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Midmorning With Aundrea - March 5, 2020 (Part 1) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

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Midmorning With Aundrea - March 5, 2020 (Part 1) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]
Midmorning With Aundrea - March 5, 2020 (Part 1) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

(Part 1 of 2.

Originally aired February 17, 2020) Today we find out what cars were named the safest, and we get a special behind the scenes look at the hit show "Macgyver."

Reminder, a one hour s if you're in the market to buy a new car, you'll want to hear what cars made "safes vehicles" list and, behind the scenes of the hit cbs show "macgyver.

Plus, inside an ice castle.

Midmorning starts right now.

It has been two years since a gunman killed 17 people at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida.

Since that time, active shooter drills have become routine for many schools and students.

But now the nation's two largest teachers' unions are pushing to change how they're conducted.

Vladimir duthiers explains.

Unannounced active shooter drills happen at least twice a year at the neptune, new jersey high school where charlize kepler is a freshman.

We met up with charlize and her mom, beth, at their local coffee shop.

"a lot of school are conducting these active shooter drills.

How do you feel about them?"

"i feel sad tha they are necessary, but as a parent it makes me feel comfortable that there's something being done..."

The drill at charlize's school last fall sparked immediate controversy in her community and school districts nationwide.

"no one shoul ever support doing something just because you feel like 'well, we have to do something so let's do this.'

When what you're doing can actually cause trauma and fear for those children."

Lilly eskelsen garcia is the president of the national education association.

The nea wants to end drills where weapons are drawn and actors play roles as victims - sometimes covered with fake blood.

"one of the thing we know is not helpful is to have an active, realistic shooter drill that can frighten, terrorize, traumatize the big people and the little people in that school."

The nea also wants to notify teachers, students and parents in advance of active shooter drills.

"alert, alert this i a drill, we are pretending&" in 2018, cbs this morning aired a live, pre-planned shooter drill with a group of ohio fourth graders.

=kids stacking desks= even with notification and television cameras in their classroom, students revealed how frightening the experience could be.

"who here i scared when they go through these drills?"

As for charlize, the active shooter drills are not traumatic, they're typical.

"... we don't see i as something that's so terrifying as some of the older generations // because it's just kind of how we've grown up and lived."

The keplers do agree with one of the changes the teachers unions would like to see and that's providing students with school-based mental health assistance.

Vladimir duthiers, cbs news, new york.

Under the mississippi school safety act, school districts have active shooter drills twice a year.

They are required within the first 60 days of each semester.

It does not allow teachers the option to opt out.

The insurance institute for highway safety is out with its list of the safest vehicles.

Elise preston reports.

To earn a top safety pick.... vehicles must perform well in six different crash tests.

The insurance institute for highway safety also measures roof strength..

And evaluates whether headlights provide good vision.

This year 64 vehicles earned a top safety pick award, seven more than last year.

And 23 received the highest honor of top safety pick plus.

"it is a encouraging sign, uh, especially since we raised the bar a little bit this year."

I-h-s president david harkey says vehicles had to meet a higher standard in crash tests.

They also were required to have pedestrian detection systems that can prevent an accident.

Of all the automakers mazda took home the most safety pick plus awards with five.

Subaru had four.

Gm's cadillac was the only u-s car company to earn the top award.

"i do think tha vehicles are as safe as we've ever seen them."

But harkey says carmakers can do even better.

"one of the thing we would like to see more improvement on is headlights."

He would like to see top performing headlights become standard on all vehicles... giving drivers a better chance at avoiding an accident in the first place.

Elise preston, cbs news, new york.

Elise preston, cbs news, new york.

Hyundai had eight models that earned a top safety pick award and three were given the top safety pick plus.

A new survey finds many couples are being unfaithful... when it comes to money.

Marin austin looks at how many are committing financial infidelity.

"we have a share account."

Evon and stephen manalasay have been together for nearly 30 years and came to an agreement on finances when they got married.

"he makes th money, i handle the money.

Make sense?"

"so communication?"


But many couples are aren't open and truthful when it comes to money. surveyed 25- hundred americans in serious reltionships.

They found 44 percent admitted to commiting "financia infidelity" "financia infidelity usually takes one of three forms: it's secret debt, secret accounts, // or it could be secret spending."

Ted rossman from creditcards dot com says 34 percent admit to spending more money than they feel their partner would be comfortable with.

17 percent have kept a secret account and 12 percent carried secret debt "what's even mor surprising is 27% say that it's even worse than physical cheating.

So this is really a big deal for a lot of people."

Millennials are the most likely to be financially unfaithful.

One out of four of has kept a secret bank account hidden from a partner.

24 year-old anna bagley is single but doesn't plan to share a bank account with another person.

"when you jus start out, you're really aware of all your expenses and when you get in to a relationship it's hard to not think about that."

Rossman says honesty is the best policy.

"just make sur that you're on the same page about your income, your expenses, your goals - it's really important."

Couples that invest in a financial communication& can see big dividends in a successful relationship marin austin, cbs news, los angeles.

Talking to babies may seem silly.

But scientists say the way you pa parents may play a bigger role in their child's speech development than many realize -- according to a new study.

Mandy gaither has more in in today's health minute.

"i bet you woul like it yeah!"

áhowá parents talk to infants -- is strongly linked to how the child's speech develops -- according to an ongoingstudyrece ntlypublished in proceedings of the national academy of sciences.

-- the study showed that children whose parents who were coached in parentese -- a near-universal speaking style distinguished by higher pitch, slower tempo and exaggerated intonation -- showed significant gains in conversational turn taking and vocalizations between 14 and 18 months.

Coaching meant educating the parent on benefits of speaking to their babies -- and being encouraged to engage the child in back and forth conversational- type exchanges.

One of the authors says children of those coached parents -- produced real words such as ball or milk at almost twice the rate of children whose parents áweren'tá coached to speak parentese.

A previous study on the same group of babies showed parents who were coached to use parentese -- had babies who babbled more and had more words by 14 months than those who were not trained.

For today's health minute, i'm mandy gaither.

A plant-based food company is suing california food regulators, partly over the company's butter.

John ramos has more on the..

Butter battle.

"here at miyoko' creamery in petaluma they're producing butter and cheese from plants.

But according to the dept.

Of food and agriculture that's not what they're doing at all."

Miyoko schinner is on a roll.

Her company turns cashews, oats and legumes into items that taste just like dairy products.

Her best-selling vegan butter just got picked up by costco and her company is doubling in sales each year.

So she was surprised when she got this letter from the california dept.

Of food and agriculture saying she should stop calling her vegan butter&butter.

"when i saw tha letter i actually burst out laughing."

The letter says a product cannot be called butter unless it is made exclusively from milk or cream.

Actually, there are a lot of non- dairy products with "butter" their names but the letter says miyoko's packaging is creating an "erroneou impression" wit consumers.

Miyoko schinner/founder, miyoko's creamery "i don't thin there's a single confused consumer out there&no more than a consumer is confused when they order almond milk.

They know it's not dairy milk&in fact, they're ordering almond milk because they don't want dairy milk."

But the letter doesn't stop there.

It also says the company website must remove this picture of a woman hugging a cow because it implies that's where the product came from.

Miyoko believes this is simply a government agency trying to protect an industry that feels threatened by change.

"yes, they're goin to be threatened and they're going to try to challenge this.

But the fact is there's a huge amount of consumers that are transitioning to a new food system."

Jennifer berretta/berretta family dairy "i don't see he product as a threat to the industry.

I feel her messaging is a threat to the industry.

Jennifer beretta helps operate her family's dairy farm in santa rosa.

She believes miyoko's goal it to put an end to the dairy business altogether&a fact that miyoko doesn't deny.

Jennifer says in this battle, words matter&even words as simple as "milk" and "butte "we're not tryin to control.

We're just making what the definition is, fit.

And milk, the definition is from a mammal."

So what's in a name?

An established industry and an upstart challenger are setting up a battle over butter.

So far the company hasn't changed their packaging, instead filing a lawsuit against the state for violation of freedom of speech.

When we come back, some single guys use dating apps.

Others - reality tv.

But this next guy has a really big we're reminded when it comes to love you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover - but can you judge a man by his billboard?

Rylee carlson went to manchester, england to find out.

Nats....traffic shots few would bet the road to love, leads through a spot like this.

But for about 600 dollars, a british man thought it was worth the gamble.

I was struggling a little bit with the dating apps and thought i kinda wanna do something different to stand out.//as a joke, i just said at this rate, i'll have to put my face on a billboard..

30 year old mark rofe decided he had nothing to lose... the billboard sends potential matches to this website... letting them know he's 6 feet tall, has kissed more than 3 women, and not surprisingly - he works in advertising..

I just thought if i have these marketing skills than i may as well use it you know to enhance my love life.

You never know these days, anything could work..

Well it made us all read it.

Somebody might want to date mark!

You never know.

At last count - more than á2- thousandá somebodies had applied.

..from all around the globe.

Nats... matchmaker sarah louise ryan says a bold move is sometimes what it takes.

Mark having put himself out there quite physically and literally he's really seeing a return on that.

Now comes the hard part - searching through all those emails - hoping he finds the one.

I'm very optimistic now, i think if i don't find someone within that than maybe there is something wrong with me.

Mark hopes finding love is as easy as finding ad space.

Rylee carlson cbs news, manchester - england.

Mark has set up his first date from this experience.

The billboard bachelor went out on valentine's day for drinks.

This season of love focuses on partners.

But in california, the focus is on appreciation.

John blackstone has the story.

At the age of 104 major bill white remains every inch the marine he was in world war ii.

In the battle for iwo jima a grenade exploded beside him.

It proceed to blow the hell out of me he's seen combat&but he's never seen so many valentines.

You got to be kidding.

Everyday for weeks valentines cards and gifts have been arriving by the truckload at the oaks assisted living center &all addressed to major white.

Jb -- all of a sudden out of clear blue sky.

All hell breaks loose.

It started simply enough when staff at the oaks and major white's daughter mary made a small request on social media.

Mary: we were hoping, you know, one hundred four years old.

We get a hundred and four valentines.

Major white: the last account.

Somebody ever, ever gave me was one hundred forty thousand different pieces - a hundred forty thousand!

Now almost every surface at the assisted living center is covered with valentines.

They come from school children and veterans and families that know the sacrifice of service mary: both my father and father- in-law served in world war ii.

Sadly they are both gone&.

Mary and major white read as many as they can.

Mary and this is one of my favorite cards.

Its very short.

But it just says you've stolen the hearts of america perhaps never before has valentine's day brought one person more affection.

It's just been beyond my feeble powers of comprehension.

Jb cbs news, stockton ca we have a special treat for our macgyver fans& here's an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the show's atlanta set.

The guides are none other than macgyver, aka lucas till, and newcomer, henry ian cusick&check it out..

"hi, my name i henry ian cusick and i've just joined this new show, um, macgyver.

Let's um.


"oh, hello!

We hav guests.

Come on in.

Here's a rocket i had from the first episode.

I think it was a call back to the original macgyver when he had a rocket on his shoulder."

"what's with th baseballs?

You ever play?"

"yeah, we did.

W had an episode where we played against the c.i.a."

"a lot of thi furniture is sweet."

"these chairs they're great.

These are all the airplane stuff."

"exactly, yeah these are."

"everything is lik from something else, isn't it?"

"yes, correct.

No we're going to be quiet because they're shooting in the other room.

All of this cereal has been here for four years.

Another little secret is these don't ever work.

That's painted to look like it's actually on.

Ah you can smell the mountain air from here.

We have a backdrop that makes it look like it's l.a.

We have a night backdrop and a day backdrop."

"i love how the se has so many things that say so much about you.

You're a surfer, a skier.

You love darts.

It's all in the detail."

"this blows m mind."

"oh the car.

"get it from thi angle.

The is the maserati.

And now..."

"that's before, an this is the after shot&" "these are rea holes.

Real bullet holes.

It's the kind of stuff we do on this show.

This is meredth eaton."


"yeah, we're jus giving them a tour of everywhere we work here."

"are you seeing th secret places?"

"yeah, exactly we're trying to give 'em secrets and stuff like that."

"what's a goo place to see?"

"it's secret.

I can' tell you."

"oohh, burn!

"in the war room... "this is the wa room.

I'm sure you can see the screen back here.

They're actually working right now so we can't get in at this very moment, but you're actually seeing actors in their natural environment."

"permission t come aboard?"

" here we are i the pheonix jet.

This is specifically russ tailor's jet."

"that's right this i my jet.

And we've shot quite a lot in this, actually."

"these wall move..."

"it's actually ver easy, very comfortable to shoot on this plane.

"can introduc you?"


"she might be little shy.

This is sarah downer.

She has been with us since the beginning, all four years, yeah.

And not only is she a lovely human being, but she's so talented, and she makes me look good on every single episode of this show.

This is the classic leather jacket for my macgyver.

Richard dean anderson had a little bit different design, right?"


"yeah, and this wa definitely a peter lenkov design here, right?

Am i right in saying that?


"inspired by th original..."

"correct, wit peter's vision laid on top of it."

"that conclude our tour, so i'll see you guys next time.

The department of defense recruits macgyver to steal a highly classified project from a military lab to test its security system, on "macgyver," frida feb.

14 you can see macgyver fridays at 7pm here on wcbi.

You may have made sand castles as a child.

But wait until you see these ice


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