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BREE 10PM 12-13

License plates being stolen in the tr?

State area the new technology that is helping authorities catch the thieves.

### the house judiciary commitittee approved two articles of impeachment today.

How this could effect trump and the 2?20 presidential election.

### "our thing has always been to empower people.

But to empower, we have to first entertain.

If i've got you laughin', i've got you listening."

A radio legend is retiring today after a storied half century career.

Whats next for tom joyner as he prepares to walk away from his radio show.

New tonight at nine?

With christmas just around the corner?

More people are targeting your private property?

And finding new ways of saving some cash.

But now?

Some thieves are targeting license plates.

Tonight law enforcement officials are reminding drivers to make sure your license plate is still in tact before getting behind the wheel.

44news reporter joylyn bukovac tells us what else to keep in mind.


"license plate thefts are commo?

But there are ways to prevent thieves from preying on your vehicle.

You can put thief resistant bolts on your car."

These come with a ke?

And may be the difference between getting your license plate*stolen or not "the thief is looking for a license plate, he's going to move on to one that's easier to steal if he sees one that's properly secured."

A stolen license plate something eric miller has come across first hand while taking a used car for a test drive.

"well when i took it for a test drive, my buddy ran the license plate and said, 'you don't want this car.'

And i was like 'why?'

And he said i just ran the license plate and found out it's registered to someone else's vehicle."

"there is a black market for someone's license plates."

Authorities say stolen plates can also end up on stolen cars or hide expired plates.

"so it's something motorists should be aware of and take some precautions to make sure their plate doesn't get stolen."

It's advised to keep your car in a garage at night if possibl?

Or make sure your license plate is secured tightly.

Evansville police even use automated license plate readers... they are constantly scanning plates?

Catching criminals on the loose or finding stolen tags, cars and even missing people.

"the officer will get an alert if that plate is stolen or if that person who is registered to that plate has a warrant."

Vanderburgh county sheriff's deputies log that information manuall?

Working ahead at solving crime?

Especially as thefts increase during the holiday season.

"i mean people are just doing anything nowadays just to either do something to your vehicle or just to make money off of you.

I mean, it's just that time of the year."

"if you notice your license plate is missing, call police and go to the dmv or bmv to get a new one.

Reporting in evansville, jb 44news."

Caregivers are tasked with one of the most important jobs across the board?

Taking care of some of our most vulnerable loved ones?

The elderly.

But one employee is now accused of violating policy?

And taking money from a local nursing home resident.

Evansville police say it happened at the university nursing and rehab center.

An employee allegedly asked a resident to loan him money?

And the resident went along with it?

Because she said she felt sorry for him.

A social worker found out?

And filed a report?

Because it's against the home's policy?

For any employee to accept money from a resident.

Administrator s for the nursing home declined to comment.

It's unclear if that staffer remains employed at the nursing hom?or if he'll be facing consequence s.

New tonight at ten?

Even thought he holidays are often seen as a time to come together with friends and family?

It can*also be a dark and scary time.

On average?

Nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by their partner in the united states.

That adds up to more than 1?million people.

Megan diventi explains what resources are available to people in need.

"it's around the holidays when you're visiting family and friend?where it may be a good time to look out for signs of abuse between your loved ones and their partne?

Also letting them know there are resources available."

"just bring up some of the things they see but in private, but not demanding that they leave this relationship or that they end it cause getting out of a domestic violence situation is a process."

It's a time of the year associated with family tradition and making memories.

But for victims of domestic violence it could be difficult.

"it's not something that happens because of drinking, because of drugs, or because of somebody that has anger issue?it's an issue of power and control.

So it's something that happens the entire year, not just at the holidays."

Officials with the albion bacon fellows center say they don't see an increase in violence this time of yea?

However they do notice a different trend.

"in reality just with that societies pressure, a lot of the times for domestic violence victims they are not seeking services at that time because they feel like they need to keep the family together, they want to have a magical christmas for their children, so many times they try to make it work during that time."

According to the national resource center on domestic violenc?the call volume on the holidays between thanksgiving and new years eve decrease?

Instead of spiking as many assume.

But for family and friends of victim?there are several red flags to look out for.

"they may notice a change in that persons behavior, so maybe if this is a new relationship that they are in and they used to spend lots of time with family and friends, they used to be very outgoing, and now whenever you see them with their partner they are very withdrawn, very quiet."

Officials say domestic violence can take many form?and those impacted are encouraged to seek hel?

No matter what time of the year.

"it's a community problem its something that we all need to be aware of."

"if you or someone you know needs help, a link to the albion fellows bacon center can be found on our website at wevv.com.

Reporting in evansville, md, 44news."

We've had nice weather this week around the tr?state but we're tracking wet conditions for your weekend.

Chief meteorologis t cameron hopman is live with a look at your 44festive forecast.


The full house is expected to vote as soon as wednesday.

Democratic leaders are bracing for a few defections from moderate members from swing districts who are concerned that a vote to impeach the president could cost them their seats in 2?20.

President trump could be just days away from making history as two articles of impeachment were voted out of the judiciary committee today.

Skyler henry reports from capitol hill.

At a white house visit with the leader of paraguay, president trump warned democrats are setting a dangerous precedent.

"someday there'll be a democrat president and a republica?

Controlled house and i suspect they're going to remember it."

The president's team appears to be gearing up for a trial in the senate.mr. trump's personal attorney, rudy guiliani was at the white house this morning, shortly after the house judicial committee voted on party lines to send two impeachment charges to the house floor.the first for abuse of power&amp;the second, obstruction of congress.

"if we let the president get away with this misconduct, it means that every president for all time will be able to bring foreign powers into our elections."

"the full house vote to impeach the president could take place as early as next wednesday.

Democratic house leaders expect a few defections from moderate members in vulnerable swing districts but they expect they have the votes needed to pass."

If that happens, it will go to the senate for a trial early next year.on fox news last night, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said there's zero chance the president will be removed from office.

"i'm coordinating with white house counsel, there will be no difference between the president's position and our position as to how to handle this."

Democrats including congresswom an pramila jayapal pushed back on republicans' plans, urging americans to call their senators and demand a fair trial.

"not a fixed trial where the foreman of the jury, mitch mcconnell, the guy who decides all the rules is actually going to coordinate with the defendant."

President trump has said he wants to call witnesses in the trial, but republicans are split on whether that's a good idea.

Sklyer henry, cbs new, capitol hill.

In kentuck?

Outrage over a spree of pardons by former governor matt bevin has spread to the state capitol.

Two lawmakers have asked the incoming attorney general to investigate the orders including one pardon for a convicted killer.

Lawrence smith has this story.

Verbatim does not match former kentucky gov.

Matt bevin took to social media friday to defend the spree of pardons granted in his last weeks in office.

Kentucky senate president robert stivers is calling for a federal investigation into pardons, and two kentucky lawmakers are calling for a criminal investigation into bevin.

After being on air 2?years and reaching over ?million listener?

Radio icon tom joyner is hanging up his hat.

His amazing journey that put his syndicated show on the map.

On 44news at 10.

Signing off today after a legendary career.

The 7?year old is the host of america's number 1 syndicated urban morning sho?which airs in more than 105 markets nationwide and reaches nearly ?

Million listeners.

Jericka duncan has more.

Nats&amp; (montage of joyner on the radio today and back in the day).

Tom joyner keeps his listeners laughing... (nat break) and learning... "our thing has always been to empower people.

But to empower, we have to first entertain.

If i've got you laughin', i've got you listening."

His nationally syndicated radio show which hit the airwaves in 1994&amp; &amp;with a certain audience in mind "we do a show for africa?americans.

That's what we do."

In 2000, joyner discussed his influence with 60 minutes corresponde nt lesley stahl.

"1996 the election, (yeah) i've heard you were responsible for registering &lt; million black voters.

I've been given that credit.

Politicians, they call you?

They want to come on?


They think if they want to reach africa?american that vote, then they can come to this show.

How does the message that you were talking about in 2000 resonate with 2019 as we go into the 2020 election?

( (sigh) it was different then.

It was different then.

How so?

Well people back then, especially black peopl?

I think were more woke then than we are now in 2000?

In 2000 joyner says "supe?

Serving" the african american community has been the secret to his success.

"don't worry about crossover.

Just super serve, super serve, super serve.

Anything that affects african american?

That's what you do.

Just worry about connecting to people and their needs.

He was born and raised in tuskegee, alabama&amp; one of many cities that helped shape the civil rights movement.

I was a fat kid and they served great food at civil rights marches.

Oh my god the chicken was good.

So, i'm out there protesting the fact our radio station in this all black town didn't play any black music.

And this guy who owned the radio station, which was inside a ford dealership, came out and said, "you know// i don't need this.

I'm trying to really sell some cars.// tell you what, it's a sun up, sun down station, every saturday, i'll let one of you play all the aretha and the temptations that you want."( and so i put the sign down?

I was holding a sandwich?

And said, "i'll do it."

And i did.

That's how it started?

That's how it started.

By the mid 1980s, joyner earned the nickname "fly jock..."

Nat dallas show&amp; that's because he was offered two jobs and took both?

Flying between dallas where he did a morning show&amp; nat chicago show..

&amp;and chicago where he was on air in the afternoons.

How did you do that for eight years though?

I mea?


(laugh)// celebrities including oprah winfrey have been calling in to congratulate joyner on his retirement.

Nat radio show &amp; nat oprah call &amp;"congratulations !

I mean, the world isn't going to be the same without you two."

Nat sybil&amp; sybil wilkes c?hosts the show with joyner from dallas.

The tom joyner morning show has been a lifeline for a lotta people who are goin' through their da?t?day.

But it has empowered them.

It's entertained.

Entertainmen t and empowerment have paid off.

At his peak, joyner says he was pulling in 14 million dollars a year.

But it got to a point where they would ?

"all right, we're gonna cut your salary in half."


"and then in half."


And then in half two years ago.

Because my salary was based on my results and// not only was i losing affiliates but radio industry as a whole was losing traction.

If you had been offered more money, would you have stayed longer?

Heck, yeah.

Shoot, ?

My goal was to die on the radio.

(laugh) have my funeral on the radio nat jericka and tom outside&amp; what's the next chapter?

I'm just gonna be concentratin' on raising money and // putting it in the hands of college students// to help their tuitio?

At historically black colleges.// that's my goal.

All after 12:00 noon.

(laugh) so// you won't be waking up till after the noon hour?

That's right.

I'm not goin' to bed till 3:00 in the morning.

(laugh) joyner's advice to his successor, rickey smiley continue to supe?serve the african american community and give back.jericka duncan, cbs news, new york.

It's a busy night on the high school basketball courts..

John joins us next with a look at sports.

Have two teams that are both unbeaten on the year.

Reitz makes the short trip to mater dei..

The wildcats have won 5 in a row.

Mater dei up 13 at the break..

And at the start of the 3rd..

Jackson hiester says lets make it 16.

Reitz responds from deep as well though..

Owen dease drains the top of the key 3..

That's what they call shooters touch..

Panthers pull back within a bakers dozen.

But on the very next possession..

Wildcats breaking the press..

Hiester into the lane and finishing..

He scores a game high 29..

Mater dei up 15.

The wildcats continue to break the press..

This time it ends with a dunk by alex money..

The home team with a big 17 point lead.

Reitz not phased though..

Jordan jarvis with a nifty reverse layup..

Panthers inching closer.

Then khristian lander hangs in the air long enough to throw up the floater..

Plus the foul..

Lander drops 26..

Reitz within single digits.

Mater dei keeping their foot on the gas..

Tyler phelps nets himself 24..

But in the end..

Reitz completes the comeback.

Dease scores 25.

Panthers on top 79?


Staying in the ???c..

Harrison opens up conference play on the road against castle.

1st quarter..

Bob nunge threading the pass to louis brock..

The knights draw first blood.

Now they strike from the perimeter..

Isaiah swope with the jab step..

Then the junior rises up and knocks one down..

Knights up by 1.

Harrison answers right away though..

Ja'twan watson showing big men can move too.

The euro step layup puts the warriors up 3... but here comes castle.

Swope to cole simmons on the wing..

Down the hatch it goes..

And then sisimmons spreads the wealth.

Zeke niehaus is hiding in the corner..

The triple try ringing true..

Castle retakes the lead.

Harrison not going away though..

Watson using his 240 pound frame to his advantage..

Then the senior takes the ball up court..

Finds kam wilson..

Using the pump fake to perfection..

It's all tied up..

But castle eventually pulls away.

Swope to niehuas in the final seconds of the 1st..

Castle wins 83?


The big 8 meets the siac..

Undefeated princeton ranked 5th in the state..

The tigers hosting the 4th ranked bulldogs from bosse.

Second quarter..

Princeton down 9 but not out..

Jurrien ballard fakes..

Fires and hits.

The deficit is 7.

Bosse not rattled though.

William lucy sees an opening and drains the floater.

Bulldogs up 2?16.

Tigers still trying to inch back in it.

Miles bostick comes up with the loose ball and banks it in.

Princeton still down 9.

The tigers get a shot in the arm..

And with just under 3 to play..

Rhett thompson pulls up for three.


And the deficit is back to 7..

But the tigers couldn't complete the comeback..

Bosse big man kiyron powell comes up with the board and the bucket..

Bosse wins a close one 51?


We also have a ??c opener..

Gibson southern hosting tell city.

Titans on the attack early..

Kaden hurless hangs in the paint and drops the shot.

Gibson southern with the first points of the game.

The sophomore wasn't done there though..

He gets into the paint once more..

This time he dumps it off to adam may for the deuce as the titans add on.

Tell city not going anywhere though.

Devin pruitt finds kaden chestnut.

The junior pulling up from long range..

Marksmen down 1.

Gibson southern playing strong though..

Titans cleaning up the glass as may gets the bucket.

Home team trying to pull away.

Just seconds later..

Aidan neel turns on the jets... beating everyone to the rack.

Titans up 7.

Tell city refuses to quit though.

Keaton lloyd comes up with the rebound and the bucket.

But gibson southern is too strong.

Mitchell spindler to may for the lay in.

Gibson southern takes it 3?30.

And that's all the action i have for you tonight..

We will be right back..

After this quick timeout.

A live look tonigh metro cam chief meteorologis t cameron hopman is here with a final check of your weather.

That's our time for this day night...rememb er, 44

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