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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Coach's Corner: FPD Part 1

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Coach's Corner: FPD Part 1
Coach's Corner: FPD Part 1

41NBC's Bill Shanks talks with FPD head coach Greg Moore in today's installment of Coach's Corner.

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Intro stormcast we are here with greg moore, the head coach of the ftd vikings now in his 21st year as the head coach.

All right.

You've never had two straight losing seasons five and six last year.

So i know this is a weird turn here, the last couple of seasons for you, but you've had a lot of young players obviously, and you have some on offense that are coming back, including your quarterback, parker ingram, uh, greg, how much does it mean to simply have that quarterback coming back and the experience that he got last year?

Well, it's kind of hard to measure that, obviously, other than it's important.

Um, you know, parker did a lot of growing up on the job last year and we tend to forget sometimes as coaches, you know, these, these kids are kids, they're not professionals and they're learning and they're nervous and they're, they're doing all that stuff.

And to watch him from about game five or six, all the way to gain 10, 11 was pretty remarkable, the difference.

And, uh, to the point where by the end of the year, i thought he had about as good a grasp of the offense as anybody i've had around here in a pretty good while.

So, uh, we're very pleased with his progress and that's a big, that's a big thing for us going into the season, knowing we don't have to worry about that part.

No doubt about it.

You are looking for someone to replace griffin brown who had 750, the rushing arts for you last year.

Do you have a couple of candidates for that?

Do, um, matthew hurt, there will be a rising senior and, um, has, has done a really nice job in the off season getting ready.

And we think matthew going to be a heck of a player and grandma, or played some fullback forest last year.

He didn't, he didn't play much tailback, but we like graham's, versatility's able to move around pretty good.

He's quick.

He's extremely strong.

And so between those two, we feel good about where we are there.

And we've got some young guys that we think will push the door a little bit on some of those older guys.

And we might committee that thing for a little while, see what happens.

And you've got some work to do on your offensive line as well.

This before the season starts, right, we do.

We return a couple of big time guys up there for us, uh, in benjamin and will, but, um, we're looking to fill some spots and, you know, that's nothing new and there's a lot of folks looking for lamb and there's no such thing as to me lamin, and we've certainly never had that problem.

Um, but our kids have had a great off season and i know we had the covid all that stuff, but man, the videos and the things, the kids were good.

The kids have stayed motivated and they are excited.

And, uh, our linemen and the, and the big guys have done really nice job, get themselves ready, but they are really inexperienced and we got a lot of work to do today.

Uh, it's good that he's put in some time for sure, during the break and hopefully that'll pay all for the season.

The biking score 28.5 points per game.

So hopefully they can stay around that mark


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