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Slimming your waistline

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Slimming your waistline
Slimming your waistline

Baseball it represents about a cook and so usda recommends that we have about two and a half baseball's worth of vegetables a day.

About to baseball's work next thing my show you as a computer mouse so and it all fits in the palm of my hand and so this represents about a half cup this is a baked potato.

Okay so this is our starchy vegetables potatoes.


Dvd and- said that is for our site.

Okay so my husband kind of giggle but when i showed him this.

One okay but that's pretty neat we're gambling with the health rights we want to eat more of our lean cuts of meat and this is about a three ounce portion size of meat and it also fits in the palm of our- so.


Whenever you eat sweet treats you have to take care of your teeth and brush revolves around there right so this is about the size is the size of books.

Is about the size of our sweet treats anything.


You can find a lot about- eat right was rouses program we also have a ton of recipes a lot of people trying out

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