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Friday, January 22, 2021

Trump rally has high attendance

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Trump rally has high attendance
Trump rally has high attendance
Trump rally has high attendance

President donald trump ... making his second visit to louisiana in recent weeks in a bid to knock off democratic governor john bel edwards and elect fellow republican eddie rispone.news15's cassie schirm is live at the convention center in bossier city with a preview, cassie?

President donald trump is back in bossier city tonight to rally for eddie rispone for louisiana's next governor news 15s cassie schirm is there at the rally where hundreds have come together cassie.

Cassie that's right people are filling in right now after standing outside in the cold and rain to see president donald trump be on that stage back behind me here.

Now i spoke to many people who were waiting in line today and they say they were excited to have the president back again.

Now this is the third time the president has visited the bayou state but he's not the only one from the white house ..

Last month vice president mike pence and trump junior came as well.

Now president trump is here to rally behind gubernatorial candidate eddie rispone to help get those votes for the election this weekend.

Now trump will be on that stage at 7 tonight telling people to get out and vote: and we will be here for the latest on his rally in bossier city i'm cassie schirm.


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