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Monday, January 18, 2021

Council Members Approve Raise for Themselves

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Council Members Approve Raise for Themselves
Council Members Approve Raise for Themselves
We're hearing how community members are reacting

Month - rochester city leaders will be getting bigger paychecks after the city council approved raises for its members and mayor kim norton.

Kimt news 3's annalise johnson is finding out how community members feel about this action.

Xxx council pay raise-lintro-5 amy - city council voted here at rochester city hall monday night to more than double their salaries.

Nx fp multi line:city council pay raises rochester, mn mayor's new salary: $78,840 council president's ne ... mayor kim norton's salary will be raised from roughly $38 thousand to $79 thousand.

Council president randy staver's salary will change from roughly $28 thousand to $67 thousand - and the rest of the council's salaries will rise from about $22 thousand to $53 thousand.

Xxx solar-lmpkg-1 council pay raise-lmpkg-3 i spoke to ralph hettig...the owner of wild goose sports in rochester.

He's not happy about the council's vote to raise their own pay... and says he hopes rochester residents will remember this next election season.

Council pay raise-lmpkg-2 "not many places can pick their own prices, their own raises and i think the city council exceeded any kind of normal limits by going that way."

Bank-ltag-3 city council's reasoning for this pay raise is that the current council does not accurately reflect the demographic of the city - and and people who can't afford living on a $23 thousand dollar salary will be deterred from running for council.

The council believes a pay raise may lead to a more diverse future city council.

Live in rochester annalise johnson kimt news 3.

Thank you annalise.

The new salaries are based on percentages of the median income for an olmsted county resident.

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