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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Tuesday Morning Sprit

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Tuesday Morning Sprit
Tuesday Morning Sprit
Strong storms knocked out the power to hundreds in Madison.

It's 6:5 ... time for the morning sprint as we get your day started with more local news than anyone else.

We start with breaking news into the channel 3000 alert center -- of thousands of power outages across the midwest.

That includes the west side of madison ... where are crews are working right now to repair power lines... after a tree fell on them overnight.

There are scenes like this across southern wisconsin this morning... m-g-and-e is reporting about 400 outages right now ... and alliant energy is reporting close to 15-hundred.

A five-year-old boy is critically injured and a woman is dead after a two- vehicle crash in rural rock county late yesterday - the rock county sheriff's office says the woman didn't stop at a stop sign at county highway b in the town of magnolia ... before hitting a dump truck.

The woman and the five-year-old were both ejected from the car.

A two month old girl was also in the car ... but wasn't hurt.

Highway b was shut down for almost 7 hours overnight.

Today: variably cloudy, warm and humid with showers and thunderstorms, mainly this morning.

High: 84 wind: sw 10-15 mph tonight: mostly cloudy and mild with showers and thunderstorms developing late.

Low: 68 wind: s 5-10 mph the american red cross is need of blood donations after hurricane dorian disrupted its supply.

Dorian forced the closure of some major blood donation centers... and canceled blood drives in its path... causing blood and platelet donations to go uncollected.

Donors of all blood types are urgently needed to ensure a sufficient supply for patients.

People can also help by making a financial donation to support relief efforts.

The trial for the former fort-atkinson priest accused of sexual assault continues this morning.

William nolan is charged with assaulting a then-13-year-old alter boy... more than 100 times during and after nolan's tenure at st.

Joseph's in fort atkinson.

The state claimed father nolan took advantage of the victim... who struggled with his faith and sexuality.

The defense says there's no proof of the allegations.

We're awaiting the results of an autopsy for a man whose body was found near railroad tracks in the town of blooming grove.

The dane county sheriff's office says the body was found on saturday morning on underdahl road just east of i-90... officials believe the body had been there for an extended period of time... that death investigation is ongoing.

The attorney for steven avery says there's a 100-thousand- dollar reward for anyone who can help catch the quote "real killer" of theresa halbach.

Attorney kathleen zellner tweeted the announcement yesterday.

A tip line has been set up for anyone with information.

City leaders will be talking today about how your tax money will be used in next year's capital budget proposal.

The finance committee took up mayor satya rhodes-conway's proposal yesterday... after she announced priorities last week.

The full city council is scheduled to take up the budget for final approval about two months from now.

Happening tomorrow -- community members who would be affected by the addition of f-35 jets in madison... are invited to attend a listening session.

You'll get more information... and also have the opportunity to ask questions about the jets' environmental impact.

It'll be held at sherman middle school at 5:30 tomorrow night.

U-w madison is upping its cyber security for students, faculty and staff... by requiring a second level of security to log in to their wisc accounts.

In addition to entering their password...peop le must enter a six-digit code from a token... or accept the login attempt via an app on their phone.

All uw campuses are enforcing the multi-factor authentication and so are some other big ten schools.

Wisconsin's attorney- general is joining 49 other states -- to investigate google's business practices.

The bipartisan coalition plans on investigating google's reach into online advertising markets and search traffic.

The wisconsin department of justice says legal experts from each state will work with federal authorities in the process.

President trump says it was his decision to call off peace talks with the taliban.

The controversial summit was set to be held at camp david this week-- the 18th anniversary of the september 11th attacks-- which led to the war in afghanistan.

President trump still wants to draw down u-s troops in that country.

The south korean company that owns the cargo ship that capsized off georgia's coast... says it's grateful for the rescue of its crew members.

Four men were trapped in the ship for more than 30 hours after it originally overturned... and were finally rescued yesterday.

The company says it's working with u-s agencies to mitigate environmental damage.

Baseball fans are happy to see david ortiz back on the field... the former boston red sox slugger threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the yankees/red sox game last night.

It was "big papi's" first public appearance since he was shot in the dominican republic back in june.

Ortiz thanked his fans for their support.

The brewers are still in the middle of the wildcard chase after a win in miami last night.

Yasmani grandal gave the brewers an 8- to-3 lead with his 26th home run of the season... and that would be the final score.

The cubs also won last night ... meaning the brewers are still 2 games behind them for the final playoff spot.

Summer construction season is winding down ... and we're getting close to seeing the orange barrels disappear along a major stretch of road in the madison area.

The d-o-t says the verona road project is on track to open up to three lanes of traffic each way by november.

The d-o-t says there's only one more construction season before the entire verona road project is finished.

That work should be done by next november.

6:5 now... let's turn it over to jason stone with a look at your first-alert traffic.

An incident has been reported on the westbound beltline between the interstate and stoughton road.

Drivers are backed up on the interstate thru monona drive.

No issues on john nolen heading downtown or any of the intersections.

With your first alert traffic, i'm jason stone today: variably cloudy, warm and humid with showers and thunderstorms, mainly this morning.

High: 84 wind: sw 10-15 mph tonight: mostly cloudy and mild with showers and thunderstorms developing late.

Low: 68 wind: s 5-10 mph