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Dog's Cape: A secret exotic paradise in Greece

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Dog's Cape: A secret exotic paradise in Greece

Dog's Cape: A secret exotic paradise in Greece

We discover for the first time an unknown exotic sailor's paradise via drone.

Dog's Cape or Tselevinia, Poros, a place endowed with turquoise waters and "blue lakes" where Poros scavengers (and not only) find their refuge to experience the unique beauty of the Greek sea reminiscent of tropical countries.

It is located at the eastern end of the Argolic Peninsula and is the easternmost tip of the geographical district of the Peloponnese.

Administratively it belongs to the Region of Attica, the Regional Unit of the Islands of Attica, and in particular to the Municipality of Trizinias.

It lies north of the Saronic Gulf, east and south of the Aegean Sea (Argosaronic region).

To the east of the cape are two islets, the Dog and the Sword, which are often referred to as the "Celebinia".

Cape Skyllaio along with Cape Sounio and the island of Saint George of Lavreotiki mark the boundaries of the Saronic Gulf.

According to one version, the name Skyllaio comes from Skylla, daughter of the King of the Great Nisos, whose body was washed away in the area.

The name Tselevinia is said to be of Arvanite origin and dates back to the 16th century, when the Arvanites of the area were trying to hide from the Turks who were persecuting them.

The Arvanites used the phrase "cellie-veneer" (= watch out for coming) when alerting Turkish ships to approach the area.

The area of ​​Skylai is said to have been inhabited since the Stone Age.

The earliest inhabitants are referred to in the literature as the Scyllians, and evidence of ancient human activity is the ruins of a coastal fortress located in the area.

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