here she's adamant titus ideas like crazy things so i had the storms have a strong southerly breezes storms move onto those wings will relax that's the way it will be in those winds will switch around northwest so this is the current situation is 12 this is the current situation is 12301234 honor on election day the polls will open hopefully on schedule here most boxes you mean there's no damage at those are the storm should be done by three or 4 o'clock in the morning we still have a couple more hours ago itt urologist and began urologist ticket and we are going to continue following the situation as we go through the course of the night we have the online storms moving on true the worse the weather is now done to blow if you're asking about start the west point columbus you're still fair game and were still looking at probably the most interesting of all the storm is this broad circulation out west of 8010 and your center grow and this is in northwest not to county so either could be some damaging streamlined with potential here to so again it doesn't look very good from a tornado tracking perspective radar wise but i that lying out right there run along the webster or the at choctaw and by county line at the very least to be some strong straight-line in the cost damage here so i had to appear for those of you out words there's some of the fog on the key road and then sturgis maven road i road out here wasn't rich self double springs you are looking at the strong wind moving you general direct and i basically between 82 which is right here and i highway 12 which is right down here of was in between is where we have a pretty good storm that is kicking up a livability gusty when and it very heavy rainfall to add the remiss if i did say that we had had some rain here and if this is just like this is a three-hour laugh felix like we have some new information coming on in but we cut 1 to 2+ inches of rain of last hours on heavily enough to cause some flooding issues but we had some pining of roadway on roadways some hydroplane probably going on out there with the wet weather through and i jacob give an overview for maybe another pressurized when i talk a bit more about that storm again we're watching the storm that's right now over doubles rings south of us 80 south of us 82.

At the current carrying in the northwestern part of octagon county to the south is that double spring sturgis road somewhere in there is where that's now moving their it as you would agree with me but kind of watching here to watch this little area just to the north and west of sturgis and it's been that the green colors and the bread cousin coming together more and that's been trying to reorganize a little bit there but that's the severe thunderstorm warnings that are issued there's according to possible out into south and western octave i county and also the update for italic county is the storm down here on the radar either watching the storm he that's near crossing i 55 at the goodman neck off to the east the southwestern part of the county here towards cause you still severe thunderstorm warning there is a tornado possible tag with that and is aware that this really i guess three storms that were monitoring here second five friends in monroe county appear from adrian smith felt to the west of detroit on 270 towards gavin's and heavy rain coming in some place some gusty winds coming in but no severe that there as we continue to monitor and got so serious that really i think the threat were watching right now is continuing to come in and maybe even to just a little bit and see a little bit of a bowling out structure here in the western art of octave i county so i think it's it's a safe bet we got some gusty winds that are coming in here and we can see the colors that as i look here you see the lighter greens in the dark greens close together it's on the south side of the storm and sex is something where i would like to my eye on here should look along highway 12 s.

And west to start the nothing set in stone yet but i this is kind of how things start to start to see the little signature justice is something that we can keep our eyes on for us it i want to share two is the tornado watches in an was out without i don't think this 20 once is going to accurately lack what's going on.

To the north into the west here from a grenada towards water valley that watches canceled and is canceled another set of counties there and continued at 20 once for chickasaw monroe in a while but to similar counties as well as stan lamarr and marion counties in alabama but still right here in the golden triangle redo not have a tornado watch there still is a marginal threat for some of these spent tornadoes and that something that we've been talking about whether or not they would issue a 20 watching regardless of if they do or if they don't i wear when watching right now that threat as it continues to develop in this area so still looking at the double springs area that potential area the have to watch a little further down the line.

Not for sure start will get some gusty winds at that southern storm is the i take a look at and radar here in tennessee without leading edges from sturgis as you head off to the north there to the edenton community the heavy rain is coming not much lighting is that you will see much upside to stop the alert and make changes hanging inside for the next half an hour so and stay with us here at the bci all things of course are doing arts taste live coverage roster doing our coverage on social media meteorologist jacob riley's entry estimates for you watching the stars push on through basically were at three storms over on others the first storm coming in dr. bach county here the next one down the line coming in towards ackerman and then the next morning there is to the south and west of causey esco so folks in louisville were still asking a redone or not done need to still be unguarded lewis still be unguarded make the unguarded columbus star: west point unit towards aberdeen but the areas to the north into the west here i would see some of these damage reports notices little white icons as a wind damage reports that threat when these areas is to blow out were all clear think this out and i know momentarily should have some video i want reporters up there so hopefully we can get that tv shows some of the damage and one of the neighborhoods and i believe i pulled up real quick that neighborhood was the colonial estates neighborhood when the damage came in so that's a supper looking at two as we go for the night collecting information out one more thing to the only school delay reported so far and uses not had any of its this one is the lamarr county i believe this is added to our delayed if i'm mistaken and that only one i really think that for the rest this was a mighty watching let's talk about what we can expect yes i'll do it here shows the story you got the rabbi the buying juliet and mrs. future castrated latest version and basically are in six i want to cast a number of the products here i were going to start this at 1 o'clock is 12 the one and this is basically where the storms are right now pushing along in southeast of the trays this is doing phenomenally well the cdm would love to see that sometimes these models only work that well sometimes a dylan is doing the job tonight so i want to say by two 3 o'clock in the morning the storms of the pushing through the columbus area spell probably feel good chunk of the lamarr county and this is required morning love you to the strong storms here's how the columbus and asia i advance past three a get closer to four in the morning on a lot of this stuff should be on the wane and part of their simply simmering around your but that overall severe weather potential looks like it before part by 4 o'clock in the morning and by 6 o'clock in the morning as we get ready for school day of work day election day either severe weather threat time maybe a rogue shower to lingering the out these but nice clearing trend developing from northwest to southeast that is really the next five hours here in northeast mississippi and west alabama all last woman is now but things will be improving here in the next deck limited to jacob in fact we had to get some in i guess this is a positive sign was here one is that the 20 to 1 and overseer are far northwest octave and chaka that god had canceled storm is guided does not mean we are out of the woods yet we still have the strong storms of the potential for rotation i marginal are they still have a severe thunderstorm warning with a tornado possible tag or chalk talk in october county that's going to be for this complex of stores here are from the westside estoppel down towards sturgis to acumen towards where basically along into the north of highway 12 is where the showers and storms are and again we we look on our velocity in see much there but that doesn't mean that were were hundred percent safe right now so still many have to watch this area but i think it's a safe bet start with some gusty winds and rain out of this in the coming art ideas into his outside the emergency management office in webster county that's a more unlawful has no damage to which there we like to hear that we will be in contacted the newsroom with some of our other emergency management agencies in the area including nightlife the chalk, every and italic county to see if there's anything that was there and there may very well be some damage that's left behind in some of these areas but we won't know that for a while nighttime the storms are moving through by the emergency crews are going out in the middle of them they'll wait to after two assesses damaged by keith i think it's safe to say the worst damage has been up into below to the north towards agatha as well as north america sheet i near into it while the county i think that's the case so far we are out of the woods yet but well hidden and assess the and right now of get ready go back to regular grammy tvs i will be her my things by addressing us with our velocity there is the line of demarcation here from just around aberdeen through for now that's with his actuals wall line will be in the clear but we are looking at the little rogue circulations like that one ahead of that line right there in those little rogue circulations i have the mainline can often give rise to some activity that could give rise to a 20 take circulation i think we'll try to do is i do have a deal from alea okay so this is this is from tupolev we can this be what this site this is allie barnes video have cracked serious icg applicants may take a minute to really be good to see in colonial estate to colonial states via coming from allie martin of flow and will have that behavior usually and that is contained the way of what is happening here to night as of right now it is 12 as of right now it is 1255 no warnings and is there some video spring in a full- screen agency this is some of the damage here o'neil states here into low is he a tree down right there and some debris across the roads that tree right there on that structure the home it would appear and i just a busy night here in north mississippi and parts of northwest alabama with trees, nine down and the very strong and associated with the storms that have been russo this is just a good little taste of what we've had here cause a region tonight responders out dealing with the situation it you are out the caution you to stay away from those three areas and you come upon some first responders is to let them do their job and clear the roads and get things under control we probably won't be to give full service faction in any of this until we get into the daylight hours and thankfully now that we had the time change we'll get our daylight sooner and we can assert assess things about 6 o'clock in the morning so again that coming from the colonial states area into low vicinity and that was earlier this evening that tornado debris signature was anywhere between about 1111 20 there in the county and then it shifted on over another 20 oh probably in the warm accounting shifted over to teach me go and the northwest alabama so i supposed and asked whether some cement this will be out designating this stuff is because throughout the next day or so and maybe dare to and i'll be out to see i was a 2011 was how strong was it seem so the national weather service here in huntsville northwest alabama again with some of those are likely tornadoes that we saw a lease from a radar perspective so now we are going to do one asking into the radar looks like anxiety simmering down a little bit here at 1257 and from a real perspective we will continue to monitor things no active 20 oh warnings in place however we do and to let you know that we do have the severe thunderstorm warning that continues for another 15 minutes for parts of southwest not to buy and the essential parts of the choctaw county that doesn't acumen and sturgis is not dark will but there could be some very strong gusty winds some of this tv right now the 20th right with this complex lease as of right now is on the lower end of the spectrum but suffice they were to be here monitoring and all evening long with alice back to regular programming we will continue our little simulcast or discussion on facebook live have a safe you will online you i


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