Trump Pointedly Absent From John Lewis's Funeral
Trump Pointedly Absent From John Lewis's Funeral

While it was unsurprising to most Americans, the absence of President Donald Trump from the funeral of former Rep.

John Lewis on Thursday was telling.

According to CNN, Trump's decision to pass was indicative of the rabidly polarized era of politics over which he presides.

Trump recently used a rollback of a federal anti-segregation housing rule to appeal to white suburbanites.

The tactic seems to have a direct line to the racist policies Lewis was seeking to overturn half a century ago.

Rather than working towards national unity, as Lewis did, Trump has used statues of Confederate generals as a rallying cry in his reelection bid.

The President's Twitter remembrance of the late television host Regis Philbin was nearly three times as long as his cursory tweet for Lewis.