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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Community reacts to controversial monuments being destroyed

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Community reacts to controversial monuments being destroyed
Community reacts to controversial monuments being destroyed

Demonstrators across the nation have vandalized or removed monuments they view as symbols of racism or oppression.

Saint paul business the killing of george floyd has sent cultural shockwaves across the nation ... putting a magnifying glass on our nation's checkered past.

9 cheers... smash just last night ?

"* protesters toppled this large statue of christopher columbus in front of minnesota's capitol building.

Demonstrator s across the nation have vandalized or removed monuments they view as symbols of racism or oppression.

Kimt news three's nick kruszalnicki joins us live now with thoughts from our community about these sweeping changes.


Katie and george ?

"* we don't have to worry about this statue coming down any time soon ?

"* since iowa fought for the union during the civil war.

Opinion here in mason city is mixed when it comes to getting rid of the symbols of our questionable past.

"it's reflecting on a negative past that we can't be proud of at this point in our history we need to promote inclusiveness."

Ryan hulshizer says he is okay with the removal of confederate monuments across the country.

His only concern is that we as a nation don't forget about some of the negative moments in american history.

"we need to be mindful of our history, because as maya anjelou said, 'if we don't know where we come from, we don't know where we're going.'

So it's a part of our history but it's surprising to me that it hasn't happened already that these monuments have been taken down."

Hulshizer saying he's not surprised by what's going on ?

"* and that he's seen the movement brewing over the years.

"sports teams have been pushed to rename their mascots.

Even ski resorts that have runs named after various indian tribes that are being forced to change the name."

Mary thompson tells me she doesn't approve of mobs pulling down statues.

Instead ?

"* she thinks the decision should be up to local governments.

"they're taking their anger out on property, which does not belong to them first of all and it's just destructive and i don't see the purpose of it."

For thompson, destroying historical monuments is not the way to express how you feel ?

"* and having a dialog is a better option as we work collectively as a nation to address racial disparities.

"looking at pictures on facebook and stuff like that it's disgusting.

People don't need to act like that.

If they have issues talk to people or other people or your friends, but don't take it out on property."

Niacc history teacher bennett smith is weighing in on the monumental debate.

"the problem is when they're sponsored by a government or institution that is saying the culture wars have even spread to our t?

"*v screens.

With shows like 'cops' and 'live p?

"*d' getting cancelled.

There's even been some controversy over the nickelodeon show 'paw patrol' which features a police dog.

Live in mason city, nick kruszalnicki, kimt news 3.

Thank you nick.

Not only are monuments getting the boot ?

"* but another symbol of the confederacy is getting banned.

Nascar officials announcing they are prohibiting the display of the confederate flag at all races.

One driver has announced he is quitting the sport because of the decision.

Also, just a few hours ago we learned that amazon is considering pulling 'the dukes


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