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Less visits to health clinics

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Less visits to health clinics
patients not getting care they need

A recent study by the kaiser family foundation found that community health centers across the country have seen a 42 percent drop in patients since the start of the covi?19 pandemic.

So how are clinics in our area faring and how are they keeping a pulse on patient health?

Live kimt news 3's alex jirgens is live at the community health center of mason city.


?xxx katie and george?

The community health center here in mason city is targeted to serve underserved population?

Including those who may have questions on how to pay.


But with the coronavirus pandemic patient levels have dropped.

What would normally be about 30 patients a day seeking medical attention has dropped to 6to 8.


There have been options to keep serving patients through tel?

Health and other means and it's all in the center's mission to make it flexible for those who need that care.xxx "we've been pretty flexible to meet the needs of the patient, and meet the patient where they're at, whatever they need."

For those who need to pay a visit to the clinic?

You will have your temperature checked?

And you'll need to wear a mask.

Live in mason city?

Alex thank you alex.

The center is using zoom for services including behavioral therapy.///

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