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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Jeremiah Program continuing to serve families during the Pandemic

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Jeremiah Program continuing to serve families during the Pandemic
Jeremiah Program continuing to serve families during the Pandemic
The organization is still providing services but is doing them virtually.

So new on daybreak new for you on daybreak... single moms already encounter many challenges.

And now the pandemic is creating even more for them, from not being able to have daycare to unemployment.

Kimt news 3's madelyne watkins joins us live this morning to tell us what one rochester organization is doing to help these families.

Madelyne./// brooke and tyler.

Last year, the jeremiah program broke ground on this new building right here for single moms and their families to live in.

And thankfully, the pandemic didn't stop the process of this... like it has many other things.

Jeremiah program serves dozens of families and the pandemic is putting a strain on their already tough situations.

All of the organizations usual services are still happening though... just virtually.

Executive director, jomarie morris, tells me they're working really hard to find the best resources right now to make sure these moms and children have food, a place to live and that they're not alone.

She says a family coach works one on one with them... helping both financially and "so we've done that a lot through putting together task forces and really launching virtual programming.

So virtual coaching, virtual empowerment and really increasing the amount of touch points for our families."

The jeremiah program wants to bring some light to this dark time right now.

So tonight... they're hosting a "six feet away soiree."

Anyone can join in and listen to multiple live performances from local bands.

We'll of course have all that information on our website kimt dot com.

Live in rochester.

Madelyne thank you madelyne.

Morris says right now... they're focusing on how to safely move the families into the new campus this summer.

Until then... the "jeremiah program" is partnering with "family first" to