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Last look stinger show open take developing story stinger thank you for joining us..

After a week on the run, the suspect in a baldwyn homicide is behind bars gary scotty mcdonald was captured in a wooded area near highway 366 and county road 53-21 in prentiss county.

Mcdonald is accused of shooting and killing his ex- girlfriend coner noel kyle at an apartment next door to adams auto sales on fourth street.

Mcdonald worked briefly at adams auto sales as a repo man after he was released from prison.

The shooting prompted a weeklong manhunt involving local, state, and federal agencies.

Mcdonald was taken without incident.

Wipe to vo the investigation into the death of a columbus man continues.

Deputies were called burns road, just over a week ago, after a passerby found the body of 28- year-old lorenzo halthon jr. investigators are trying to determine why or how he got to that area, just off nashville ferry road.

While on scene, deputies placed markers on the ground that usually indicates where shell casings or other pieces of evidence might be located.

Halthon's death is being treated as a homicide.

No arrest has been made.

If you have any information call golden triangle crime stoppers.

Wipe to gfx an arkansas man that ran from a traffic stop is now in jail.

The mississippi highway patrol says donta kirby of pine bluff was taken into custody about 10:30 last night.

State troopers say he was caught in the city limits of mathiston.

Investigators say kirby was pulled over on highway 82, near mathiston, on thursday.

While a trooper was conducting an investigation, kirby ran away from the traffic stop while in handcuffs.

Kirby is in the webster county jail.

Mhp has not released what specific charges he could be facing.

Wipe to vo a 17 year old is being charged as an adult and held without bond for a string of burglaries in lee county.

Teiryn nichols is charged with multiple auto burglaries, one count of felony taking of a motor vehicle, and one count of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

The crimes were committed last week in the springhill road area// at the time of the incidents, nichols was on house arrest after he was convicted of crimes including ; assaulting an officer, felony escape and felony eluding, burglary and felony taking of a motor vehicle.

He was classified as an adult because of the crimes when he was released on house arrest.

"hate to see anybody make decisions such as this, it alters their life but at some point and time we have to protect the general public and that's what i felt it was time to do today , that's when we asked for a bond that would ensure that and thankfully judge hopkins took our recommendation and set a no bond for him where he could not get out."

Thirty nine year old stacy hood was also arrested and is charged with helping nichols elude authorities.

Hood's bond was set at 50 thousand dollars.

Wipe to gfx a stolen car from lee county results in a pursuit and crash in lowndes county.

Now, lee mon brandon is charged with possession of stolen property.

Lowndes county deputies were called to leila lane about a suspicious person.

While there, deputies noticed a car with a lee county license plate leaving at a high rate of speed.

The tag came back stolen.

The vehicle eventually crashed at highway 50 and hutcherson road.

That's where brandon was arrested.

He remains in the lowndes county jail.

Wipe to gfx a starkville man is accused of hitting a 13-month-old child and a woman with a hammer.

Darius mcgee of starkville is charged with aggravated assault-domestic violence and child abuse.

He was recently indicted by an oktibbeha county grand jury.

Prosecutors allege mcgee hit the woman in the head with the hammer.

The child was also hit with a hammer.

The indictment on the may 2019 incident does not describe the injuries to the victims or if mcgee is related to the child.

He is out of jail on bond.

The columbus police department is looking for more officers to serve and protect.

Now, they are going online to find them.

Cpd is hosting a career day tomorrow.

Applicants can go to the police department in person or join in on the day virtually.

In person, tours will be given of the department and will include a trip to the firing range.

The department wanted to add a virtual component to the job fair to reach as many people as possible during this pandemic.

"this will be our first time ever virtual job fair.

With coronavirus, a lot of things have changed.

We are using this new platform now doing a virtual online career fair, where people can come from all over the country and ask questions about the police department, fill out an application and won't have to be there."

The job fair will be from 9 am until 1 pm tomorrow.

First look stinger first look summary: our weekend will be warm and humid but some storms are possible.

A complex could move in from the northwest by early saturday afternoon and a few more storms may develop saturday night and sunday.

Some storms could pack some gusty winds and heavy rain.

Rain chances lower next week as temperatures warm into the mid 90s.

Heat indices will be over 100?

Just about every a nursing home in a nursing home in aberdeen is witnessing a rapid spread of the coronavirus // staff members say the virus is spreading because employees are still having to come into work despite showing symptoms and nd being exposed to the virus..... some of them are now voicing their frustration// our quentin smith has more.

Workers inside the care center of aberdeen tell me it's a cycle here.... workers come in with symptoms... they spread it to the patients... the patients then spread it back to staff member taking care of them... staff members say each day they show up to work, they're putting not only themselves....but the elderly residents at risk.

The corona virus is hitting the care center of aberdeen in a major way.

"we the ones passing it.

The employees" bernice walker is a staff member at the facility... she...and other workers say they're still required to come into work despite telling administrators they have symptoms of covid- 19.

" they are short of help now so they are really not bothered by how you are feeling or if you still got it, they just need somebody there to help, they are shorthanded."

" their policy over there was you come back to work until you get your results, and i told her well, i already have a bunch of the symptoms, but she still said their policy was for me to come back, so i did get a chance to work one of those days" the mississippi department of health says it is essential to remain at home if you have symptoms while waiting on results.

But, walker says she was threatened to be written up if she didn't come back into work.

She came back wearing her gloves and face mask.... but deep down she says she knows she exposed more people to the virus.

" since i've went back i've had at least three, and most were on my hall.

Mostly everybody was on the 100 side, they tested positive for that stuff, so yeah, i had it and some more aides had it, so we had to have passed it on to them because some of those people don't even go out nowhere, so where are they going to get it from?"

She blames the spread of the covid-19 cases on what she says is the center's poor leadership..

'aint nobody cleaning anything."

According to the state department of health, since july 2..... 32 staff members have tested positive for the coronavirus, 18 residents have tested positive for it, and there have been two deaths due to the coronavirus at the facility.

Taquisha randle was one of the staff members to test positive.

She's now waiting the results from her third test.... " i'm at the point now i'm scared.

I'm lucky that i made it through this, i don't know if i can get it again because if i do i might not be as lucky.

" i think it's all about money for them.

They are coming in and they are making sure that staff is there, and they are not caring who has it and who don't have it, as long as you're not completely broke down they want you at work."

We reached out to care center of aberdeen.

They said they are following all cdc guidelines and that they have measures in place to keep everyone safe.

They declined to give an on-camera comment take gfx off top one thousand - 31 new covid-19 cases are being reported in mississippi.

The mississippi state department of health is also reporting 11 new fatalities.

The state's death toll is now one thousand two hundred 15.

981 people are in hospitals across the state with either a confirmed or suspected covid-19 case.

205 icu beds are filled with patients.

In our area... these are the counties with the highest number of new cases today... grenada county, which is under a state mandated mask order, saw 34.

Lafayette county had 27 and oktibbeha 21.

Intro daycares are open and trying to keep students safe under cdc guidelines.

However, trying to keep germs 'out' doesn't always mean they can't get 'in'.

Our stephanie poole joins us live in the studio with more.

Temperature checks and hand sanitation are mandatory check- offs at many several daycares.

Now, a columbus facility is going beyond those measures after a student was infected with covid-19.

Over 100 kids are enrolled in columbus christian school.

After briefly shutting down due to the pandemic, the school re- opened checking kid's temperatures and making employees wear masks.

" it's what we do to make sure everyone can be as safe as possible and still live your life."

Director sylvia collins says everything was going fine, until a student contracted the virus.

" on july 4th, we had the first case.

We followed the state protocol which simply is you call the health department or contact person and then from there we contacted immediately every parent in the room."

Mandatory quarantine quickly followed.

"we closed the room for 14 days."

Collins says to stop all possible traces of the virus , every child from that classroom along with their siblings were sent home.

" the health department received word that the health department was not to come also and we did not any of the siblings to come into the building.

And of course any teacher that has had contact with that classroom."

Nearly 17 kids were tested...all results coming back negative.

To 'keep' students and teachers at low-risk, weekly deep cleanings are a must.

" while they were here we had the whole building done, and as of right now we have not had any more cases.

None of our teachers tested positive."

Collins says the school is complying within regulations of the cdc with covid screening, parents are dropping off their kids at the front door, and visitors must wear a mask, along with other safety measures.

"i'm reminding everybody whether you're in health care, or school, or a business that transparency is the only way to do the contact tracing and the only way to get it eradicated is to be open and honest."

Collins says all covid prevention guidelines will remain in place until further notice.

Stinger when we come back we meet some golden triangle farmers who are taking the natural approach to helping there's food to share from those who grow it in crawford.

Healing springs farmacy is a vegan farm known for produce.

They are joined every other week by other farmers to give food away to people in the community in need.

Mayor willie dean parson says those that have more than they need make sure to take care of their neighbors.

This is really a good thing.

Some people don't have it and they have more than one person in the household and they are not working and its something to help the people with children put food on their table and its free and so they can come and ge4t it.

Mississippi minority farmers have played a key role in organizing the giveaway.

Stinger just continue to do: i shall break your are we driving them run out of there with ... wx open summary: unsettled weather will remain in place through tuesday night with scattered rain and storm chances.

A cold front will sweep out the rain and humidity by mid morning wednesday leaving us with sunny and warm weather for the rest of the week and upcoming weekend.

Monday night: areas of showers will continue but gradually diminish in size and scope.

The threat of an isolated tornado should gradually end during the evening hours but we'll just have to monitor radar trends.

Look for a mild night with lows in the mid 70s.

Breezy se winds between 10 and 25 mph.

Tuesday: mostly cloudy with showers lingering first thing in the day.

A mix of sun and clouds is expected to develop as time goes on but that could lead to a few more showers or storms. highs are going to push 90?

With higher heat indices at times.

Winds ssw 10-20 mph.

Tuesday night: a cold front may spark a line of showers and storms after midnight.

While we can't rule out a few isolated strong storms most spots will not experience anything too rough.

Lows will be in the low to mid 70s.

Wednesday: any rain chance should move east by mid morning allowing sunnier and less humid conditions to build in on the heels of westerly winds.

Highs top out in the mid 80s.

Wednesday night: clear and refreshing.

Lows in the low 60s.

Thursday-monday: mostly sunny to partly cloudy, warm, and dry.

Highs in the upper 80s to around 90 with overnight lows mainly in the low to mid 60s.

Follow @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, instagram, and the wcbi news app stinger the high school football conitues stop number nineteen checks in with east union, next open stop number nineteen on the high school football tour checks in with east union the urchins are under new leadership with first year head coach todd lott, looking to sustain success from the 2019 season áááintro bb the east union urchins look to continue their dominance after winning the region last season, but will have to do so with a new head coach following kevin walton's departure.

Now enter todd lott.

Lott was the athletic director at new albany the last 2 years and an assistant football coach prior to taking this job.

Despite the turnover, lott feels the team is buying into what they're selling.

"i can't imagine how hard this is going to be for senior football season," head coach todd lott said.

"your coach leaves and a new head coach comes in, so we've built a great relationship, and i'm really proud of them and what they've put in."

One thing that's been evident since lott's arrival is the team's work ethic.

"really intelligent group of kids," lott said.

"we don't have to spend a lot of time teaching a lot of different stuff.

Normally, the first time they get it.

I couldn't be more pleased with them.

Blessed to be here with a great group of kids."

Lott's coaching style has played a major role in the transition.

"he's a teacher," senior athlete micah fulgham said.

"he's good at teaching.

Saying things so you can grasp the concept.

He's patient."

Coming off a 9-3 season, lott and his staff believe a solid foundation is set and are working to build on that!

"i feel like our job now is to take it to that next step and that next step is to keep moving the program up and moving the bar up so to speak," lott said.

"we're just going to try to go out each week and compete as hard as we can compete.

We're going to make sure we're preparing each week for that friday night and see where it takes us at the end of the season."

The urchins have a solid core in place to do so including senior running back colton plunk who rushed for over 1,500 yards last season and 20 touchdowns.

"we have good receivers and a really good running back stepping up and quarterback so i feel we have the talent to get some wins," senior running back colton plunk said.

"we got a great group of skill guys that we'll get the ball in their hands in space," lott said.

"we have a 225 pound running back that we'll make sure will touch the ball as well.

Offensively, it is what it is.

We're gonna do what we do to make sure we'll be successful."

Combine that skill and hard work and the urchins can have a successful season.

"to this point, they've had all those intangible things," lott said.

"they love each other.

They work hard everyday.

You can't ask for more than that as a coach."

East union's first game is a road match up against new albany august 21st.

Reporting on the hsft chris bolton wcbi sports áááout bbááá over in starkville, former mississippi state bulldog jeffery simmons hosting his first football camp this afternoon originally the camp was supposed to be in noxubee county, however was moved due to covid-19 the camp was free and kids of all ages were invited to come out and learn the game from the mississippi star "that's my thing.

I want to give back so the kids can see that they have some type of i wouldn't say hero, but someone to look up to in the community.

A lot of people say he's a hero in our community.

That gives me chills to see that and hear that.

When i'm able to give back, doing a free camp like this is big for the community.

It was planned to be in noxubee, but now it's in starkville.

It was a quick turnaround for the change to let the parents know that it's here.

We actually got a big crowd today.

Not sure exactly how many.

I think it was 350.

Like i said, i'm blessed and honored to have the opportunity."

Thousands of forecasts on a scheduled basis this weekend.

Several film complexes are possible.

I definitely don't test your plans here, but just try see if yours roy for the next week.

The heels of the building by the middle of next week amid the maybe overnight easier to go about 96 lows facilities always like to the upper 60s always them (but i don't use with as to why i'm coming down to october listen to a 21 i should say very well

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