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Monday, January 18, 2021

‘He didn’t commit murder’: Macon lawyers speak on client in Ahmaud Arbery case

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‘He didn’t commit murder’: Macon lawyers speak on client in Ahmaud Arbery case
‘He didn’t commit murder’: Macon lawyers speak on client in Ahmaud Arbery case

Two Macon lawyers, Franklin and Laura Hogue, are representing 64-year-old Gregory McMichael in the Ahmaud Arbery case — a man killed while jogging in Brunswick in February.

I'm shelby coates.

Tucker sargent will join us shortly.

Our top story tonight at 6... two prominent macon lawyers-- franklin and laura hogue -- are representing gregory mcmichael... in the ahmaud arbery case.

They say their client did not commit murder.

And they say... this was not a raciallly motivated incident.

41nbcs tanya modersitzki is outside the hogue lawfirm ... ... where a news conference took place this morning.

(:05) (:12) (:34) (1:25) laura and franklin hogue couldnt say much on their client..

65 year old gregory mcmichael but did say their client did not kill 25 year old ahmaud arbery..

Feb 23rd while he was jogging..

The hogues say..

Theres evidence to prove a different narrative.

Franklin and laura hogue of hogue hogue fitzgerald and griffin in macon say the case of ahmaud arbery is an all too familiar case.

(franklin hogue/ lawyer) "this is not some sort of hate crime fueld by racism it is remains the case however that a young african american man has lost his life to violence that is tragic his family grieves the peoples teeth are on edge."

But the hogues say their client didnt kill ahbery, but was a party to a crime.

(franklin) "greg mcmichael did not commit murder greg mcmichael is not a party to a crime of murder."

Laura hogue says she knows what we all know..

And have seen the video we seen of the incident showing the confrontation between the mcmichaels and arbery... but adds theres more videos and pictures that show a diffenent story.

(laura) "theres more than one way that the internet is communicating what happened theres issues with timing of videos on the internet theres issues with date stamps so the video may not be the only video that becomes important in this case" the hogues say they think they have enough evidence to request c1 3 b13 a bond hearing.

In macon


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