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Monday, January 18, 2021

Warm Giveaway Followup

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Warm Giveaway Followup
Warm Giveaway Followup
A Joplin women is giving away warm clothes

About a joplin resident who's giving away hats, scarves and headbands to anyone in need by hanging them on her fence.

Now, koam's zach dodge has why they got started, how it's impacting those in need..

And how in the end, it's about spreading kindness.

Hooks, needles and a lot of yarn.

That's all pam parcell needs to stay busy for hours.

Nats: "it's a huge stress reliever for me.

I just love it."

For several years she's made christmas gifts for everyone in her family..

But this year, she decided to do something a little different.

Parcell: "i had all this leftover yarn and i thought, i am not gonna just stick it in a tote and so i thought, well i'll just stick a couple of them out here ya know and see how it works."

That wasn't even a month ago, and there's already been more than 40 different things taken from the fence.

Parcell: "i didn't think i'd actually be almost out.

It's crazy."

Zach: "but to fully understand why pam does what she does, you have to go back to august, when she herself received a huge blessing."

Parcell: "the last car my husband had got together in 2003, he knew was gonna give up the ghost.

And then he passed away four years ago.

Well of course i never got a different car, and at the beginning of the summer this year, it gave up the ghost.

A family member said that god had told him to get me transportation.

So in that thorough huge blessing that god is constantly faithful over, i wanted to be faithful to god and be a blessing to others."

For some like miranda wyrick, it's a bigger blessing than parcell could ever know.

Wyrick: "i've been staying at soul's harbor for two months now.

When i left my home, i was leaving a life of drugs behind.

I didn't know that there were people in joplin that cared that much about others.

It's amazing."

Parcell: "if this is a way that i can serve and be able to do something that i love as well, then that's why god gave me the gift that i have.

And anyone that can make things can things can serve as well.

Whether it be crocheting hats, knitting hats, sewing.

Whatever it is they can serve god as well and contribute to others that may be in need."

Just another reminder of how something as small as a hat on a fence can make a big difference in someone's life.

In joplin, zach dodge, koam news.

Dowe: par-sell invites anyone with winter hats or scarves to put them on her fence, so more people in need can be impacted.

She also plans to continue the new tradition next year.

Dowe: today -- president trump's


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